Animal Kingdom Season 6 Release Date: Will Animal Kingdom Come To End?

animalkingdom season 6 release date

Jonathan Lisco created the American drama television program Animal Kingdom. Based on the 2010 Australian film of the same name, it is executive produced by David Michôd and Liz Watts, who also worked on the film. In the 2010 movie, Jacki Weaver’s Janine “Smurf” Cody was portrayed by Jacki Barkin in the lead role.

TNT premiered Animal Kingdom on June 14, 2016. A fifth season of the show was ordered by TNT in July 2019; it debuted on July 11, 2021. A sixth and final season of the show was ordered by TNT in January 2021; it debuted on June 19, 2022.

The last season of Animal Kingdom is entirely focused on the concept of coveting. The most recent TNT drama episode may not have any actual high-stakes action, but it is the perfect episode to hint at the problems that will soon arise. In spite of the Cody family’s best efforts to remove themselves from the heritage that solely views them as Smurf’s boys, the never-ending pit of dramatic drama still surrounds them. When the boys’ past with Smurf and the new legacy they are attempting to create is forced to conflict, “Covet” starts to show what occurs.

The first solo-aired episode of Animal Kingdom’s final and sixth season is titled “Covet.” Animal Kingdom has shown two back-to-back episodes since it returned to TNT’s weekly schedule for its last season to establish the Codys’ new threats. “Covet” does well as the first episode of Animal Kingdom season six to premiere on its own, and bode well for the remainder of the season’s episodes. The episode “Covet” is fairly well-rounded and combines both ancient and new techniques.

When Will Animal Kingdom Season 6 Release?

animal kingdom season 6 release date

Covet, the fifth installment of Animal Kingdom Season 6 airs on TNT on July 3, 2022, at 9 p.m. ET. New episodes are available on the TNT website and app for those with active cable subscriptions. Those who have an active subscription may also watch the shows on DIRECTV STREAM, Sling TV, YouTube TV, or Hulu + Live TV.

The next day, new episodes will be accessible on the TNT website and mobile app. The show’s earlier seasons are also accessible on Amazon Prime Video in the interim. In time, Prime Video should also offer the most recent season.

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Plot of Animal Kingdom Season 6

animal kingdom season 6 plot

The upcoming Covet episode of the criminal thriller will examine if Andrew knows there is a spy right beneath his nose or if the Codys will unwittingly plunge into a gloomy destiny. The episode will feature two timelines, with the Codys prepping for their next job in the present while Andrew, Baz, and Julia work for Smurf in 1992, according to the episode synopsis.

The fifth episode of Animal Kingdom Season 6, which is directed by Shawn Hatosy, will dig further into the dangers that are growing for the Codys as the Catherine Belen inquiry rears its ugly head. The boys’ future is largely dependent on Andrew’s ability to uncover the spy in the skate park and avoid leaking sensitive information.

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Pope has been viewed by the other characters as a problem that they must continuously monitor and eventually assist in solving from the very first episode of Animal Kingdom. His skeptical and reserved personality only serves to sour his relationship with his family. Pope’s odd relationship with his family has been further explored in Season 6 of Animal Kingdom, but he isn’t the only one drifting apart. Pope and Julia’s youth may have been the start of the recurring pattern of a Cody breaking away from the pack, but Craig is the most recent Cody to do so. With Vince as his sponsor, he’s starting to discover a fresh feeling of well-fueled purpose. Craig and his morale have benefited much from Vince’s influence, even though they do have a Pope has always been viewed as a problem due to a few devastating vices, such as the rush that comes from committing crimes, since the very first episode of Animal Kingdom.

Craig’s loyalty is gradually beginning to veer away from his brothers and his nephew and toward the friends, he’s formed for himself. Craig is not the first person that Cody has started working for people outside the family; Deran previously had a group of buddies that whom he would perform odd tasks with. Deran is giving the Codys a lot of trouble, and if they collapse before they can pull off the heist, the whole family will suffer. Going against the family’s wishes never worked out and simply led to future difficulties for the Codys. Craig is still actively attempting to assist the Codys in carrying out a challenging theft, despite the fact that he has started to work with others outside the family. His resentment and discomfort grew.

Where to watch Previous seasons of Animal Kingdom

It is accessible on Netflix with new episodes added every week in Australia and India.

All seasons of the show are accessible on Netflix and Crave, and it is broadcast on CTV Drama Channel, formerly known as Bravo in Canada. The episodes started airing on Bravo at the same time and day as the original TNT broadcasts as of the fourth season.  The show airs on Z in French.

Since February 8, 2018, Warner TV has been broadcasting the series in France. The shows are accessible in Brazil via StarzPlay and HBO Max.

                                                Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amazon Prime home to Animal Kingdom Season 6?

Animal Kingdom’s older seasons can be watched on Amazon Prime Video, however, the most recent seasons are the first broadcast on TNT. You must use the TNT website or app to watch Animal Kingdom Season 6. As an alternative, you can view new episodes with a Hulu Live membership.

In 2022, will Animal Kingdom be back?

With the TNT series Animal Kingdom coming to an end, season 6 will be the Cody brothers’ last. When season 5 was set to premiere that summer, TNT announced in January 2021 that season 6 would be the last one. This is just one of many shows that will finish in 2022.

Is Animal Kingdom’s fifth season its final season?

The sixth and final season of Animal Kingdom’s trailer has been released by TNT, and it’s jam-packed with action and a few major spoilers. The Cody boys learn in the final season that no matter how hard they try, they can never escape their history.

How many episodes are in season 6 of Animal Kingdom?

4 episodes are in the 6th season of Animal Kingdom.

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