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A Third Season of “Darker Than Black”? Everything We’ve Known!

A Third Season of "Darker Than Black"? Everything We've Known!

The third season of this anime has not yet been officially announced, therefore a release date has not been set. But, fans are curious as to whether or not there will be a Darker Than Black Season 3 and when it will be available.

Here is everything we currently know about the existence and release date of a new season of Darker Than Black.

The Japanese name for the anime series Deeper Than Black is Dk Zan Burakku -Kuro no Keiyakusha. It was initially revealed in December 2006.

Tensai Okamura is the creator and director of the Deeper Than Black television series.

A contractor codenamed Hei, sometimes known as a black reaper, is followed through the underworld of Darker Than Black, a popular supernatural anime series with mystery and thriller elements.

Hei, just like his friends, goes on missions for the shadowy Syndicate.

Darker Than Black is an anime television series that has had two seasons, four ovas, and was created by Tensai Okamura and Studio Bones.

No information has been released on the third season of Darker Than Black, nor has the director been confirmed.

In April 2007, Japan saw the debut of the 25-episode Darker Than Black television anime series. Since then, It has gathered a considerable fan base that is still anticipating the premiere of Season 3 or a follow-up.

Will There Be Darker Than Black Season 3?

There will never be a third season of Darker Than Black. Sadly, the anime adaptation of Deeper Than Black did not turn a profit. Because of this, neither the studio nor the director considered producing a third season of this anime.

In addition, the series’ four OVAs were the last installments to air in 2010, meaning that 13 years later, the majority of the fan following has vanished.

There was some money made by The Darker Than. For the second season, there were approximately 13,000 Blu-Ray sales on average. That is pretty nice, however after two seasons, there are only about 100 items of merchandise and 30 figures.

The show wasn’t as well-liked in Japan as it was in the West, and the Japanese public was even taken aback by the announcement of a second season. Therefore I don’t think there’s a chance that Darker Than Black will get a third season.

In addition, the series’ director and creator Tensai Okamura stated in an interview from late 2017 that he is not engaged in any new endeavours.

There is therefore little likelihood that Deeper Than Black Season 3 will be announced because the show’s original creator has no plans for a third season.

Darker Than Black Season 3 Release Date

Because a third season was never confirmed, cancelled, or announced, there is no official release date for Darker Than Black Season 3. As a result, there is no countdown and no release date will ever be revealed.

I can say with certainty that a fresh season and release date for this anime sequel will never be announced.

Simply put, there are simply too many things against this series to ever have more anime projects. A remake or relaunch seems to be the sole ray of hope.

During the previous six years, not even the official website has been updated.

If there are any announcements or a release date for a new anime project on the Darker Than Black official website, we’ll update this section.

Try reading the manga for the second season of Darker Than Black if you’ve given up on the idea of a new season since it’s different from the anime.

Darker Than Black Season 3 Story

In fact, Darker Than Black’s plot is so distinctive that fans can’t stop watching. Both the critical and public reception to this anime were quite favourable.

There haven’t been any announcements regarding a third season, though, since Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor aired. As a result, there is also no available plot.

In the world of Darker Than Black, spatial anomalies have arisen in the sky that defy all known principles of physics. While “Hell’s Gate” loomed over the Tokyo skyline, “Heaven’s Gate” appeared in the South American skyline.

Because to this, war has wrought destruction over the world, and those with particular abilities known as “contractors” exist. These are ruthless killers that several countries have recruited to commit assassinations.

The narrative centres on “Hei,” an enigmatic Chinese Contractor. He is employed for a company called Syndicate. The tale moves quickly, and viewers are treated to some intense action scenes. Hei begins a number of assassination missions while also looking for his sister, who has vanished.

In 2010, Darker than Black: Gaiden, a spin-off series, was published. The third season’s release date, however, is yet unknown. If you haven’t seen the anime series, you should.

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Many Darker Than Black anime fans would be happy to hear that Season 3 will be coming soon, but it is unlikely that this will happen.

I advise reading the manga version of this story if you want more Darker Than Black. It differs from the anime’s second season.

We’ll update this article as additional details come to light.

For now, feel free to share this article with other Darker Than Black fans or browse the anime-continue category for additional details about anime sequels.

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