How To Fix Automatic Shut Off iPhone? (Know Everything 2022)

How To Fix Automatic Shut Off iPhone

We rely on our iPhones to always function properly, whether we’re using them to communicate, to be entertained, or even just to set an alarm clock. Therefore, there is a problem if your iPhone randomly reboots itself.

Autolock Setting On iPhone

In order to conserve battery life, the iPhone enters a sleep/lock mode after a predetermined amount of inactivity, and this is where the “Auto-Lock” feature comes in. When the timer reaches the two-thirds mark, the screen brightness automatically decreases to fifty percent. We need to disable “Auto-Lock” to fix it.

To begin, select the “Settings” menu by clicking the gear icon. If you can’t remember the app’s name, you can use Apple’s Spotlight search by swiping down from the center of your iPhone’s home screen.

Select “Auto-Lock” to view a schedule of available locking times. These determine how long your iPhone’s display will stay on before entering Lock mode.

In this case, we’re going to disable it completely, so make sure “Never” is selected.

Then, close the “Settings” menu. The iPhone’s screen will remain on after being awakened and will not enter Lock mode unless the power button is pressed.

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Reenabling Auto Lock

Disabling “Auto-Lock” may not solve the problem of a dimming screen if “Auto-Brightness” is activated. To turn off “Auto-Brightness,” go to the Accessibility menu in the Settings app.

In most cases, it’s preferable to re-enable auto-lock once it’s disabled.

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Turning off “Auto-Lock” does have some drawbacks. There’s the issue of battery life first: if you forget to turn off the screen, your phone’s power supply will deplete much more quickly. The second is privacy; if your phone does not lock automatically, anyone could use it if you leave it on.

how autolock unlock iphone

What To Do If Your iPhone Keeps Turning Off?

Please restart your iPhone in recovery mode. Restarting your iPhone is often the first and easiest step to take when you’re having problems, such as the phone shutting off unexpectedly. A normal restart won’t work here; a hard reset is required. In contrast to a simple restart, a hard reset completely wipes the phone’s memory and operating system (don’t worry, you won’t lose any of your data in the process). This may fix the issue if the app’s flaw was draining the battery more quickly than it should have been.

Improve your iPhone or iPad with the latest iOS update. When an iPhone unexpectedly turns off, the issue may lie in the software. If the hard reset did not resolve the issue and you are using iOS 11.2 or earlier, you should update to the most recent version of iOS.

Examine the condition of the battery. The two most important pieces of data that can be gleaned from Battery Health are the maximum charge your battery can take and how the battery’s current strength is influencing your phone’s performance. If your battery has reached the end of its useful life, you can find out here.

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Battery Issues

Changing the battery is the last resort; try these simple software solutions first if your iPhone keeps turning off.

In order to check the status of your phone’s battery, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. If your battery’s Maximum Capacity is extremely low, there may be an issue. Seeing a battery status that isn’t “Peak Performance Capability” could indicate a problem.

Using DFU mode, restore your iPhone from a backup. Do a DFU restore if your iPhone is still shutting down unexpectedly after following these steps. DFU, Connect your iPhone to your computer via the USB cable and then use iTunes to create a backup of your iPhone. Next, boot your iPhone into DFU Mode and use the backup to restore your iPhone.

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If you need a replacement battery, Apple can help. If you’ve exhausted all other potential solutions and your iPhone’s still acting up, the issue may lie in its hardware rather than its software. It’s possible that your iPhone’s battery is dead or defective.

If you need assistance, Apple Support is your best bet.

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Why Does My iPhone Keep Restarting Without Reason?

Some applications or water damage could be to blame, but in the vast majority of cases, it’s the battery. Battery Health, an iOS feature, and an Apple-supplied tool are all ways to confirm that your iPhone’s battery is at fault if it suddenly shuts down at 30%.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the ringer on my iPhone keep going off?

It’s possible that pressing the buttons on the phone will cause the volume or ringtone to change without your knowledge. The option to disable Change With Buttons can be found in the Settings menu under Sound & Haptics. You should also double-check your Do Not Disturb settings, as they are frequently the source of the problem.

Why does my iPhone’s Wi-Fi keep dropping connectivity?

Your first step should be to turn off Wi-Fi and then back on again or restart your iPhone. If that doesn’t work, you can try disconnecting from your network and reconnecting your phone. Additionally, you can try resetting your wireless router.

Why does my iPhone’s alarm keep getting turned off?

If the alarm on your iPhone isn’t going off, you can try a few different things to get it working again. You can try resetting your iPhone, erasing and recreating the alarm, and installing the latest iOS version. Resetting the iPhone to its original settings is an option if all else fails.

Why does my iPhone keeps losing its internet connection?

Make sure there isn’t a network outage by calling your mobile service provider first. The SIM card might need to be removed and reinserted into the phone if that isn’t the problem. In addition, you may be inadvertently activating Airplane Mode.

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