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Best Estate Planning Android apps 2022: Explore The Best Estate Planning Apps

Best Estate Planning Android apps 2022: Explore The Best Estate Planning Apps

Making plans for one’s estate is not a simple step to take, but it is one that should be taken. There is no right time to do it per se, but most individuals choose to do it when they are sick or when they are experiencing something else that is analogous to that. The process of estate planning is not one that is simple in and of itself.

The act of arranging your asset base in the event that you become unable to care for yourself or pass away is a burden in and of itself, but the procedure itself may be rather laborious. In an effort to be of assistance to you in this matter, we have combed through the Play Store in search of the top estate planning apps that are currently accessible.

To be completely transparent, there are not very many of them. It is far simpler to find apps for certain areas than it is for others, and estate planning apps most certainly fall into the latter category. Nevertheless, we were successful in locating several that may be of assistance to you, either in terms of gaining a deeper comprehension of the process of estate planning or in terms of actually carrying it out. Remember that the apps that are listed below are not presented in any particular order, so keep that in mind as you read through them.

Here Are Some Best Estate Planning Apps

Empathy – Loss Companion

Empathy – Loss Companion is an interesting app that can help you make the loss process a bit easier to manage. This app can help you organize things surrounding the will, and deal with the loss in general. It allows you to create a personalized checklist, and even consult with a care specialist.

You can connect up to 5 people on the same account via this app. This way, you can delegate tasks, track progress, and share information. Empathy can cancel all open accounts for you, and also provide you with a nicely written obituary, if that’s too hard for you to handle. There are various other uses for this app.

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Fabric: Life Insurance & Wills

Fabric: Life Insurance & Wills was actually a very effective software for estate planning; however, it appears that the app changed parent businesses in 2022, and as a result, some customers experienced difficulties with the service. The reviews are a reflection of this fact. Nevertheless, this is a really capable software that offers a wealth of material and customization choices. Not only will you have a wealth of information regarding the process of estate planning, but you will also be able to put your documents in order.

Fabric uses 256-bit encryption, which is comparable to the security provided by banks. In addition, it provides two-factor authentication, automatic lockout, adaptive security, and biometrics so that everything may be kept secure. You won’t have any trouble putting together legal documents like your will or insurance policies if you choose to do it in this location, for instance.

Rocket Lawyer Legal & Law Help

Rocket Lawyer Legal is able to provide assistance throughout the entirety of the will-drafting process if that is something you intend to do. It makes things easier, and it doesn’t cost an excessive amount of money either. Numerous individuals make use of the service in order to create documents, obtain guidance from attorneys, and so on. They have a wealth of experience dealing with various legal matters such as wills, trust funds, and other such matters, and their app is also very good.

Rocket Lawyers Legal provides documents that can be used for a wide variety of situations. You are able to personalise them in accordance with your requirements, sign them, and download them in formats such as Word or PDF, for instance. Rocket Lawyer Legal’s materials are reviewed by attorneys and legal staff to ensure that they are accurate, up to date, and ready to be used.

View Legal Estate Planning

View Legal Estate Planning is a fairly basic programme, but for some reason it has never caught on. This application’s primary purpose is to provide you with information about various aspects of estate planning. It includes a substantial amount of material that pertains to estate planning, and it does its level best to explain to you what estate planning is and what it entitles you to.

360 Legal Forms

In the realm of estate planning, 360 Legal Forms is an excellent option. It provides you with access to a vast library of papers that can be utilised in the administration of your estate plan. These forms have been reviewed by attorneys and are adaptable to your needs. You can even sign them and be done with it all by doing it online. Even the ability to invite other people to sign the appropriate paperwork is included in the app.

It is also feasible to print out those documents, and documentation for each of the fifty states that make up the United States can be found here. Additionally, this site gives you a number of other download alternatives to choose from; for instance, you can save the documents in either the World or PDF format on your computer. Everything is kept confidential and encrypted, making it risk-free.

Sendoff Funeral App

The Sendoff Funeral app is… well, that’s a completely different thing. In comparison to the other apps on the list, it more closely resembles the Empathy app. If you find yourself in need of its services, this app will assist you in organising a funeral service, but it won’t be able to assist you with the legal aspects of the estate planning process. It allows you to organise, book, and manage all aspects of a funeral from the convenience of your mobile device.

When it comes to the planning phase, having this app on hand can make things a little less stressful for you in the event that a loved one of yours passes away. You can also book pickups from hospitals and hospices, place an order for a casket or urn, choose a cemetery or gravesite, place an order for flowers, book catering, and organise a reception, among other services.

Final Words

The huge databases of houses, apartments, and commercial buildings that are available via mobile real estate apps are brought to the user’s fingertips. Prospective homebuyers, renters, and investors can all profit from them because searches can be sorted by a variety of criteria, including location, the number of bedrooms, and the total square footage.

Some of the aforementioned applications help planners with the fundamental task of excellent planning, which is to gain a deeper familiarity with places and locations, access information about places and communities, and involve a larger and more diverse cross-section of the public in the planning discussion. Planners or planners working together build other apps to improve public access to planning and development resources.

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