When Is Broadchurch Season 1 Coming?

Broadchurch Season 1

Broadchurch, a murder and mystery-filled television series with eight episodes, is deftly written and moves at a deliberate pace that exudes confidence. There is enough here to keep viewers guessing up until the final surprising revelation, with intriguing, well-developed characters and an engaging plot.

Detective Miller (Olivia Colman) and Alec Hardy (David Tennant) are teamed together to solve the mystery surrounding the sleepy seaside village after the body of a little boy is found on the coastline. Broadchurch is a captivating watch as the mystery progressively comes to light since there are many possible suspects and a tonne of secrets among the various personalities dispersed throughout the town.

This enigma is ultimately what propels Broadchurch ahead. There are numerous threads that link the characters together. with contradictory goals and nuanced personalities that greatly contribute to the show’s development. Each episode provides exactly the right amount of character information and proof to keep the mystery alive and advance the plot.

Fortunately, the show’s main writer Chris Chibnal does a fantastic job of avoiding major spoilers, and when the big reveal does happen and all the details of that fateful night’s events are disclosed, it’s gratifying enough to wrap up the entire season and make the wait worthwhile.

Speaking of complex characters, the connection between the two protagonists is what actually distinguishes this show from numerous others in this bloated genre. Being able to witness David Tennant and Olivia Colman together makes me a tremendous admirer of both actors.

Release Date of Broadchurch Season 1

broadchurch season 1 release date

Broadchurch, a detective-crime drama, debuted its first season on March 4, 2013. The town of Broadchurch, from which the television series gets its name, is where it takes place. The series follows the investigation into Danny Latimer’s death and the reactions of the neighborhood.

The cast even placed bets on who the killer would be, it was generally reported and assumed that nobody knew who the culprit was until the final hours of filming Episode 1.8. This wasn’t completely accurate, though, since it was later discovered that Olivia Colman had been told the identity of the murderer during her casting interview before learning an hour later that “they weren’t going to be playing it like way.” that”.

It was revealed that she had maintained the secret so effectively, even participating in the betting, that other cast members were unaware that she knew more than the rest of them. She had kept her knowledge of the killer a secret until long after filming had ended.

Cast and plot

broadchurch season 1 cast

Characters in series one of Broadchurch included the following:


Due to his scandal-tainted professional history, Detective Inspector Alec Hardy (David Tennant), an experienced detective, just moved to Broadchurch. Because of his role in the unsuccessful Sandbrook murder investigation, he finds it difficult to deal with Danny’s murder.

Ellie Miller, a local detective who is married to Joe Miller and the mother of Tom and Fred, is played by Olivia Colman. She has a personal link to Danny’s death due to her long-standing friendship with the Latimer family. She is incensed that Hardy was awarded the position of Detective Inspector.

The Broadchurch police chief is Chief Superintendent Elaine Jenkinson (Tracey Childs). She chose Hardy, an old friend who had struggled with the Sandbrook murder case, for the position.

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Beth Latimer from The Latimers (Jodie Whittaker)- She is Mark’s wife and the mother of Danny and Chloe; she finds it difficult to trust Mark in the wake of Danny’s passing.

Mark Latimer (Andrew Buchan) is a well-liked plumber and the father of Danny, Chloe, and Beth. His secrets made authorities suspicious of him even while he was mourning the loss of his son.

The 15-year-old daughter of Beth and Mark is Chloe Latimer (Charlotte Beaumont). Chloe, a student preparing for her GCSEs, is devastated by her brother’s untimely passing. Even while it causes difficulty for the rest of the Latimer family, her friendship with an older boy named Dean Thomas gives her peace.

Danny Latimer (Oskar McNamara), the 11-year-old son of Beth and Mark and Chloe’s younger brother, is found killed on a beach at the foot of some sea cliffs. close to Broadchurch He had a troubled relationship with his family and kept a lot of secrets.

Liz Roper (Susan Brown), is both Danny’s grandmother and Beth’s mother. She is a devoutly pious woman who makes an effort to support Beth as she copes with her loss.

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Family Miller

Ellie’s husband and the father of 11-year-old Tom and 2-year-old Fred are Joe Miller (Matthew Gravelle). He used to work as a paramedic but is now a stay-at-home dad raising Fred.

Tom Miller (Adam Wilson), Ellie and Joe’s older son, is in his last year of primary school at the age of 11. Tom disputes the claim that he is Danny’s closest friend. The investigation is complicated by the time it takes to question Tom and learn the truth about his relationship to Danny.

