Costco Secret Shopper: Is It A Good Thing in 2022?

You can sign up to be a secret shopper for a store or restaurant if you want to make some extra cash. There are some real jobs as a secret shoppers, but there are also a lot of scammers who use this to try to steal money.

Browsing through Costco’s website, it’s evident that the store hasn’t said anything about having secret shoppers as of 2022.

So, it’s likely that Costco doesn’t have these kinds of jobs. But scammers take advantage of this and send customers job offers they didn’t ask for. Report any emails you didn’t ask for to keep yourself safe from secret shopper scams.

Read on to find out if Costco has secret shoppers and what you should be aware of.

What Does A “Secret Shopper” Do?

Secret shoppers are very important for stores and restaurants because they buy things or use services and report back to the customer what they thought.

So, they are important for market research because they test the different products and services, which helps a retailer improve the customer experience.

This way, secret or mystery shoppers pay for the product with their own money and get paid back by the store.

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So, if you’re thinking about becoming a secret shopper, you should know that the pay isn’t very high. Because of this, it’s a great job for people who only want to work part-time.

Do They Have Secret Shoppers At Costco?

No one knows for sure if Costco has secret shoppers, and the store doesn’t say if it hires people for this job. So, if you get an email offering you a job as a “secret shopper,” it’s probably a scam.

What Things Should You Be Aware Of?

To keep from losing money, you should know what secret shopper scammers do and how the whole thing works: If you get an email offering you a job as a “secret shopper,” it’s probably a scam. Scammers send you the email and a check that you need to deposit.

To test how well it works, they might give you a task like buying gift cards at Costco or wiring money from the check through a service like MoneyGram.

Once the check bounces, you have to pay the bank all the money and any fees. If you give these con artists your personal bank information, they will use it to steal your identity.

Check to see if the emails come from Costco. If the email has spelling mistakes or the address doesn’t belong to Costco, this is a scam.

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How Can You Avoid Getting Scammed By A Costco Secret Shopper?

If you get an unsolicited email offering you a job as a Costco secret shopper, don’t reply or open it. This service seems to be real. If you get a check in the mail to be a “mystery shopper” for Costco, you shouldn’t cash it.

Don’t respond to offers for gift cards or give out any information.

Don’t send your bank information to people you don’t know. Only use the Costco website to apply for jobs if you want to do things the right way. Check the Mystery Shopper Professionals Association (MSPA) website for a list of companies that hire secret shoppers.

What Are Some Other Common Costco Scams?

Costco cares a lot about keeping its customers’ information safe, so it has found the most common scams that could put its customers at risk.

Emails That Don’t Offer Jobs

Costco says that some scammers are sending out job offers that don’t exist. Still, these emails look like they are real and claim to be from the human resources department or executives at Costco.

Also, the emails look real because they have the Costco logo, company information sheets, and long questionnaires.

Fake email

Also, these offers might ask you to send a processing fee that will be paid back later.

Don’t forget that Costco doesn’t send random people job offers or ask for money. Also, Costco doesn’t have people working as hiring agents. So, if you get an offer like this, it could be a scam.


Phishing scams could happen to people who shop at Costco.

Because of this, the store tells the customer not to give out personal information like their name, address, SSN, credit card numbers, PINs, and passwords.

Fake Website

Also, Costco has warned customers about phishing with PayPal on some orders, even though Costco doesn’t accept PayPal as a payment method.

Lookout For Scams

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says that fake checks are the most common way that people try to scam secret shoppers.

Costco says that if a customer gets a check that they need to deposit right away, they are being scammed.

Also, these scammers might ask you to deposit another check to cover administrative costs, taxes, and processing fees. Most of the time, these checks are fake. When the check bounces, you’ll have to pay your bank back.

Pop-Up Advertisements

If pop-up ads on your browser tell you that you won a contest you didn’t enter, this could be a scam.

For example, con artists may ask you for personal information to get your gift, which puts you at risk of having your identity stolen.


Costco doesn’t claim to hire secret shoppers. So, it’s likely that it doesn’t have these kinds of jobs. But scammers take advantage of this and send customers job offers they didn’t ask for. Scammers also use phishing, fake checks, and pop-up ads to get money from Costco customers.

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