Amtrak train kills Sixth Street, North Grand Avenue bicycle.


On Thursday afternoon in Springfield, a southbound Amtrak train was responsible for the death of a cyclist who was struck by the train.

According to a press release, at 12:54 p.m., police in Springfield responded to the area of Sixth Street and North Grand Avenue after receiving a report of an incident there.

Concerns concerning the homeless have been brought to the forefront as the rubble from the Goodwill building fire is sorted through.

Coroner Jim Allmon of Sangamon County reported that the bicyclist, a 34-year-old female, was brought by EMS to HSHS St. John’s Hospital, where she later succumbed to the injuries she sustained as a consequence of the accident.

Bicyclist involved in a collision on Tuesday night at 6th and North Grand

SPRINGFIELD, IL, (April 26, 2022) – The Sangamon County Coroner’s Office has determined the identity of the man who was riding a bicycle in Springfield on Tuesday evening when he was struck and killed by a train. The incident resulted in fatal injuries.

Bicyclist involved in a collision on Tuesday night at 6th and North Grand

Shane Reid, age forty, was reportedly killed when he was run over by an Amtrak locomotive at approximately ten o’clock at night somewhere in the neighbourhood of Sixth Street and North Grand Avenue.

According to the findings of the autopsy, Reid died as a result of several injuries caused by blunt force.

There was no new information on the crash that could be obtained right away.

Accident investigation involving a train and pedestrian

Each year, train accidents are responsible for around 2,500 injuries and 600 fatalities, as indicated by the data. Accidents on trains like the one that occurred here can happen for a variety of causes, including carelessness on the part of train crew or railway track workers, a mechanical fault or malfunction, an error committed by the signalman, or reckless behaviour.

Accident investigation involving a train and pedestrian

During the course of the inquiry into the accident, the authorities will look into each of these different scenarios and possibilities. An experienced train accident attorney named Candice Bond stated that in situations such as this one, it is also essential to have an independent inquiry conducted by a professional lawyer in order to safeguard the interests of the family of a victim.

According to Bond, Managing Partner of Bond Legal, “train collisions are typically complicated, and there are a number of elements that can play a part in incidents of this kind.” Train companies often send their own investigators to crash sites and possess a variety of resources that they can use in an effort to defend their negligence.

“A skilled attorney can protect the family of a victim from train companies,” the article states. “A skilled attorney can protect the family of a victim from train companies.” Your attorney will argue for you by retaining expert witnesses, locating witnesses to the accident, and evaluating any applicable insurance coverage, all while carefully leading you through the legal process and zealously safeguarding your best interests.

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The family of Shane Reid may have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit in the future, depending on the findings of any investigations that are conducted. In the aftermath of a terrible or catastrophic catastrophe such as this unfortunate tragedy, the surviving family members of wrongful death victims have the right to file a claim for damages for loss of companionship, pain and suffering, and emotional distress.

“Grieving families of victims are frequently overwhelmed by the legal processes that are in place to safeguard their rights,” said Stefano Formica, of counsel at Bond Legal. “The legal system is designed to preserve their rights.” An attorney can be a vital and compassionate resource to assist lead a family through this terrible period, and guarantee that those who have been left behind receive the reparation to which they are entitled.

Final Words:

According to Olivia Irvin, who is a senior public relations manager for Amtrak, the train was headed from Chicago to Kansas City when the bike collided with the locomotive.

She stated that there were 188 passengers and crew members onboard, but that no injuries were known to have occurred.

According to Allmon, an autopsy is going to take place on Friday.

The identity of the woman is being kept under wraps pending the notification of her nearest of kin.

On November 27, a person was injured when an Amtrak train travelling northbound struck them at the same location.

In that collision, a 32-year-old guy sustained injuries that were not considered to be life-threatening.

Both the coroner’s office and the Springfield police department are currently conducting an investigation into the tragedy. Amtrak is helping the police with their investigation.


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