Alice In Borderland Season 2 Release Date: A Japanese Science Fiction Film Based On The Same-Titled Haro Aso Graphic Novel

Alice In Borderland Season 2 Release Date

We have fantastic news for all of you Alice in Borderland fans! The second season of Netflix’s Alice in Borderland will officially debut in December 2022. It may feel like a long time now, but it will go by soon.

Netflix plans to provide more of Alice in Borderland, the gripping Japanese TV series based on the manga series of the same name by Haro Aso.

On December 10, 2020, Yasuko Kuramitsu and Shinsuke Sato’s well-liked Netflix original Japanese series Alice in Borderland made its debut. The show was promptly renewed.

The second season’s debut in 2021 was much anticipated. But that wasn’t the case. The release date for Alice in Borderland’s second season has finally been determined.

New episodes began post-production shortly after the official end of Season 2 production in March 2022. It was predicted that post-production would take a while for a show like Alice in Borderland. The lengthy delay for the second season is due to this.

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Alice In Borderland Season 2 Release Date

Alice In Borderland Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 of Alice and Borderland would premiere in December 2022, according to a Netflix announcement from November 2021. During a virtual Japan Festival event where they released details about some of their series, the streamer announced that the thriller will return in late 2022.

The Netflix Japan Festival was held on November 9th, 2021, and a 14-minute advertisement for upcoming Asian films was released.

Around the 8-minute point, the streaming giant aired the Japanese drama Alice in Borderland, in which the show’s stars Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya announced that season 2 filming had already begun and that the cast and crew were eager to continue work.

Season 2’s debut in December 2022 was subsequently announced in a subsequent cast introduction video. The good news is that Netflix recently announced at their TUDUM event that Alice in Borderland season 2 would air globally on Thursday, December 22nd. Season 2 of Alice in Borderland won’t be released for some time, however season 1 contained a total of eight episodes.

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Alice In Borderland Season 2 Cast

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Upcoming Season Of Alice In Borderland?

It was already known that a Netflix video was posted on Twitter and included the cast members who will return for season two. Ryohei Arisu (Kento Yamazaki), Yuzuha Usagi (Tao Tsuchiya), Daikichi Karube (Keita Machida), Aguni Morizono (Sho Aoyagi), Chota Segawa (Yuki Morinaga), Shuntaro Chishiya (Nijiro Murakami), Ann Rizuna (Ayaka Miyoshi), and Hikari Kuina are members

Dori Sakurada, who plays the anime character Suguru Niragi, returned for Alice in Borderland’s second season, much to the delight of the audience.

From the second Arisu and Usagi arrived at the resort, Niragi, a local of “The Beach,” quickly established herself as one of their main adversaries.

After being burned by Shuntaro Chisiya and defeated by Aguni, fans first believed Niragi had perished; nevertheless, the video appears to have demonstrated his comeback.

Sakurada posted a picture of the terribly burned Niragi along with the announcement that Niragi would be returning on his own Instagram.

This suggests that there’s a chance that a few additional characters might suddenly rise from the dead, either through memories or possibly some unforeseen twists. The second season of the show will reportedly introduce six new characters, it has been disclosed.

High school student Heiya is portrayed by Yuri Tsunematsu, “King of Clubs” Kyma is portrayed by Tomohisa Yamashita, “Banda” is portrayed by Hayato Isomura, “Matsushita” is portrayed by Kai Inowaki, “Yaba” is portrayed by Katsuya Maiguma, and “Kotoko” is portrayed by Honami Sat (via Anime News Network).

Given that Haro Aso, who produced the manga, acted as some of the inspiration for Arisu and Usagi, it is likely that they will resemble him in some ways even if there is still a lack of knowledge about the characters.

Aso claims that she “created Arisu based on how I was when I was around 20 years old and remembered how I was at that age.” He went on to remark that a part of his personality that is “independent and doesn’t need to rely on others” affects Usagi.

Alice In Borderland Season 2 Plot

What Novel Is the Basis for Season 2 of the TV Series Alice in Borderland?

The show, which is based on the comic novels by Haro Aso, casts “listless, jobless, and video-game obsessed” Arisu into a hauntingly empty parallel Tokyo where he and his companions must struggle to survive in a series of bizarre trials.

The people of Borderland are merely attempting to survive, with victory offering an extension to their “visas” in this bizarre new world, while the unfortunate participants in Squid Game are competing for a massive financial reward.

Usagi, played by Tao Tsuchiya, is one of the first characters he meets in the games. She has steely nerves from her days as a mountain climber and joins him as an ally in the hazardous competition.

Alice in Borderland’s first season ended on a gloomy note with the foreboding statement that Arisu, Usagi, and the other survivors would soon be subjected to the second round of lethal games.

The information was provided by Mira, who was later identified as a game master and one of the masterminds behind the gruesome nightmare that has already stretched our heroes to their breaking point.

In addition to losing his two closest pals Chta and Karube, Arisu also learned that Momoka and Asahi were traitors while they were playing together.

After going through all of this hardship, Arisu will probably be less trusting during the second round of games, but at least he still has Usagi at his side for support.

The first eight episodes of Alice in Borderland adapted nearly half of the Haro Aso manga series, thus the second season might conclude the narrative.

The Alice in Borderland saga might, however, be extended even farther by Netflix, which is notorious for getting the most out of its original productions.

FAQs- People Also Ask

Who was the girl from Alice in Borderland’s conclusion?

Aashi dies after being struck by a laser from the sky, revealing herself to be a dealer, while Momoka commits suicide by stabbing herself to death and burning her body in the pyre.

How are participants in Alice in Borderland selected?

When they initially arrive in the Borderland, dealers are picked and sent to a covert location where a complex setup of workstations and monitors is put up. It’s unclear if they were picked at random or on purpose. They are responsible for setting up the games, watching the players play them, and cleaning up the bodies afterward.

Where was the movie Alice in Borderland filmed?

By employing this filming location in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture, Alice in Borderland was able to accomplish the nearly impossible clearing out of the busy Shibuya Crossing.

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