Is Anna Kendrick And Bill Hader In A Relationship (Latest Update 2022)

anna kendrick bill hader relationship

According to a source for People, Anna Kendrick and former Saturday Night Live cast member Bill Hader have been dating “quietly” for over a year.

According to the insider, Anna and Bill have been seeing one other covertly for more than a year. “Years ago they first met. They made a movie together and she hosted Saturday Night Live, but their relationship blossomed after the film.”

The 2019 holiday movie Noelle starred the two together. According to the insider, they both respected privacy and wanted to maintain a “quiet” relationship.

When They First Met

anna kendrick bill hader first met

The source continued, “They are both very private people, and with the pandemic, it was simple to keep it quiet.” “They must constantly make each other laugh since they are both hysterical. She is incredibly joyful.”

representing the People, the pair choose not to comment.

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According to a different source for Us Weekly, the two have become closer over the past year since “They’re genuinely into each other and make each other laugh—a lot. They were both singles at the same time. Although they keep their relationship quiet, their close friends are aware of it.”

According to the insider, Hader’s three daughters, Hannah, 12, Harper, 9, and Hayley, 7, whom he shares with his ex-wife Maggie Carey, have already taken a shine to the Pitch Perfect alum (Hader and Carey officially split in 2018).

In an interview with Collider in 2019, Haderopened up about working with Kendrick in Noelle and portraying a Santa Claus who teaches yoga.

“Oh, I kind of see where this is heading,” I thought as I read the script. Then I thought, “Oh, I didn’t see it going, wow, yoga teacher.” Wow, good. Hader remarked, “[Marc Lawrence] has a tremendous imagination for that stuff. But it’s been fantastic, and it’s enjoyable. I was reading a script about this woman who, you know, is Santa Claus’s daughter when she becomes Santa when I informed [my kids] about the movie. They said, “A girl Santa?” And I responded, “Yeah.” But does she have a beard, they wonder. I responded, “No, no, no.” They were enthusiastic, and I said, And it’s the Pitch Perfect girl, I see. They exclaimed, “Ah!”

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 When They Started Dating

anna kendrick bill hader started dating

The Pitch Perfect followers weren’t expecting this, but according to Entertainment Tonight, Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader have broken up.

The split between the Barry actor and the Twilight alum occurs only five months after E! News revealed their relationship. A source told E! in January that “it’s been going on for quite a while,” but “Anna’s kept it totally on the DL.” The couple had been dating for more than a year, according to People at the time.

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In fact, they kept their relationship so quiet that little is known about it—Bill, 44, even refrained from discussing his affair with Anna, 36, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in March. What was the rationale for their decision to remain covert? This past Saturday the benefit of his family, which includes his three children Hannah, 12, Harper, 9, and Hayley, 7, Live alum emphasized that it is necessary.

The children Bill has with his ex-girlfriend Maggie Carey simply want him to be their father, he told THR. “All they ask is for me to watch Encanto over and over again. That is what I do, then.”

Bill, who wed his director in 2006, submitted a divorce petition in December 2017. Bill reportedly cited irreconcilable differences and asked for joint physical and legal custody of their kids in court records that E! News at the time was able to obtain.

Prior to dating Bill, the Pitch Perfect star’s most recent relationship was with filmmaker Ben Richardson (the two met while on set for the 2013 film, Drinking Buddies). Her connection with Ben began soon after her rumored breakup with director Edgar Wright (which, per Glamour UK, was reported to have happened in 2013).

People Also Ask

Who is the husband of Anna Kendrick?

In February 2014, she started dating the English director of photography Ben Richardson, whom she had met while working on the movie Drinking Buddies. That connection has now broken off. Actor Bill Hader and Kendrick are dating as of 2022.

What height is Bill Hader?

1.85 m

How old is Anna Kendrick now?

36 years (9 August 1985

What age is Bill Hader?

44 years

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