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An Alleged Domestic Abuse Victim In New York City Was A Mother Who Hosted A Podcast With Her Husband.

The mother from Queens who is fighting for her life after her divorced husband is accused of running her over with an SUV The Post has uncovered that only days before the event, Tuesday disclosed her troubles with what she described as a “relationship plagued with abuse and betrayal.”

According to her website, Sophia Giraldo, who is 41 years old, operated a life counselling business for women. On the website, she referred to herself as “a survivor of betrayal-trauma and abuse.”

She also explained why she had chosen to dissolve the marriage.

She explained her point of view by adding, “When I talk about saying yes to the best, I’m really talking about looking at the good versus the best.” “Just so you know, this can manifest itself in so many various ways during the course of your life.

“The most significant way in which this was brought to my attention in my life was when I was trying to determine whether or not I would end my marriage. I spent a significant portion of my life in the midst of a great deal of emotional disturbance, a great deal of poison, and a great deal of abuse.

It was almost as if my brain was telling me, “You’ve got this, you’ve got this, and you’ve got this.” “And I was in possession of it,” she stated. “You know, I had three children, and all three of them were boys, and I was aware that it was never in any way my purpose for them to grow up in a household with only one parent. That was never something I intended to do.

“And so whenever I started thinking about the fact that, well, this is really out of hand, Sophia,” she continued. “And so whenever I started thinking about the reality that…” “Something is going to have to change. My children were always on my mind, and I tried to make decisions that were in their best interests. They needed to make sure that this was the right choice for them.

She explained, “One of the things that went through my mind was, you know, am I going to let my children grow up in toxicity just so I can say that there’s a guy in the home?” “In my case, things worked out such that I ended up leaving my marriage, and I firmly believe that, you know what? God has a plan that is perfect for everyone of my children.

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According to police sources, Stephen exited the vehicle and stabbed Sophia.

He was charged with three counts of endangering the welfare of children, one case of reckless endangerment, one crime of attempted murder, and one count of criminal possession of a firearm.
According to the available public court records, Sophia operated a business that provided women with life counselling services. She also initiated the divorce process in August.

“She is a very caring mother,” said Angelica Quin, a 38-year-old dog walker who lives next door.

“She was constantly getting kids ready for school,” we were told. It’s simply so incredibly depressing. It appeared as though she was a kind and attentive mother to her children. She never spent a moment away from her children. They appeared to be pleased, even extremely happy.

According to a worker at the mother’s building and a neighbour, she moved into the apartment approximately one and a half years ago and lived there by herself with her children.

In the podcast that Sophia first released on October 26 and has since gone on to record a total of nine episodes for, the most recent of which was published on December 23rd, she talked about her rocky marriage. She gave an explanation of the podcast by saying that it was “a show where we have honest and frank dialogues about living life after betrayal and abuse.”

Final Words:

After the assault, neighbours reported hearing that the couple’s three children had been brought to the hospital with their mother and that they were anticipated to be picked up by a friend of the family.

One of the community members remarked to The Post, “The mother is extremely kind.” “The children displayed exemplary behaviour. However, I never did see her husband there. Never. It’s horrible to find out that it was actually her.”

On Tuesday, a group of MTA employees who responded to the scene of the collision referred to Stephen as a “nice man.”

“We are here for him,” she said. One person commented that the divorce was a horrible experience.

Jonathan Giraldo, Stephen’s brother, commented to The Post that their sibling was a “nice man” and that the podcast did not provide true information about Stephen.

Jonathan shared that the couple was engaged in the process of resolving some problems. He was attempting to reach a resolution with her at the time. That description does not fit my sibling at all. He is a kind and pleasant young man.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) stated that he was being prevented from working and would not be paid awaiting the conclusion of the investigation.

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