Apple Watch Battery Drain: Its Reason, Remedies, And Many More

apple watch battery drain

With moderate to heavy usage, an Apple Watch typically lasts a day on a full charge. Only if you don’t use a lot of apps could it maybe last more than a day. However, what if it doesn’t stay that long? The following advice will help your Apple Watch last longer.

The Always-On Display Should Be Off.

apple always on display off

There is no need to tap the screen to check the time because the Apple Watch Series 5 and later models, with the exception of the SE, have an always-on display capability. One can disable the always-on display or drop the refresh rate of the display from 60Hz to merely 1Hz to reduce battery usage. To accomplish this, simply open the turn of “Always on” by selecting General – Display – Brightness from the watch app on your iPhone.

  • Whenever possible, reduce the brightness.
  • Users Are Encouraged To Update To Latest WatchOS 8.7 After Government Warns Apple Watch Users Of Vulnerability
  • The Apple Watch “Pro” Model Will Have a Bigger Display, a Longer Battery, and Other Improvements: Report

Each pixel in the OLED display panel used by the Apple Watch produces its own light. On OLED, using a black screen would only turn the pixels off. This would result in the black area on the Apple Watch face using less power than the solid colors and stark whites. Additionally, you might consider lowering the display’s brightness to save energy.

Take Phone Calls And Do Not Watch

using the walkie-talkie features or taking calls watch uses a lot of energy. Even though a five-minute call wouldn’t significantly drain the battery, it is still better to utilize your phone to make calls.

WI-FI Should Be Replaced With Bluetooth

wifi should be replaced by bluetooth

The Apple Watch was expressly created by Apple to use Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) to communicate with the iPhone while using the least amount of energy possible. Your watch would be forced to use Wi-Fi that uses a lot more energy if this option was disabled.

Minimize Or Abandon Hands-Free Media Playback

On your Apple Watch, using streaming music services like Spotify or Apple Music uses a lot of power and quickly depletes the battery. If you use these functions and wish to save more battery life, it is advised to use an iPhone.

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Find Power Save While Working Out

Although Apple Watch has the capability to track your heart rate as you exercise, hardly everyone uses it. You may conserve some battery life by turning off the heart rate monitor, and your Watch will then only track time, speed, and distance while you exercise. Open the Watch app on your iPhone, select “Workout,” then toggle on “Power Saving Mode” on the following page to disable the heart rate monitoring capability.

After a full charge, the Apple Watch typically has a battery life of 18 hours. However, the battery life is inadequate because you’ll need to use the watch for more than 20 hours a day. The Apple Watch lacks sleep tracking features as a result of its low battery life.

Why Do Apple Watch Batteries Deplete So Quickly?

The precise causes of a battery that drains quickly are difficult to identify. However, considering how short its lifespan is, the iWatch itself may be the root of the problem. Additionally, if the display is activated quite frequently, it may potentially be a sign of the cause of the battery’s limited lifespan.

Here are a few additional causes your Apple Watch battery may be depleting quickly:

  • Prolonged Screen Wake Time
  • Turn on Background App Refresh.
  • The brightness is excessive.
  • updated iOS software

How Can I Increase the Apple Watch’s Battery Life?

The display is the main factor in most gadgets’ limited battery lives. The battery life of an Apple Watch or an iPhone will decrease the more frequently the screen is turned on. So let’s start with ways to cut down on your iWatch’s screen time.

Limit/Block Wake Screen Time

You may change a few settings to cut down on the amount of time your Apple watch is awake. The iWatch’s display often comes on when you tap the screen or lift your wrist. Depending on your choices, the screen will stay on for a specific period of time. For your wake screen time, you have two options. Either 15 or 70 seconds are available. To save battery life, we advise selecting the later option.

  • Please keep your watch close to your iPhone when adjusting the iWatch settings.
  • On the iPhone, launch the Watch app.
  • Select General under My Watch on the navigation bar.
  • On the wake screen, tap.
  • wake-screen-watch
  • Decide to wake up for 15 seconds.

In addition, you have the choice of sliding the toggle to disable the Wake Screen on Wrist Raise feature. This simple technique can help extend battery life. Now, you can only dim the lights

Reducing the brightness is another approach to conserving the battery. Choose the Display & Brightness option from the Watch app. To dim the light, slide the toggle.


You can do the same by activating the Reduce Motion setting. By doing this, the iWatch interface’s animation and automatic resizing will be reduced, extending battery life. Here is how to go about it:

  • your phone’s Watch app should be activated.
  • Click on Accessibility.
  • The option to reduce motion is now visible. To activate it, select it and move the toggle.

Disable Notifications

You can also disable notifications if you’re looking for more iWatch screen time reduction strategies. In this manner, whenever you have free time, you can quickly check all the notifications.

FAQs: People Also Ask

What does the Apple Watch’s green serpent of death represent?

The Apple Watch Snake of Death is the name of this problem! When the Apple Watch’s battery is so low that it cannot even show the time in Power Reserve mode, the snake error screen appears. It occurs if the device hasn’t received a charge in a while or if it’s fresh new and completely discharged.

Can the batteries in an Apple Watch be changed?

For a price, we will repair the battery in your Apple Watch. Batteries that deteriorate from regular use are not covered by our warranty. If you have AppleCare+ and your product’s battery is less than 80% of its original capacity, your product qualifies for battery servicing at no additional cost.

How durable are Apple watches?

The absence of updates makes the gadget a security concern even if it may continue to function and can still be paired with an iPhone. That implies even if the Apple Watch is in pristine condition, the end of life should actually be considered to be three to four years.

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