Aaron Rodgers’ Dating History: Does He Have A New Girlfriend?

Aaron Rodgers’ Dating history

It would appear that Aaron Rodgers’ purported girlfriend has been paying attention to his most recent appearance on a podcast. The Packers quarterback shared a video on Instagram on Tuesday that provided a preview of his in-depth interview on the “Aubrey Marcus Podcast.” In the interview, he discussed a variety of topics, including his journey toward self-love, his mental health, and his successful NFL career, among other things.

Blu, who was linked to Rodgers for the first time early this summer, responded to followers as they showed their delight over the conversation in the comments section by saying, “Changing history and forging the future one fearless truth at a time.” The moves are legendary.” A voiceover is used in the preview to make negative comments about Aaron Rodgers, who is 38 years old and the quarterback for the team. Some of the statements are, “Aaron Rodgers is snippy,” and “How committed is he?”

It would appear that Rodgers is responding to the rumors by saying, “There’s an underlying, you know, ‘Shut up and dribble,'” which he said. “Shut up and play,” they told him. I’ve never been a robot. I don’t want to have a mechanical body. I’m not one to use tired old cliches. I’m not the type of man that plays games. I’m known as the person that doesn’t hold back and always says what’s on his mind.

The player who currently holds the title of Most Valuable Player in the league has shared in recent years his rekindled enthusiasm for both life and the sport. Rodgers stated that he has “made decisions and changes and behaviors that put me in a lot better mind space” during an appearance that he had scheduled for the year 2020 on “The Pat McAfee Show.”

“I only just had a heightened appreciation for life. “And I’ve made decisions and changes and habits that put me in a lot better head space and there’s just a lot of things that have come together in my life over the last few months that have really been enjoyable and reminded me, given me perspective, on life and in football to view things through the most positive lens I possibly can,” Rodgers said at the time. “There’s just a lot of things that have come together in my life over the last few months that have really been enjoyable and reminded me

Aaron Rodgers’ Dating history:

Jessica Szohr

In 2011, there were rumors that Rodgers was dating Jessica Szohr, who played Blair Waldorf on “Gossip Girl.” Despite the fact that the couple had separated, they decided to give their relationship a second go in the beginning of 2014.

They split up because her schedule was chaotic for a spell, and they just couldn’t stay together in that situation. However, now that they are spending their leisure time together, and things are feeling well, they have gotten back together. According to a source who spoke to Us Weekly at the time, they “went right back into it.”

Olivia Munn

In the spring of 2014, shortly after his breakup with Szohr, Rodgers started a relationship with the actress Olivia Munn. Munn, who was previously romantically involved with actor Joel Kinnaman, has been quite candid about her relationship with Rodgers, including their sex routines during games.

After the couple broke up in 2017, Munn spoke on the topic surrounding the tense connection that had developed between Rodgers and his family. In an interview given in 2018 on the program “Radio Andy” broadcast by SiriusXM, Munn stated, “I was friendly with Jordan [Rodgers], and I met the parents only a couple of times.”

She went on to say, “Before he started dating me, he hadn’t spoken to the parents and one sibling for like eight months before we started dating.”
Munn is quoted as saying that she urged Rodgers to have a candid conversation with his family.

According to what Munn said in the interview that took place in 2018, “They had a really wonderful talk, and then they started coming out my first year when I was in Green Bay in 2014.” “I simply believe that making an effort to heal things within a family is incredibly vital, and I encouraged that,”

Olivia Munn

Kelly Rohrbach

During the early months of 2017, Rodgers was observed on a golf date with model Kelly Rohrbach, who had appeared in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

TMZ claims that photographs were taken of the pair together at the Westchester Golf Course in Los Angeles.

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Danica Patrick

Early on in 2018, Rodgers’ relationship with Danica Patrick began to heat up.

The pair had a romance that lasted for two years, and during that time they documented their trips together as well as their date evenings. Even more recently, in 2019, they purchased a $28 million mansion in Malibu. Page Six received confirmation from a representative of the former Indy Car driver that the couple had broken up over the summer of 2020. This information was provided by the representative.

Rodgers, who extended his contract with Green Bay in 2018 for an additional four years at a total value of $134 million, stated in September 2020 that he possesses a “new and greater passion of life.” In an interview with SiriusXM’s “Pat McAfee Show,” Aaron Rodgers stated, “I’ve made decisions and changes and habits that put me in a lot better head space and there’s just a lot of things that have come together in my life over the last few months that have really been enjoyable and reminded me, given me perspective, on life and in football to view things through the most positive lens I possibly can.”

Shailene Woodley

In February of 2021, rumors began to circulate that Rodgers and Shailene Woodley were seeing each other.

Then, only a few days later, Rodgers announced that he was engaged, which sent shockwaves across the sports and entertainment industries in Hollywood. Although he did not name her, the football player praised his fiancee when winning the Most Valuable Player award during the NFL Honors. However, he did not reveal her name.

Shailene Woodley

A few days later, the actress from “Big Little Lies” confirmed the news and admitted that she and Rodgers had been engaged “for a long” before anyone found out about it. It was rumored that the couple had decided to break off their engagement and go their separate ways in February 2022, almost exactly one year after Rodgers had declared that they were going to get married.

FAQs – People Also Ask

Does Aaron Rodgers have a new girlfriend?

After his breakup with Shailene Woodley, rumors have circulated that Aaron Rodgers has found new love with a woman named Blu of Earth. The 38-year-old football player has reportedly started dating Blu of Earth, real name Charlotte Brereton, according to a source for Side Action.

Is Aaron Rodgers dating Charlotte ‘Blu’ Brereton?

After quarterback Aaron Rodgers broke off his engagement to actress Shailene Woodley, rumors of a connection between him and Blu began circulating. Charlotte ‘Blu’ Brereton, whom Aaron Rodgers supposedly dates Photos by Christopher Polk / Getty Images & @bluofearth / Instagram.

Who has Aaron Rodgers dated before Shailene Woodley?

In March, he and Shailene Woodley, an actress, called off their engagement for good. Rodgers dated former NASCAR driver Danica Patrick and actress Olivia Munn before settling down with Woodley, 30.

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