Sister named Lucy Stevens (Tanya Franks) of DS Ellie Miller, the mother of Oliver “Olly” Stevens is a problem gambler who wants payment in exchange for information about Danny’s passing.

Press: Maggie Radcliffe (Carolyn Pickles) is the editor of the Broadchurch Echo, a local newspaper. She has access to information about many suspects and is familiar with the majority of the locals.

Jonathan Bailey plays Oliver “Olly” Stevens, a reporter for the Broadchurch Echo and the young nephew of Ellie Miller. He has a lot of ambition and hopes to land a huge scoop in order to land a position with a major newspaper.

a reporter at the Daily Herald, a major newspaper, played by Vicky McClure. She is aware of DI Hardy’s efforts in the abandoned Sandbrook murder investigation. She wanted to start doing investigative reporting instead of “polishing press releases” she is brought to Broadchurch.

Karen White’s supervisor at the Daily Herald is Len Danvers (Simon Rouse).

Residents of Broadchurch Reverend Paul Coates (Arthur Darvill), a young Anglican priest. Coates’ attempts to console community members betray his social ineptitude and raise suspicion.

Susan Wright (Pauline Quirke), a five-month-old resident of Broadchurch, is a bit unstable but extremely perceptive woman. She resides with her Chocolate Labrador, Vince, in a mobile home close to the beach where Danny’s body was discovered and dislikes most people in the community.

When asked about his relationship with Danny, Nigel “Nige” Carter (Joe Sims), Mark Latimer’s best friend and fellow plumber, becomes irate and defensive.

David Bradley plays Jack Marshall, the proprietor of a newsstand and snack bar close to the beach. Jack had everyday access to the boy in the early morning hours when few other people were around thanks to Danny, who delivered newspapers for him. Most people in the town are unaware of Jack’s past.

Chloe Latimer’s lover is a 17-year-old local boy named Dean Thomas (Jacob Anderson). Dean is required to keep his connection with Chloe a secret because she is still under the age of 16.

After moving to Broadchurch, DI Hardy resides at the Trader Hotel, which is owned and managed by Becca Fisher (Simone McAullay). She had an affair with Mark Latimer and seems less bothered by Danny’s passing and more focused on the requirements of her visitors.

Will Mellor’s character, Steve Connelly, works for a local phone company and professes to be psychic. When he says things, he creates issues. Danny’s ghost informed him that the murderer is a member of the Latimer family.

Previous season Recap

broadchurch recap

The death of 11-year-old Danny Latimer and its effects on not just his family but also the entire town are the main themes of the first season.

The investigation by Hardy and Miller into Danny’s death, which they immediately conclude was not an accident, turns the case into a murder investigation, with the town fixated on catching the murderer.

While Danny’s mother Beth (Jodie Whittaker) tries to cope, a number of suspects are put forward, including Danny’s father Mark (Andrew Buchan), and his sister Chloe’s (Charlotte Beaumont) boyfriend Dean (Jacob Anderson).

Before Hardy activates Danny’s phone again and finds the real killer—husband Ellie’s Joe—pal Mark’s Nigel (Joe Sims), he is twice arrested.

Broadchurch is a television show starring Julie Hesmondhalgh as Trish Winterman, Olivia Colman as DS Ellie Miller, and David Tennant as Di Alec Hardy.

Trailer of Broadchurch Season1

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                                                         FAQs: People Also Ask

Is Season 2 of Broadchurch a continuation of Season 1?

Season 2 of Broadchurch takes a step back from Season 1 with a largely unaltered cast aside from a few new faces and a more concentrated soap-opera style drama, but it still manages to pull off a continuous plot and some superb performances throughout.

Is Season 1 of Broadchurch based on a real-life event?

Chibnall, who lives in Dorset and was inspired by the expansive and majestic Jurassic coastline, first came up with the idea for the fictional novel in 2003.

Which Broadchurch season is the best?

Broadchurch is known for dipping in quality throughout its second season before rebounding during its third and final season. The fact is that Season 3 is undoubtedly tighter than the middle season, but it’s still nowhere near as wonderful as Season 1.

Where can I find Broadchurch in its entirety?

All three seasons of the popular crime drama Broadchurch will be made accessible for streaming starting on November 27, 2021, as part of the member benefit THIRTEEN Passport, which enables prolonged, on-demand viewing of PBS programming.

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