The Magic Is All Over The Place With The Release Of The Brothers’ War:  Urza And Mishra Are Back!

brothers war arena release

The Brothers’ War release, various UI updates, and other changes are all covered in Wizards of the Coast’s (WotC) latest MTG Arena State of the Game report for November.

The set, which takes place on the TCG’s most prominent plane of Dominaria, will depict a crucial period in the history of the MTG multiverse: a massive, global conflict that featured devastating magical artifacts, monstrous mechs, and some of Magic’s oldest heroes and villains.

The Brothers’ War is a retelling of a story we’ve heard before, which is why many MTG veterans are nervous about it. In 1994, Magic’s second expansion, Antiquities, focused on the high-tech conflict between super artificer brothers Urza and Mishra.

One of the best MTG books was even included; it was written by fantasy author Jeff Grubb. In other words, the set is filled with brand-new iterations of outdated, uninspired characters and cards.

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The Brothers’ War Release Date

The Brothers' War Release Date

The Brothers’ War, the upcoming expansion for The Gathering, will now be available digitally on Magic Online and MTG Arena on November 15, 2022 following the prerelease weekend that begins on November 11, 2022.

The launch offers the customary play options of Premier Draft and Sealed, as well as packs of the new set. Players can now acquire a new pack called the Golden Pack once The Brothers’ War is released.

You will advance toward unlocking a Golden pack for each regular or mythic pack you buy up to ten of. There will be six “duplicate protected, Standard-legal rares or mythic rares” in each of these packs.

The MTG Arena store will also start selling the wild card bundles. The price for four rare wild cards is $9.99, and the price for four mythic rare wild cards is $19.99. There will also be a chance to buy the full-art mech basic lands from The Brothers’ War.

  • 30th Anniversary stream: Oct. 4
  • The Brothers’ War story: Oct. 20 to 26
  • Building Worlds panel: Oct. 20
  • Debut video and previews begin: Oct. 27
  • The Brothers’ War Magic 30 previews: Oct. 28 to 30
  • The Brothers’ War previews continue: Oct. 31 to Nov. 4
  • Prerelease: Nov. 11 to 17
  • MTG Arena and Magic Online release: Nov. 15
  • The Brothers’ War global release: Nov.18
  • Commander Party events: Dec. 16 to 18

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New Cards From The Weekly MTG Stream

Let's Know everything About The New Cards From The Weekly MTG Stream

Urza, Planeswalker

Powerful Planeswalker Urza, Planeswalker, enters the battlefield as a result of the meld mechanic’s return. You can create Urza, Planeswalker—a card with five loyalty abilities and a game-changing impact on the battlefield, by fusing Urza, Lord Protector, The Mightstone, and The Weakstone.

Urza, Lord Protector is a reliable UW Creature that costs three mana and lowers the cost of spells you cast. Urza is a fantastic combo piece thanks to the cost reduction and may find a place in Standard decks as the format develops in the months following rotation.

Queen Kayla bin-Kroog

In recent years, Boros has expanded. Wizards of the Coast’s attempt to broaden the range of possible gameplans has helped one of the Commander’s weaker colour combinations.

Strixhaven: School of Mages offers powerful artefact synergies for RW players. Queen Kayla bin-Kroog is a potent aggro commander who, thanks to her activated ability, can also support a reanimator tactic.

Urza, Chief Artificer

Two face cards from the Commander deck have been rebuilt, starting with this one. The WUB Artifact Creature deck, which is one of the teams, is led by Urza. Chief Artificer Urza is a potent value engine that can avoid Commander tax and reliably produce tokens.

In Commander, the type of tokens that Urza produces are known as “karnstructs,” and they have always been effective. They eventually grow to a size that poses a significant threat as they scale with the game.

The best part about your end steps is getting one of these tokens. The effects of Commander Tax will be lessened by Affinity. Giving all of your Artifact Creature cards menace is a great way to make sure you get good trades or deal direct damage to a player.

