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Black Bullet Season 2: Will It Be Released Or Just Hoax? Every fan Must Know About It!

Black Bullet Season 2: Will It Be Released Or Just Hoax? Every fan Must Know About It!

There is currently no release date for Black Bullet Season 2, as it has not been officially confirmed. The question is, however, whether or not there will be a Black Bullet Season 2 and when it will be published.

Here is everything we currently know about the existence and release date of a new season of Black Bullet.

The well-liked light novel of the same name that was first released in 2011 serves as the basis for the anime series Black Bullet, also known as Burakku Buretto in Japanese. Shiden Kanzaki is the author of the Black Bullet light novel series, and Saki Ukai is the illustrator.

Enju Aihara, an Initiator, and Satomi Rentaro, a Promoter, form the dynamic duo in the popular post-apocalyptic action anime series Black Bullet. Together, they embark on missions to combat the Gastrea threat in their homeland of Tokyo.

Black Bullet, an anime television series with just one season to date, was created by Studios Kinema Citrus and Orange and directed by Masayuki Kojima. No information has been released on the director’s potential return for Black Bullet season 2.

In April 2014, the first 13 episodes of the Black Bullet television anime series debuted in Japan. Since then, this show has gathered a considerable fan base that is still anticipating the release of Black Bullet Season 2 Episode 1 or a follow-up.

Will there be Black Bullet Season 2?

A second season of Black Bullet won’t ever air. Sadly, the anime adaptation of Black Bullet did not turn a profit. As a result, the anime’s second season was never anticipated. The fact that the author has given up on this series is the biggest problem, though. There hasn’t been a new Black Bullet book released in the previous seven years.

The anime Black Bullet did not turn a profit. There are only 80 pieces of merchandise and only nine-figure created for this series, and the average number of Blu-Ray sales is about 2,400, which is low for 2014. However, the light novel used to only sell about 30,000 copies every volume, which is not terrible but not not ideal.

The basic problem, as was previously stated, is that the Black Bullet light book was shelved. It’s on a fairly long sabbatical, to put it politely, but given the most recent book was published in 2014 and the author hasn’t said anything, I’d consider it abandoned. Due to this, there is no chance that Black Bullet Season 2 will be released.

Black Bullet Season 2 Release Date

There is no countdown and no official release date for Black Bullet Season 2 because a second season was never confirmed, cancelled, or announced. Moreover, there will never be a release date because there will never be a second season.

I can say with certainty that this anime’s second season and release date will never be made public. Simply put, there are simply too many things going against this series to ever see more anime ventures. In the last six years, neither Twitter nor the official website had received any updates.

If there are any announcements or a release date for a new Black Bullet anime project on the Black Bullet official Twitter account, we’ll update this site.

As the anime only covered volumes 1 through 4, if you’ve given up hope that a new Black Bullet season will ever be created, you can start reading the light novel at volume 5.

What Is The Plotline of Black Bullet?

The bizarre tale of the anime series Black Bullet is actually set in the not too distant future. a television show where a deadly and destructive Gastrea virus has invaded humanity.

Now, as a result of this, the majority of people have no choice except to shelter behind the monolithic walls. Varanium serves as the only obstacle or barrier in the way of Gastrea.

However, because of the walls, no one is able to flee the plague. Now, the children that are born with a Gasteria viral genome develop some paranormal skills.

They are referred to be cursed children because of this. Only female children are affected by the virus, which is an odd phenomena.

They are the ones who are nicknamed Promoters and are required to follow them once this government decides to combine the cursed children known as initiators with the normal ones.

The pairings that are created are known as Civil Securities, and they can genuinely withstand Gastra. Enju Aihara, an initiator, and Satomi Rentaro, a promoter, are also included in the narrative as they go on various adventures.

They are all on a mission to stop the Gastrea virus from destroying both the planet and their city of Tokyo.

Expected Plot of Black Bullet season 2

The novel’s Black Bullet narrative and our own position during the pandemic are both highly realistic.

The anime series is based on hypothetical future events in which a terrifying parasitic virus called Gastrea infects humanity. The need to defend Tokyo from the deadly virus is one of the story’s central themes.

The tale is anticipated to continue in season 2. The show’s Rentaro is anticipated to have a significant part. Fans have speculated that COVID-19 might further the plot.

Some followers want to find out where Rantaro is battling and plotting his prison break. He will be detained there after being accused of a fictitious murder. His adversaries keep getting in the way.

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If Black Bullet anime Season 2 were to be revealed, many anime fans would rejoice, but this will never happen. There won’t ever be a second season of Black Bullet, but if you want to read the rest of the story, I suggest starting with the light novels. Let’s hope that in the future, the author will at least finish the story.

As new information becomes available, this article will be updated. Feel free to look out other anime sequels for the time being, or just let fellow Black Bullet fans know about this post.

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