14 Advantages Of Using Chromebooks in Your Daily Life’s – 2022

Advantages Of Chromebooks

Do you have a sluggish PC laptop or an older Macbook that you’d like to upgrade but can’t afford to buy brand new? If that’s the case, a Chromebook might be the best option.

A Chromebook is an excellent choice if you rarely install programs and use your computer mainly for checking email, Facebook, and the web. However, they aren’t right for everyone, so here’s what you need to know before trying them.

The Chromebook: What Is It?

Chromebooks are portable laptop computers made for people who spend most of their time online. Chrome OS, which is used by these devices, is similar to Apple’s macOS and Microsoft Windows, but it is built on top of Linux.

Chromebooks mimic the design of more conventional laptop computers; after all, they are meant to take their place. They’re quick, safe, and accommodating to multiple users. It comes with displays ranging in size from 11.6 inches to 15.6 inches.

Now available from numerous established PC manufacturers, including Dell, HP, Acer, Samsung, Lenovo, and many more. Chromebooks have rapidly gained popularity in recent years, with 37.3 million units shipped in 2021 and nearly 30 million sold so far in 2022.

Chromebooks have some great advantages, some excellent, and some less-than-ideal.

what is a chromebook

Advantages Of A Chromebook

Productivity Offline

A lot of useful apps can be used even when there’s no internet connection. A lack of internet access will not hinder student progress. All participants must use the same device and remain logged in for this to work. In addition, once connectivity is restored, you can access previously uploaded files without doing so again. This upload happens while you’re not online.

Possibilities of Going Paperless

Several educators are making an effort to lessen their impact on the environment as they adapt to the widespread use of technology in the classroom. Teachers’ attempts to eliminate paper completely are discussed during Chromebook training, and this is a realistic goal.

All of the necessary software is pre-installed on the Chromebooks. As we introduce hybrid classes to deal with the epidemic, this becomes a more feasible choice.

Interaction During Class

Chromebooks are a fantastic tool for teaching any subject and benefiting all students. We’d like to clarify. Chromebooks are a great tool for student participation. So, it’s a win-win because teachers get instant responses.

A situation like this is perfect for the introverted student. On the other hand, Chromebooks also facilitate PBL. Regardless of your student’s individual circumstances, Chromebooks will improve their ability to learn.

Durable Power Source

It’s a common enough experience that everyone can recall a time when they were working on their laptops when they realized they needed to find a charger. In Google’s opinion, students shouldn’t have to be concerned about this.

Consequently, Chromebooks have all-day battery life. As a result, there is no need to worry about Chromebooks running out of battery life when they are passed around from class to class. Overnight charging is sufficient for the devices.

Super Simple To Operate

That it’s easy to use is a definite plus. For a person accustomed to using a laptop, the switch to a Chromebook is natural. Students, however, may be experiencing their first meaningful interaction with technology in the classroom.

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Google guarantees a short learning curve due to its intuitive design and user-friendliness. Consequently, there is no need to devote class time to Chromebook training. The emphasis is on reading and study materials.

Profile Access

Chromebooks require users to log in before they can be used. Your own profile on a desktop computer still requires you to manually download the programs you’ll need to use. Chromebooks have a built-in authentication system that allows you to sign in with just your Google account and immediately gain access to all of your data and productivity apps. Google Slides, Docs, and Sheets are all available inside the app.

Automatic Updates

Chromebooks, thanks to Chrome OS, automatically receive updates, which is a great feature. Therefore, IT is relieved of the burden of updating every single device whenever a security patch is released. Less expensive and time-consuming repairs mean fewer interruptions in the classroom. This is a great benefit for schools when purchasing thousands of devices.

chromebooks pros and advantages

Not Infected With Malware

Chrome OS devices are built with security in mind, so there is no need to worry about viruses or malware. The term “malware” refers to harmful computer programs. The malware’s sole purpose is to cause havoc and destruction on the target computer and its stored data. Since there is no need to implement security policies or invest in preventative software, schools can save money.

New And Improved Operating System

Chrome OS was created by Google and runs on Chromebooks. Chrome OS, in comparison to Windows, is a lightweight OS that is easier to manage via cloud-based administration tools, such as the Google Admin console and is therefore preferred by the vast majority of schools. With VIZOR, schools can control Chromebooks too.

The Chrome web browser, Google Assistant, and a slick, contemporary user interface are all standard on Chrome OS.

Conforming To The Laptop Format

The standard Chromebook design is a laptop. Chromebooks do come in tablet form, but the vast majority of them resemble more conventional laptops with a keyboard and a screen.

Chromebooks, in contrast to Apple’s iPads and MacBooks, come from a variety of manufacturers. It allows districts to pick the vendor and model that works best for their needs, such as rugged for grades K–6.

Applications for the Android System

It was just recently announced by Google that certain touchscreen Chromebooks will be able to run Android apps. This feature is built into every Chromebook produced in 2017.

android apps on chromebook

Because of this integration, Chromebooks now have access to the full range of Android features. This means that you can use Adobe and Microsoft apps, as well as others, on your Android device to do things like play games, create documents, and watch movies.


While not universally the case, Chromebooks are typically small, light, and easy to transport wherever your work may take you.

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Hosted Data Storage

All new Chromebooks come with 100GB of free Google Drive storage for two years. You’re looking at a sizable area here. Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box all offer similar but more expensive paid plans.

Free and ample cloud storage space is included with a Chromebook.


Chromebooks, in general, are much cheaper than conventional notebooks. Chromebooks still start at under $200, with mid-range models costing between $300 and $400. Because of this, thrifty consumers should consider purchasing them.

Nonetheless, there are increasingly competitive Windows laptops available for the same price, reducing the significance of the price advantage.

In Conclusion

A Chromebook, in the strictest sense, is a laptop computer, though it is one that runs Chrome OS as opposed to Windows or Mac OS. Chrome OS is an OS based on Google’s Chrome browser, and it’s made for people who are always connected to the internet.

Windows and Mac OS X computers, on the other hand, are optimized for users who do a hybrid of online and offline work because they permit you to install more software locally.

Chromebooks are more secure than many other laptop computers. Virus infections are also reduced on Chromebooks because of automatic updates,’ sandboxing,’ and verified boots,’ and because you don’t install as much software on them.

They are less susceptible to viruses than other computers, are inexpensive, and have excellent battery life. All the other Google stuff I use them with, they work great with.

Without a reliable internet connection, they are severely limited in their ability to perform the tasks required in the workplace.

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