Mishra, Eminent One

Brothers’ War, the second preconstructed deck to be released, is led by Mishra, Eminent One. This UBR creature turns noncreature artefacts into 4/4s by making token copies of them. That token is sacrificed at the conclusion of the turn.

When combined with artefacts that have abilities after the battle, Mishra has the potential to be an amazing value engine. Cards like Ichor Wellspring and Experimental Synthesizer produce value when they are sacrificed. Building structures around Mishra and creating strong loops to control the game will probably appeal to imaginative deck builders.

Mishra’s Foundry

Many classic Magic cards will be referenced in Brothers’ War. A modified version of the original Creature Land known as Mishra’s Factory from Antiquities is called Mishra’s Foundry. The pump ability is powerful but costs one mana, while Mishra’s Foundry’s activated ability costs two mana.

Mishra’s Foundry will have an effect on Standard despite being turned off. The Adventures in the Forgotten Realms lands and modal double-faced cards have made getting value out of your mana base a mainstay of Standard over the past year. Lands are largely producing mana again in a post-rotation environment.

Mishra’s Foundry will be an excellent way for decks to expand their reach and finish off games or force challenging combat scenarios. It is a card that performs well in multiples and can be added to the majority of one- and two-colour lists going forward.

The BRO Mishra Pack bundle

The BRO Mishra Pack bundle

One card or card style and 50 booster packs from that set are often included in pack bundles, which cost $49.99. Two cards, their respective card styles, booster packs, and bonus Golden booster packs are all included in the BRO Mishra pack bundle.

  • Available for purchase is one Mishra card sleeve.
  • 50 booster BRO packets
  • 5 Golden packets
  • According to a Gix card, one Mishra
  • Gix card-style claim for one Mishra
  • one Phyrexian Dragon Engine playing card
  • Phyrexian Dragon Engine one card

The Urza BRO Play bundle

The Urza Play Bundle comes with the Mastery Pass, a pet, three draft tokens, a sealed token, five play-in points, Urza, Lord Protector and The Mightstone and Weakstone card and card styles.

The play bundle, which includes a pet, a Mastery Pass, and Limited tokens, is likewise $49.99. WotC has included Play-In points in addition to two cards and card styles in the Urza play package.

  • There is just one Urza card case available for purchase.
  • There is one pet Urzan Sentinel available for purchase.
  • Five Play-In points and one BRO Set Mastey Pass
  • 3 Player Draft tokens
  • Unopened token, one
  • one card of Urza, Lord Protector
  • One Urza, in the form of a Lord Protector card.
  • a single copy of The Mightstone and Weakstone
  • A single card in the Mightstone and Weakstone format

Arena Open New Changes

What Are The New Changes In The Arena Open? Let's Know The Details

We divided Day 2 of Limited format Arena Opens into two draughts instead of one back in July. Players believed it would be more entertaining. Single-elimination drafts, a more difficult tournament format, were the only way we could make this work at the time, but we considered the trade-off to be worthwhile.

Our expectations were met by your feedback, which stated that you enjoyed the two draughts but wished you could play more Magic. Beginning on November 26 with The Brothers’ War Arena Open, you can have both! Day 2 will proceed as follows:

Draft One, Day 2: Perform the four guaranteed games. You can qualify for the Draft Two with a record of 3-1 or 4-0, but there is a significant change: players who are still unbeaten will now “carry forward” any unused loss points to the Draft Two, making it a double elimination round!

Draft Two, Day 2: Play until you reach four victories or your second loss of the day, whichever comes first. Those who went undefeated in Draft One will receive an additional loss pip, turning Draft Two into a double elimination. Those who went undefeated in Draft One will also receive an additional loss pip. Two points: Matchmaking and drafting for Draft Two participants will be done jointly.

The top prize will now be $2,000 instead of $2,500, but don’t worry, we’re still paying out the same amount of money, we’re just splitting it among more players.

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