Apeejay Moodle: What Is It And How It Works?

For a child, a school is a hallowed place. It is a place where the child not only grows but also knows that s/he will always have the space to learn and blossom. Sector 21 of the Apeejay School in Faridabad A strives to turn into such a haven for a child.

The Apeejay Stya University E-Course uses Apeejay Moodle, an open-source learning management system, to provide students blwith ended and online courses. Use of Moodle is explained on this page.

It’s easy to use the Apeejay Moodle student site. The Moodle administrator will determine your access options. Some Apeejay employees may decide to ban visitors and/or require each student to receive a username and password before they may access the Moodle site.

Moodle Login Apeejay

Moodle Login Apeejay

Through the Apeejay virtual learning environment, students have access to every course they are taking online. By logging in through the Apeejay official website, you can access the Moodle:

  • 1. Go to https://ecourse.asu.apeejay.edu on the Apeejay website to access the Moodle Login page.
  • Click “Agree and sign on to Moodle” in step two.
  • 3. Type in your student ID and click “Next.”
  • 4. Type your password and press Enter or Sign in.

All of your Moodle courses are listed in a list on the Dashboard, which is shown. You get access to the following links, skills, badges, calendar, and other learning-related resources once your personal dashboard on Apeejay opens.

The site home offers a variety of different options depending on how your Moodle LMS is set up. Click on your name in the top right corner of the screen and select Sign out to log out of Moodle.

Appeejay For Moodle

Using the Moodle app, you can access Apeejay Moodle. Students can access their groups and classes on smartphones thanks to the app. Using your phones, you can turn in assignments, take part in discussions, and check your grades and course materials.

For both Android and iOS devices, the Moodle Student app is accessible. Download the Moodle app from the App Store if you use an Android device and the Google Play Store and an iOS device. Here’s how to access Apeejay Moodle Learn on a phone after installing the app:

  • 1. Launch the Google Play Store or App on your device. 2. Utilize the search bar to look up or browse the Moodle app.
  • 4. When the outcome is displayed, choose “Moodle Student.”
  • 5. After choosing Install, wait a few minutes while the download is completed.

Signing In:

  • 1. Launch the Moodle mobile app.
  • 2. On the Moodle Apps portal, you can register your site for free if you haven’t already.
  • 3. Enter your Apeejay login and password to log in. Usually, you use the same login information to access your Moodle courses on a computer.

The software also allows you to look up your school’s entire name. Contact the Apeejay IT support desk if you are unable to locate your school.

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Apeejay Course On Moodle

When you sign in to Apeejay Moodle, thedashboard starts up. A list of Moodle courses is displayed in the Navigation tab and in the My courses block (top right). Choose a Moodle course from the list to access the course page. How to view your courses is shown here.

If you experience difficulties logging into your Apeejay course, visit the Moodle dashboard to learn more about personalising it or click “Site Home” at the top of the navigation block to look for your course.

Exam Portal For Apeejay

All evaluation results are published by Apeejay online through the Exam result portal. Unless another arrangement has been communicated by the department or the school. Additionally, the school is required to comply with your request for information so that you can see your exam results online as long as they have been published.

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Results For Apeejay

If you are a current student and would like to access your results, you can do so through the Apeejay results site. From the drop-down menu that appears below the box where you enter your Student ID number, simply choose the necessary academic year.

You won’t be able to advance in your Apeejay programme if you fail the Apeejay exam and a repeat exam or don’t show up for a repeat exam (or graduate if in the final year). You must complete those unfinished modules. Therefore, you will need to retake all courses in which you received a grade below the passing mark if you haven’t advanced to the next academic year.

If your exam results have not yet been posted online, get in touch with your institution to find out when they will be accessible through the portal. Additionally, students can complete their coursework through the Moodle portal, submit it, and use online assessments and quizzes to track their progress.

Login For Apeejay Email

It is very simple to get the information you need because Apeejay Stya University E-Course sends all official messages, such as your exam schedule and results, to your student email. Fortunately, your Apeejay email account is accessible from any network and from any location in the world. You’ll need is a device with internet access.

  • 1. To access the Apeejay email, log in to the student portal first or click this link to get to the email page on the Apeejay website.
  • 2. After logging in, select “My email.”
  • 3. Select the Student ID tab and enter your student identification number.
  • 4. Type your current network password in the Password box.

Logging into Apeejay Library online enables you to check the status of any book reservations you have made as well as the details of any books you have recently collected or renewed (online).

You Can Log In To The Library By:

  • Use your username and password to log in.
  • Sign in with your ID. card information and the library PIN.


You can acquire links to learning resources by logging into your Moodle dashboard. Once you’ve logged in, visit the course forums tab to interact and work together with other students. All of the Apeejay students who have active profiles debate issues here, exchange ideas, and even give each other criticism on their work.

After logging into your Apeejay Stya University E-Course student account, you’ll have access to Moodle and be able to complete a variety of tasks, including completing assignments and working with your instructors in the learning environments to improve your learning experience.

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