Boy With Uke Face Reveal (Know Shocking Things About Him)

BoyWithUke is a rising musician who has released multiple records to a committed fan base. While it’s fantastic to spotlight such exceptional, growing talent, one question remains: who is BoyWithUke?

Boywithuke is a singer from Massachusetts who rose to fame after covering Brittany Spears’ song Toxic. More of his music has been released, some of it original and some of it covers.

He made his TikTok debut in September of 2020. His first post includes an anime scene. He began his career on TikTok by singing ukulele covers and mashups. 

According to Billboard, he favors introspective alt-pop jams, open songs about lousy friends, and long-distance relationships. He performs impromptu one-minute songs as well. He has sang every one of his songs while hiding behind a mask.

Who Is Behind The Mask?

BoyWithUke has kept his real name a secret. He hasn’t disclosed any personal information. He was questioned by Billboard about why he was hiding his identity during the interview.

So, here’s what we know so far. First and foremost, he oozes the DIY spirit. The musician creates all of his songs on GarageBand, which is incredible given the program’s restrictions. Regardless, his albums are varied and warm, displaying his great vocals and creative brilliance.

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With the viral success of his minute-long songs, the anonymous singer made his streaming debut in 2021, resulting in streaming figures in the tens of millions.

During its first weekend on Spotify UK, his 2021 album Fever Dreams debuted as one of the top 10 album debuts.

The album’s first single, “Two Moons,” is the most popular track on the album, with over 35 million views on Spotify alone.

Its immense popularity as my favorite song on the album does not surprise me, but additional favorites worth exploring include “Shy,” “Sleep Deprived,” and “Bok Choy.”

While he strives for simplicity and anonymity on social media, BoyWithUke doesn’t hold back when it comes to throwing it all out on the table in his songs.

The eleven-track album showcases his signature ukulele skills with a distinctly modern flair of pitched-up harmonies, lo-fi instrumentals, and lyrics loaded with longing and passion themes.

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In April 2022, he had over 12.5 million monthly listeners on his Spotify verified artist page. His album Serotonin Dreams was published in May of 2022.

BoyWithUke Face Reveal

BoyWithUke is a 19-year-old nameless musician. He became the most popular masked singer on TikTok.

Boywithuke stands roughly 5 feet 10 inches tall, according to Billboard, but his true identity is unknown. For BoyWithUke’s fans, revealing his face remains a pipe dream.

Uke, unlike other artists who use masks, did not personalize his. He claimed to have discovered the mask on Amazon and purchased it since he liked it.

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