Colorado Funeral Homeowner Accused Of Selling Body Parts And Giving Clients Fake Ashes: Sentenced 20 years in Prison


Colorado funeral home owner accused of selling body parts and giving clients fake ashes is sentenced to 20 years in prison

On Tuesday, a former proprietor of a funeral facility in Colorado was given a 20-year prison term for cheating the heirs of the deceased by dissecting 560 bodies and illegally selling body parts.

In July, Megan Hess, 46, admitted guilt to fraud. In Montrose, Colorado, she ran a funeral parlour called Sunset Mesa as well as a business that dealt with body parts called Donor Services. The maximum term permitted by law was 20 years.

Shirley Koch, her mother, who is 69 years old, also admitted fraud and received a 15-year sentence. According to court documents, Koch’s primary responsibility was dismembering the victims.

Colorado Funeral Homeowner Accused Of Selling Body Parts And Giving Clients Fake Ashes: Sentenced 20 years in Prison

Tim Neff, the prosecutor, claimed in a court document that “Hess and Koch occasionally exploited their funeral facility to essentially steal people and body parts using false and counterfeit donor forms.” “The behaviour of Hess and Koch caused the families and next of kin great emotional suffering.”

The federal prosecution was brought about by a 2016–2018 Reuters investigative series exposing the body part trade, which is mostly uncontrolled in the United States. Former employees claimed to Reuters that Hess and Koch performed illegal body dismemberments, and the FBI raided the establishment a few weeks after a 2018 story was published.

Prosecutors called the Hess scam one of the most significant body parts instances in recent U.S. history and emphasized the “macabre nature” of it in their filing.

During the sentencing hearing on Tuesday in Grand Junction, Colorado, U.S. District Judge Christine M. Arguello remarked, “This is the most emotionally exhausting case I have ever experienced on the bench.”

The fact that defendant Hess won’t accept accountability for her actions worries the court,

Hess and Koch must be sent to prison right away, the judge said.

Hess’ attorney said that Hess has been falsely demonized as a “witch,” “monster,” and “ghoul,” but in reality she is a “broken human being” whose actions are related to a severe brain injury she sustained at the age of 18. Hess chose not to interact with the judge in court on Tuesday.

Koch apologized to the judge and accepted responsibility for her behavior.

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Colorado Funeral Homeowner Accused Of Selling Body Parts And Giving Clients Fake Ashes: Sentenced 20 years in Prison

26 victims spoke of their horror at learning what had happened to their loved ones in 26 different accounts.

Erin Smith stated, “Our sweet mother, they dismembered her. They sold her shoulders, knees, and feet for money.” “A crime this horrible doesn’t even have a name,” someone said.

According to Tina Shanon, whose mother was forcibly dismembered, “I’ve worn several masks to disguise the grief. I’ll never be alright.

In order to be used for transplant, organs like hearts, kidneys, and tendons cannot be purchased; they must be donated. However, selling body parts like heads, arms, and spines for use in research or education—which is what Hess did—is not prohibited by federal law.

What Accusation On Women

Prosecutors claimed that Hess broke the law when she misled the relatives of the deceased about cremations and sold dissected bodies without their consent.

Prosecutors claimed that the surgical training organizations and other businesses that purchased the arms, legs, heads, and torsos from Hess were unaware that they had been obtained fraudulently.

Prosecutors claim that Hess charged families up to $1,000 for cremations that never happened at her funeral home while also offering free cremations to others in exchange for body donations.

More than 200 families who received cremated ashes from dumpsters containing various cadaver remnants, according to the prosecution, were misled by her.


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