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Do you desire uninterrupted viewing of your favorite TV programs? Are you sick and tired of watching commercials? Here are some recommendations for preventing Hulu ads. There are many excellent TV shows and movies on Hulu, but you might not want to watch them due to the ads. So, how do you stop Hulu ads?

Ads are grating and can interfere with your ability to enjoy a program or film. Fortunately, there are techniques you can use to prevent Hulu ads on desktop and mobile platforms. If you’re interested in finding out how to read this blog post right away.

One of the most annoying things in life is Hulu ads. It’s understandable that people would want to get rid of them as soon as possible because they appear at random and stop your favorite show. You can do this by blocking or skipping Hulu ads, for example. Check out the useful steps listed below to learn how. You’ll be able to watch TV uninterruptedly thanks to them. Check out this guide on how to jailbreak your Firestick to access Hulu if you use a Fire TV.

What Do Pandora, Hulu Plus And YouTube Have In Common?

Advertising, lots of it. An occasional advertisement or two may not be a big deal, but when you are constantly exposed to them on your iPhone, they can quickly grow tiresome and even cause you to delete the apps entirely.

hulu adblocker

Ad blockers can help in this situation. But finding any trustworthy ones in the iOS App Store is difficult unless your device has been jailbroken. Good third-party browsers that block ads exist, such as AdBlock for iOS, but none have ever specifically blocked ads in other apps until now.

What Exactly Is Hulu?

An on-demand video platform called Hulu provides a selection of TV shows, movies, specials, and stand-up comedy. The most recent episodes of your favorite show are available to stream for free as soon as they are released or you can purchase them. Hulu recently increased the amount of original content in their library and signed exclusive agreements with networks like ABC and Fox.

There is also a kids hub with content from PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, and Disney Junior so that everyone in the family can find something to enjoy. I’ve seen all my favorites numerous times, so I’m constantly looking for new suggestions. Please leave a comment if you have anything you think I would like.

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How Can I Stop Hulu Ads?

Although Hulu and advertisers are engaged in a never-ending battle, there are some simple ways to remove the ads if you’re a big fan. Hulu is a strong website that offers its users lots of wonderful advantages. Some people’s only complaint is the advertisements, but this is no longer necessary.

hulu no ads

There are many effective ways to prevent these annoying advertisements from detracting from your viewing pleasure. Here are the top 5 methods for blocking Hulu ads that you need to be aware of. You can block intrusive online content, including banner and pop-up ads, statistics, user-tracking, and more with Weblock for iOS by Future Mind.

Additionally, it can be used to prevent websites from using social media services like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and others so that your personal information is kept private. In addition, you can use it to block ads in other applications, particularly Hulu Plus, Pandora, and YouTube.

How To Block Ads From Apps?

  1. Adblocker Ultimate
  2. Stands Fair AdBlocker
  3. Total Adblock
  4. AdLock
  5. Adblock Plus
  6. Poper Blocker
  7. AdGuard
  8. Trustnav Adblocker

Chrome Extension For Adblock Plus

The first approach is to use the Adblock Plus add-on to block Hulu ads. Adblock Plus is available for Firefox and Chrome.

After installation, all you have to do to stop ads on Hulu’s website is launch the extension. When using Hulu for on-demand content, you’ll still see them.

How Do I Use?

Click the AdBlock icon in the toolbar after launching Adblock Plus.

  • Look for Hulu under “Add-ons” in the left menu.
  • After selecting “Add to Chrome,” click the “open” button to the right.
  • When prompted to allow all sites to read your extensions, select “yes” from the drop-down box.
  • After clicking “OK,” restart your web browser.
adblock plus for hulu


Ad-blocking effectiveness varies and may be greater or less effective than the effects you get from preventing Hulu ads.

The few ads that do still get through will be blocked.


It is impossible to remove the extension. You must first uninstall Adblock Plus before you can remove the extension.

It won’t function on websites that lack plug-ins or on Apple’s Safari browser.


A year of Adblock Plus costs $13.00.

Hulu Ad Blocker App Blokada

A paid ad blocker called Blokada can prevent Hulu advertisements from appearing on the Hulu website or in Hulu’s On-Demand offerings.

For Hulu premium subscribers, you will still see advertisements for the on-demand service. Ads for Hulu’s live TV service are not displayed.

How Do I Use?

Install Blokada. You’ll see a brief tutorial on how to install and use the app when you first launch it.

Just start using the app to block Hulu’s advertisements.

Utilizing Blokada is very simple. Additionally, you are unable to test a variety of other ad blockers and other strategies for obstructing Hulu ads.

The ads will be blocked once you’re set-up, so you won’t see them any longer.

blokada hulu ad blocker


enables you to adjust the settings to your liking.

simple to use


Doesn’t work with live TV on Hulu.

needs a computer with a working internet connection.


Blokada app subscription costs $1.99.

Plans For Hulu Premium

There are several Hulu Premium plans available if you have a Hulu account. The most basic plan, Basic, only allows access to Hulu content on computers, iPads, iPhones, and Rokus.

With a Hulu Premium subscription, you can access a wide variety of on-demand videos and live TV from Hulu as well as other content.

You can stop Hulu ads on the website by purchasing a premium subscription to Hulu Plus, Hulu’s ad-free streaming service.

The ad-free streaming option on Hulu is unaffected by the fact that you will still see advertisements on the live TV service.

How Do I Use?

On its official website, Hulu Plus, Hulu Plus +, and Hulu Plus Enhanced are fully described.

Simply purchase a subscription to watch content without ads.

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There is a ton of useful information on the official Hulu forums, which you can also visit.

Check out Hulu Plus Advertiser Blockers as well.


You can pick the subscription plan you want.

By making Hulu Plus a monthly subscription, Hulu is giving it a discount.


It costs more money.


It costs as little as $7.99 per month to get a cheap subscription with a premium package that includes Hulu’s ad-free subscription.

MySpeed: The Ad Skipper

You can manage Hulu ads with ease using Enounce MySpeed. You can easily block Hulu ads after downloading the Enounce app by restricting their streaming to the Hulu website and your SD tier, for starters.

The alternative is to completely turn off all advertisements. The first choice is ideal if you want to block all ads on Hulu’s website, whereas the second is ideal if you have access to the premium plan and want Hulu to stop showing ads when you use their live TV service.

How Do I Use?

“The Ad Skipper” is the name of this ad blocker’s most recent feature. It’s only accessible right now on iOS devices and is still in beta.

You can toggle the “Skipper” feature on and off. In most cases, it works by automatically skipping through ads.

To use the “Skipper” function, you must update your Hulu iOS app.


When you exit the app, the ad skipper will automatically skip full-screen video ads on the Hulu website.

By simply going to settings and selecting “skip ad skippable content,” you can disable the skipper.


The skipper only functions in desktop browsers. While watching your favorite shows on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, you cannot skip Hulu ads in the iOS app.

To use the ad skipper, you must have the most recent Hulu app version installed.


This skipper costs just $1.99.


There are restrictions on advertising on every platform that hosts content. Each ad on the platform is subject to a different set of rules.

Ad blockers have thus been incredibly helpful for users who don’t want to see any kind of advertising. There are a few time-saving tools that can help you out that are described above that can help you block ads on Hulu. You are free to select any of the aforementioned options.

You can block ads on Hulu using any method you prefer. However, we advise you to continue using AdGuard or uBlock Origin. The other techniques and ad blockers mentioned in this article are excellent, but they aren’t always successful. As an alternative, you can purchase Hulu’s premium/plus version to enjoy commercial-free browsing.

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