Clash Royale Update Release Date October 2022: The Biggest Exciting Update Of The Year Is Finally Here!

Clash Royale update release time

Over 574 million people all over the world have downloaded the smartphone game Clash Royale, making it one of the most popular games available for mobile devices.

The alterations are made in response to comments made by the community as well as an overall analysis of the game. The goals of these modifications are to restore a sense of fairness to the game by reducing the impact of overpowered cards and increasing the allure of using cards that are typically avoided.

In this post, we will discuss all of the new features that were added to Clash Royale in the October 2022 Update as well as the modifications that were made to the game’s balance. In addition, a new champion by the name of Mighty Miner was also added.

The long-awaited and very important update for Clash Royale has at long last been made available. As of today, the 20th of October, the following information is required for all players to know. In recent times, we have been provided with a significant amount of new content, cards, and adjustments; nonetheless, there is still room for improvement.

Giant Poison decks have completely flipped the social order upside down, but eventually all of this must come to an end. Since it was first made available for mobile devices back in March, Clash Royale has quickly become one of the most popular video games available for those devices. Taking hits like you’re playing Pokemon GO. New upgrades to Clash Royale are typically released once per month by the creators at Supercell.

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Clash Royale Update Release Date And Time October 2022

The release schedule for the Clash Royale Update has not yet been confirmed; however, the game is often updated on the first of every month like clockwork.

We are aware that the update will be released on October 26, 2022; nevertheless, the exact timing of its dissemination is most likely to occur anywhere in the vicinity of 5:00 AM PT (8:00 AM ET), 1:00 PM BST (2:00 PM CEST), or 2:00 PM CEST.

Clash Royale Update Release Date And Time October 2022

Keep in mind that these times were calculated based on an earlier version of the game that was updated. This period should be taken with a grain of salt if it is at all possible, as there have been instances in the past in which the upgrades have arrived either late or early.

When it comes to new material, you may anticipate seeing two new cards, which are likely to be the primary driving force for this update. The first of these is the Monk, a brand-new Champion that will become available to you once you have accumulated 6,500 Trophies along the Trophy Road.

Its strike is a devastating three-hit combo that knocks back adversaries, and its special ability, Pensive Protection, lessens the amount of damage that the Monk and any surrounding friends take while they are attacked. Oh, and it is effective against missiles of all kinds, including Rockets.

The Phoenix is the second card that you have been dealt. After being vanquished, it detonates, dealing harm to the surrounding area, and then retaliates by turning into an egg. In the event that the egg is not destroyed in time, the Phoenix will be resurrected with all of its previous hit points intact.

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Clash Royale October Update

Clash Royale is getting a new update

According to the official Clash Royale website, in addition to the usual items you would expect from a game like this, the new version introduces some very significant improvements. Along with a revamp of trophy road and several new Kings levels, the update will add 2 new cards to the game. The new ranked mode, Path of Legends, is by far the biggest development.

This new mode, which contains 10 separate Leagues dedicated to players at various skill levels, has replaced the previous ranked League format.

You’ll need to move forward on the route, relying on both golden and stone stairs as you go, to climb your way through the leagues. If you lose a match, stone stairs will crumble, while gold steps serve as checkpoints that keep your progress from being lost.

Challenger League

After the conclusion of each Ranked Season, all players will begin their progression through the Path of Legends from the beginning again. You will be given a Win Multiplier that is determined by how the season you just finished played out.

This will assist you in making progress back to where you were before the reset. After every battle that you successfully complete, the Win Multiplier will fall by one.

Challenger I League

  • Golden Step: Always
  • Level Cap: 11
  • Win Multiplier: 1

Challenger II League

  • Golden Step: 1 in 3
  • Level Cap: 11
  • Win Multiplier: 2

Challenger III League

  • Golden Step: 1 in 4
  • Level Cap: 11
  • Win Multiplier: 2

Master I League

  • Golden Step: 1 in 5
  • Level Cap: 12
  • Win Multiplier: 3

Master II League

  • Golden Step: 1 in 6
  • Level Cap: 12
  • Win Multiplier: 4

Master III League

  • Golden Step: 1 in 7
  • Level Cap: 13
  • Win Multiplier: 4

Champion League

  • Golden Step: N/A
  • Level Cap: 13
  • Win Multiplier: 5

Grand Champion

  • Golden Step: N/A
  • Level Cap: 14
  • Win Multiplier: 5

Royal Champion

  • Golden Step: N/A
  • Level Cap: 14
  • Win Multiplier: 6

Ultimate Champion

  • Golden Step: N/A
  • Level Cap: 14
  • Win Multiplier: 6

Bug fixes

  • Star Level 1 of Goblin Drill has additional missing particles FX.
  • Not anymore “Drag Glitch” (Fixed an issue were placing two cards in quick succession would fail to play one of the cards)
  • Golden Knight’s problem where he dashed to an empty spot with no target was fixed. It was also fixed that crash that might happen on the Battle Banner edit page. The “Gold Discount” picture that momentarily appeared after using a Wild Card was also removed.
  • Unable to access the Supercell ID quick-switch button due to the new event text for Crown/Gold Rush? That flaw has been fixed.
  • resolved a problem wherein unlocking Mini P.E.K.K.A left all card previews stuck loading.
  • The placement of Royal Recruits on the side of the opponent’s player was problematic; it has been fixed.
  • A Gem animation would not play following a Shop purchase due to a bug that affected only Android devices.
  • The keyboard’s double loading problem and the erroneous display of emojis on Android devices were both fixed
  • During the ban phase of Ban Pick Duels, mystery numbers would occasionally show up on the opponent’s decks. This bug has been fixed.
  • The ‘Collect’ button for Banner Tokens no longer mistakenly directs players to the Shop when their inventory of Banner Tokens is full. Sparky was also fixed so that she was not reset when struck by Electro Spirit and hooked by Fisherman at the same time.
  • The problem was attempting to insert a Champion into an unusable position in your Deck resulted in the insertion being cancelled and the user being forced to re-select the Champion has been fixed.

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