Costco Scams 2022 – All You Need To Know Everything

The most typical scams that target Costco members are listed here, along with advice on how to avoid them. Before your next trip to Costco, make sure to do some research.

Scammers make every effort to come up with new schemes, such as phishing for online surveys, giveaway scams, phony stimuli, fake job interview confirmation, etc.

See how these frauds operate and learn how to avoid them:

1. Phishing Emails From Costco

Scammers frequently utilize emails as a means of exploitation.

Phishing Emails From Costco

By pretending to be Costco, they send you emails, entice you to click on a link, and offer you exclusive deals, 3C products as a reward, etc.

2. Facebook Anniversary Scam At Costco

To commemorate their 40th anniversary, scammers fabricate bogus Costco Facebook fan pages. Make the false claim that they are giving away $35 in Costco gift cards to customers.

They publish statements under the CEO of Costco in an effort to give the impression that they are authentic.

costco us

You are requested to write comments on the article, and in exchange, you will receive a phishing link. It will again redirect you to a fake web page where you must enter critical information.

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3. Phishing Text Messages From Costco

Scammers send you texts while posing as Costco in an effort to trick you into clicking on the link they attached. For instance, they make untrue claims that you can make use of your annual benefits as a Costco Wholesale member.

costco wholesale stores

If you fall for the trick and open the link, you will be directed to a bogus website. There you will be prompted to enter financial and personal details such as credit card numbers and CVC codes. Scammers can use it to steal both your identity and your money.

4. Fraudulent Customer Survey

The false satisfaction survey is a variation of the survey scam. You’ll get an email or text saying that you’ve been selected to take part in a customer satisfaction survey.

Customers are allegedly given the chance to win a $100 gift card at the end of the survey, which asks them about their most recent Costco experience.

5. Loyalty Reward

The selection to take part in a poll regarding a new Costco loyalty rewards program may be announced to customers through text message.

However, the scam’s objective is to gather your personal data so that it can be sold to outside businesses.

6. Texts Of Overcharge Reimbursement

There has been a recent scam when victims receive texts claiming that Costco will pay them for a credit card overcharge. But this is just another phishing trick.

7. Free Television

An advertisement for free television, purportedly from Costco, has been floating around. Despite the fact that this offer looks genuine, it is jusr a hoax intended to steal your personal data.

8. Coronavirus Stimulus

People are tricked into thinking they can sign up for a Costco coronavirus stimulation package through both texts and emails. After receiving your sensitive information, fraudsters use the data.

9. Fraudulent Interview Verification

People have been tricked into believing they have been chosen for a job interview at Costco after receiving emails.

costco information

The emails request that you confirm the time of your interview and supply your contact details.

10. Executive Reward Redemption Fraud

Another fraud claims consumers can use their executive rewards points to get a free holiday by sending them emails or text messages. You will once more be prompted by the message to enter personal data such as your name, address, and phone number.

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How Can Customers Prevent Costco Scams?

The following are a few actions customers can take to prevent being conned at Costco:

  • Never divulge your personal information to a stranger.
  • Offers that look too good to be true should be avoided.
  • Don’t answer if you receive an unwanted offer, whether it’s via email, text message, or in person.
  • Instead, contact Costco customer service at Costco to report the issue.
  • Purchase only from Costco-approved merchants. If you’re unsure whether a vendor is approved, you can inquire with customer support.
  • Regularly review your statements, and as soon as you see any unauthorized charges, notify your bank or credit card provider.
  • Before inputting personal information, be sure you are on the official Costco website. This may be done by looking at the URL, which must always begin with “”
  • Even if it appears to be the actual thing, be cautious of emails or advertisements that drive you to another website.


As you can see, Costco members are the target of several scams. These are only a few of the most typical scams that target Costco customers. Stay vigilant and never give out your personal information to anyone until you are sure that they are trustworthy.

You can always get advice from Costco customer care if needed. Before your upcoming trip to Costco, make sure to educate yourself on these frauds so you can avoid them.

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