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Below Deck Med Season 7 Release Date: Who’s Hopped On Board?

Below Deck Med Season 7 Release Date

Below Deck Med Season 7 Release Date

The audience fell in love with the characters, the lovely location, and a few extremely memorable conflicts, friendships, and coastal romances when the first episode of “Below Deck Mediterranean” aired on Bravo in 2016.

This was the year of the show’s debut. This reality television drama is a continuation of the series “Below Deck,” which first appeared on the air in 2013. This story takes place in the same environment as “Below Deck.”

During the final six weeks of the season, a team consisting of deckhands, stewards, and a cook has been dealing with ongoing drama while attending to the needs of the ship’s wealthy and particular passengers.

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Release Date of Below Deck Med Season 7

Even though Bravo hasn’t officially announced it, the seventh season of Below Deck Med will start airing sometime soon. Some viewers with really sharp eyes may have noticed that the well-known yachting programme was shot in Malta, Spain, during the summer of 2017.

Because of this, accusations surfaced suggesting that the episode was filmed at the place in question.

Now that filming for the seventh season of Below Deck Mediterranean has come to an end, it is very exciting to learn that the new episodes will premiere in 2022.

Since Below Deck Sailing Yacht became a part of the yachting series, Below Deck Med has been continuing to air new seasons during the summer months.

The seventh season of “Below Deck Mediterranean” will begin airing on Bravo on July 11 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time / 5 p.m. Pacific Time with a special extended episode.

Since the start on July 4, every episode is also available on Peacock one week before it airs on Bravo. The premiere took place on July 4. In addition, viewers may now access past seasons of the show “Below Deck Mediterranean” on Peacock. Peacock is the place to go for more Bravo.

The latest season of Below Deck can be shown on Peacock on Sky TV and NOW for fans in the UK.

Cast of Below Deck Med Season 7

The enormous amount of brand-new cast members in Season 6 was one of the most notable aspects of the show’s sixth season, as was mentioned earlier. The only characters from the first season to make a significant appearance in the second are Captain Sandy Yawn and Bosun Malia White.

According to Bravo, the new members of the crew included David Pascoe, Lloyd Spencer, and Mzi “Zee” Dempers as deckhands; Katie Flood as cha ief stew; Mathew Shea as cha ef; Lexi Wilson and Courtney Veale as stews; and Katie Flood as cha ef stew. Lexi Wilson and Courtney Veale were also listed as stews.

Below Deck Med Season 7 Plot

In the closing episode of the previous season, Captain Sandy treated the crew to a meal as a way to celebrate the successful completion of the previous season.

In light of the fact that the group is already short by one member, the ensuing event will function as a means of formally introducing new members to the group.

It would be fascinating to see who initiates the conflicts and tension in the forthcoming season given how nicely the members of the staff are getting along with one another right now.

Below Deck Med Season 7 Storyline

The dynamic between Lexi Wilson and Matthew Shea on Below Deck Mediterranean struggled to remain consistent throughout the seventh season, making it a challenging show to follow.

Because the stew and the cook were constantly at odds with one another, the rest of the team had a difficult time completing any work.

As a direct consequence of this, the Captain made the decision to dismiss her near the end of the season, so giving Katie and Courtney command of the ship. They were both successful in completing the remaining four papers because to a combination of physical power and patient persistence.

The magnificent waters of Malta, one of the world’s smallest and oldest archipelagos, are where Captain Sandy has taken the motor yacht “Home,” which measures 163 feet in length. In comparison to the previous charter seasons, Sandy is currently operating a complicated hybrid vessel, which makes the vessel more difficult to navigate.

Sandy decides to hire three new department heads in order to ensure that this year’s voyage will go smoothly; nevertheless, when unanticipated tensions between Chief Stew and Chef, who joined the boat as colleagues and friends, increase in the kitchen, tension spreads throughout the entire boat.

When one member of the crew is unable to acclimate to the high demands of Mediterranean super-yachting, other crew members are compelled to pick up the slack, creating an uphill battle for the deck team.

These yachties are willing to go to unimaginable measures to make it through the charter season, which requires them to cope with tough charter guests, roller coaster “boatmances,” troubles with hierarchy on board, and many other challenges.

Below Deck Med Previous Season Recap

Who else but Below Deck Mediterranean would have the gall to introduce a new cast member in the episode that ends the season? Yes, the Season 6 finale , which is currently online, introduces us to potential cast member Chef Luka Grubisic.

To prepare for Chef Mathew Shea’s potential return to the boat, Chef Luka Grubisic had to spend a lot of time alone.

While everyone on board was getting ready for their last night of drinking, Captain Sandy extended an invitation to Luka to stop by the boat and say hello. Deckhands Lloyd, David, and Mzi welcome Chef Luka aboard and take him on a tour of the vessel while they smoke.

As Chef Luka approaches, the deckhands greet him and show him around.

When Captain Sandy asks him about his time in quarantine, he says, “Four walls for four weeks was not truly so easy.” “I was a backup chef for you guys if something goes wrong,” he says to Malia as he enters the crew mess.

At the same time, Mathew puts on a fake smile and retreats to his room in order to avoid an embarrassing encounter. During his remarks, he is heard saying, “It’s fucking horrific.”

Despite this, Chef Luka, who was born in Croatia, continues to join the rest of the group for a beer. Naturally, Katie gives him a warm grin when she sees him and makes an effort to start a conversation with him about how he spent the time alone himself working out in his room.

 Because of his tattoo, Mathew is curious about if he is a Scorpio, and hey, credit to him for using astrology to break the ice; you can’t be mad at that. Luka is correct in his explanation that the tattoo is of a lobster rather than a scorpion on his arm.

What else about Chef Luka did we miss in our research? It turned out that he specialized in “healthy, wholesome, and tasty food from all over the world.” Additionally, he had previous expertise in making “Mediterranean, Dalmatian, and Italian feasts.” Oh, and before being a chef on yachts, he was?

Over the course of more than 15 years, he was employed in the fashion industry as a designer. During this period, he worked for Oscar de la Renta and also established his own clothing lines.

You can still see his culinary creations because he routinely posts them on his Instagram account, which is @luka chef, even though we might have missed some of his truly incredible stories. And even though we might have missed some of his truly incredible stories, you can still see his culinary creations.

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FAQs- People Also Ask

Does Kate come back to Below Deck season 7?

Kate Chastain’s decision to leave Below Deck after season 7 surprised Captain Lee. Chastain worked for Captain Lee from season 2 and excelled.

Is Kate still a yachtie?

Kate declared in February 2020 that she would be retiring from yachting and pursuing a life ashore as the captain of whichever motor yacht she worked on (under Captain Lee, of course).

Is Joao a captain now?

Since his time on Below Deck Mediterranean, Joo Franco has been quite active. Michelle Dicu, his long-term lover, is now engaged to him.

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