The Basketball Wives: Will There Be A 10th Season?

Basketball Wives season 10 Release Date 10 Release Date

The reality show “Basketball Wives” follows a group of women who have been or are now dating professional basketball players. The drama in the show comes from how the women interact with each other as they try to balance their personal, professional, and social lives. The series was made by Tom Huffman and came out for the first time on April 11, 2010. Over the course of nine seasons, the show has given viewers what they want: a lot of drama and fun.

But after the fight between cast members Ogom “OG” Chijindu and Evelyn Lozada made the news, the ratings for the ninth season of the show dropped dangerously low. With this, the series’ future is in doubt, and fans want to know if there is a chance of a tenth season. So, you don’t have to worry about that.

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When Does Season 10 Of Basketball Wives Come Out?

Season 9 of “Basketball Wives” started on VH1 on February 9, 2021, and it ended on March 23, 2021. The ninth season is unusually short, with only seven episodes that run about 44 minutes each.

Basket Ball Wives Season !0 Release Date

Here is all the information we have about the tenth season so far. At the moment, there is no official news about whether season 10 will continue or end. People have been complaining about the show for a long time because they think it is unfair and hypocritical. Some viewers also spoke out on social media, saying that it’s time to end the show because they’re tired of seeing how hard it is for the cast members to get along with each other. But the record low number of people who watched season 9 of “Basketball Wives” has set off alarm bells for the show.

Reports say that only 537,000 people watched the season 9 premiere, compared to 968,000 people who watched the season 8 premiere. People think that the fight between OG and Evelyn is one of the main reasons why the show’s ratings have been going down. Their fight got worse when social media and lawsuits were brought into it. Evelyn is said to have called OG “ugly” on social media and used a monkey emoji to do so. Most of the cast seemed to be on Evelyn’s side, while OG was called “aggressive.” This surprised the audience.

Evelyn defended what she did in a confessional interview by saying that she doesn’t think of anyone when she sees the monkey emoji. She also said that if you search GIFs for “laughing,” this emoji is “one of the first four that come up.” Later, the reality star cried and said that she and her kids had been threatened with death. But OG hasn’t apologized officially, and most of the people who watched her explanation didn’t seem to believe it.

Some of you may remember that Evelyn said something racist about castmate CeCe Gutierrez in 2018. She later said she was sorry in public for what she said. The larger conversation was a tough one because it was about racism and colorism. Season 9 was very short, and it didn’t solve any of the problems between the cast members. This seems to have made viewers even less interested in the show. Even though the producers decided not to make a reunion episode, several sources say that they are still hoping for a tenth season because the franchise is a “fan favorite.”

There have also been hints that the show’s creators hope Jackie Christie and Malaysia Pargo will keep fans’ attention. Some fans even said that the show should be canceled if the producers aren’t willing to get a whole new cast. The way the controversy has been handled so far has been disappointing. So, there is a lot to talk about before the show is picked up for a second season. But if, by some chance, the show is brought back and filming starts by summer, we can expect

Cast Of Basketball Wives, Season 10

Shaunie O’Neal, Evelyn Lozada, Malaysia Pargo, and Jackie Christie are the main stars of season 9. The show wouldn’t be the same without some of the same people in it over and over again. They are called Ogom “OG” Chijindu, Feby Torres, Kristen Scott, Noria Dorsey, Nia Dorsey, and Liza Morales. If the show comes back for its tenth season, Shaunie and Evelyn might not be in it. After OG and Evelyn got into a public fight, many people started a petition to get Evelyn off the show. Some people have also said that Shaunie O’Neal is unfair to some cast members.

Basket Ball Wives Season !0 Cast

What Happens In Basketball Wives?

Women who are the wives or girlfriends of notable basketball players appear on the reality show Basketball Wives. The show depicts their everyday routines, social interactions, jobs, and other pursuits. The ladies also have to balance their work, personal, and social life. They demonstrate to the world the joys and difficulties of being the wife of a professional basketball player, as well as how rewarding it can be. The ladies, on the other hand, embrace the good and bad aspects of life.

Basket Ball Wives Season !0 Storyline

Drama and fun are expected from the series. Since it lasted nine seasons, that’s why. Furthermore, Ogom “OG” Chijindu and Evelyn Lozada’s roles in the series boosted its popularity. Because of them, the future of the series will be even better. The tenth season of Basketball Wives is eagerly anticipated by fans because of the stellar cast members.

What Happened In Basketball Wives Season 9?

The show has received a lot of flak for its alleged bias and favoritism. A number of fans have taken issue with the show’s hypocrisy after spotting it. This has led many to speculate that the show may be canceled. Because of the strained relationships between wives and girlfriends, some fans are fed up with watching. Many, on the other hand, hope that the show’s creators will continue it. Until the designers themselves provide us with further information, we’ll have to wait.

The rivalry between OG and Evelyn reached a boiling point in the ninth season. Evelyn called her ugly and used monkey emojis to attack her on social media. OG, on the other hand, was widely regarded as aggressive by the rest of the group, who defended her. Astonishment was on the faces of the viewers.

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As Evelyn explained to an interviewer, she does not use the monkey emoji to mock or disparage her boyfriend of two years, OG. A tearful Sheila then disclosed that her family has received death threats. However, the viewers aren’t satisfied with her answer.

Many Basketball Wives fans will recall that Evelyn made a racial statement about CeCe Gutierrez in 2018 that many will find upsetting. She then issued a public apology for her actions. Season 9 was expected to be the season that would finally cure all of the show’s flaws, but this season was no exception. As a result, the tenth season of Basketball Wives has a lot of anticipation.

FAQs – People Frequently Ask

Which’Basketball Wives’cast members are returning for Season 10?

Former “Basketball Wives LA” cast members Brooke Bailey, Brittish Williams, DJ Duffey, and Angel Brinks have all accepted offers to begin filming the 10th season of “Basketball Wives,” per HipHollywood. Jackie Christie, Malaysia Pargo, Jennifer Williams, and Nia and Noria Dorsey will also return as cast members.

Will Basketball Wives Season 10 have Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada?

Jennifer Williams, Shaunie O’Neal, Evelyn Lozada, Malaysia Pargo, and Jackie Christie were the major cast members of Basketball Wives season 9. As a result, we may expect them to appear in the upcoming season of Basketball Wives as well.

Is’Basketball Wives’Season 10 happening?

HipHollywood claims that numerous cast members have accepted offers to join in the latest season of “Basketball Wives,” but the launch date has not yet been revealed. According to HipHollywood, filming for the 10th season of the show is scheduled to begin soon.

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