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Amber Heard And Cara Delevingne Relationship: Are They Secretly Dating Each Other?

amber heard and cara delevingne relationship

amber heard and cara delevingne relationship

Ever since their defamation trial, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been the buzz of the town. For those who are unaware, Johnny filed a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber after she claimed to have survived domestic abuse in an op-ed that appeared in the Washington Post in 2018. Johnny Deep prevailed in court.

A video purportedly showing Cara Delevingne and Amber Heard kissing in an elevator is making the rounds on social media days after their defamation trial ruling. This is in response to videos of Amber kissing James Franco and Elon Musk becoming viral a few weeks ago.

Why Amber Heard Is Hated By Most Of The Fans?

One of Amber Heard’s friends testified in court during the Johnny Depp and Heard trial in the UK that the actress had cheated on the Edward Scissorhands actor with Cara Delevingne. No such proof was made public. The sole proof of their connection made available to the public is these elevator pictures. According to Newsweek, the actress from Aquaman admitted to having a “three-way romance” with Delevingne and Elon Musk in May while she was still married to Depp.

During the course of the conversation, Drew, the ex-husband of Raquel “Rocky” Pennington, a friend of Amber Heard, acknowledged that Heard was having an adulterous affair with Delevingne and Musk. Drew was asked if Rocky had told him that Heard was having an affair with Musk and Delevingne by a man off camera. “Yes,” Drew affirmed in response.

Additionally, when asked if Heard, Delevingne, and Musk had “spent the night together,” Drew said, “Yes.” Drew was subsequently asked to affirm that the three were engaging in a “three-way affair,” to which Drew replied, “Correct.”

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Did Amber Heard Cheat on Johny Depp With Cara Delevingne?

Several intriguing accusations were made throughout the recent legal saga involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Depp has made a number of similar accusations, one of which being that Amber Heard betrayed him during their relationship. He went on to give an illustration that implied Elon Musk and Cara Delevingne were part of Amber Heard’s “threesome.” Although Musk refuted these claims, a recent video does imply that Heard and Delevingne were involved in some sort of relationship.

It’s unclear who Amber Heard is kissing in the latest images, which were made public by Popcorned Planet. Numerous people think that this woman is none other than Cara Delevingne. While this seems to support Johnny Depp’s claims, there is no proof to show whether these incidents occurred before or after. Depp and Amber Heard parted ways.

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While it’s possible that the photographs were shot after their separation, it’s important to note that it has been stated that the elevator is located in the Eastern Columbia Building. This place is significant because it served as the actual penthouse where Johnny Depp and Amber Heard lived together during their brief romance. In light of this, the hypothesis that these pictures were taken during Johnny Depp’s relationship with Amber Heard does seem to have some merit. It would therefore imply that his accusations that Heard had cheated on him were true.

In any event, Amber Heard seems adamant about appealing the decision that was made in Johnny Depp’s favor so far. She has up till now persisted in denying the accusations leveled against her and also asserts that Depp’s excellent acting skills deceived the jury into convicting her. In light of everything that has happened, it appears that their legal saga is far from over. But it appears likely that the public will continue to support Johnny Depp as long as new evidence, like the photographs above, is released.

Did Amber Heard Dating Elon Musk?

The Tesla CEO asserted that he had never been “intimate” with the British model in a statement to Page Six. He stated: We’ve never been intimate, but Cara and I are friends. She could attest to this. Amber Heard and Elon Musk (Image via Getty Images)

Amber Heard and Elon Musk meet (Image via Getty Images) ) Elon Musk also acknowledged that he began “going out” with Heard following her Johnny Depp divorce filing. Added him: I don’t believe I was ever near Amber during their marriage, to be honest. In her testimony in court, Heard said that she became friends with Musk as a result of Depp snubbing her when they met at the 2016 Met Gala for SpaceX.

Questions and Answers

In the elevator, Amber Heard was seen kissing someone.

Another leaked video purports to show actress Amber Heard kissing a woman, who is thought to be actress and model Cara Delevingne, just days after videos of her getting intimate with Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, and actor James Franco in the elevator of ex-husband Johnny Depp’s mansion went viral.

One of Cara Delevingne’s spouses?

Delevingne declared herself to be genderfluid in May 2018. She uses the pronouns she and her. She formally acknowledged her relationship with model and actress Ashley Benson in June 2019.

Cara Delevingne split up for what reason?

Delevingne has finally spoken out for the first time about the breakup more than a year after it occurred, stating that the strain and claustrophobia of lockdown had an impact on the relationship.

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