2023 BMW S000RR Release Date: Motorrad Reveal!

2023 BMW S000RR Release Date

Minimal exterior upgrades should be available for the 2023 BMW S1000RR. In the teaser, the bike’s profile is highlighted by the muscular bodywork and twin LED headlamps.

The output of the revised model will reportedly remain unchanged from the current 999 cc inline 4-cylinder engine. The engine’s current setup allows it to produce 204 BHP and 113 Nm. Alternatively, the 46-tooth rear sprocket on the old bike might be replaced with a 45-tooth one on the new one.

It’s hard to think that it’s been nearly 15 years since BMW debuted the S1000RR, the company’s first four-cylinder superbike and that the current model, with its unique-in-class ShiftCam variable valve timing and lift technology, is nearly four years old.

Given these timelines, it’s not hard to imagine that a new and improved S1000RR will be introduced in the coming months.

There has been no official statement from BMW, but we have seen documents that reveal some of the changes we can expect from the machine, such as an increase in power and chassis alterations that take cues from the higher-spec M1000RR homologation machine.

The 2023 BMW S1000RR Has Been Unveiled

New to this version of the bike is improved aesthetics, functioning, and features. Let’s explore it in more detail to find out what it has to offer. Neither the look nor the ethos of the BMW S1000RR has altered much for 2023.

This means that the aggressive front fascia that houses the split LED headlamps is also retained, making for a vehicle that is both stylish and ready for the racetrack. BMW, however, has made the front winglets a standard feature on even the entry-level model.

2023 BMW S000RR

Typically, these add-ons provide around 10 kg of downforce, which helps to keep the vehicle’s front end from swaying. Additionally, the windscreen is now longer for a more secure fit. The swingarm also features a new pivot that can be adjusted to suit the rider’s height and comfort preferences.

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Subtle changes have been made to the back end of the S1000RR, and the rear sprocket now has 45 teeth instead of 46. Similarly to the above-mentioned increases in performance, the Bavarian supersport also benefits from increased horsepower.

Accordingly, the 999 cc inline four-cylinder motor with BMW’s ShiftCam technology now produces 206.7 horsepower, up from the previous 204.7 bhp. Small changes, such as using the M1000RR’s wider intake ports, led to the improvement.

BMW Motorrad Lists Modifications To The 2023 S1000RR

  • With a lower secondary gear, the rear wheels will have a better grip.
  • More flexible “Flex Frame” technology.
  • Changes were made to the wheelbase, caster, offset, and caster angle of the chassis.
  • M Chassis Kit features a rear suspension lift and a swing arm pivot point adjustment.
2023 BMW S000RR Mototrrad reveal
  • The DTC system’s new Slide Control function counteracts deviations under acceleration by monitoring the steering angle.
  • ABS Pro’s new Brake Slide Assist feature employs a sensor in the steering wheel to allow for controlled braking drifts just before a turn.
  • Slick is the ABS Professional Setting.
  • The new front section, winglets, high windscreen, and separation of lower triple clamp all contribute to improved aerodynamics.
2023 BMW S000RR Mototrrad reveal
  • Standardization on the M’s lightweight battery.
  • There’s a USB charging port on the back.
  • Changes to the tail end include a new, shorter license plate holder.
  • The license plate frame’s wiring harness has been rethought to make it more user-friendly to take off.
  • A black housing for the clutch and generator.

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2023 BMW S000RR
  • The chamfered brake pads, brake anchor plate, and loss-proof axle bushings make it much simpler to remove the entire rear wheel assembly.
  • BMW Motorrad’s M GPS Mouse Adapter is a useful original accessory.
  • BMW Motorrad’s new unique accessory line includes a GoPro mount.
  • There are a few different hues you may choose from, including the metallic Blackstorm, the non-metallic Style Passion in Racing Red, and the non-metallic Light white/BMW M.


A new roster of electronic babysitters is at our disposal, and it works in tandem with our blazing weapons. When accelerating quickly on the 2023 S1000RR, the user can now use the bike’s new Slide Control feature to smoothly slide the bike. And the new Slide Assist function lets you slide the back end into turns by applying the brakes to the back wheels.

Other than that, everything else, including riding modes, traction control, quick shifter, and more, is still there. The pitlane limiter, hill hold, and USB charging port have all been added, and the bike’s 45mm suspension has also been updated.

The 2023 BMW S1000RR will be available in basic, Sport, and M trim levels. The Indian market’s pricing information is expected to be released soon. According to our information, we can expect bookings to begin very soon and deliveries to begin in early 2023.

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