Dating History Of “The Office” Star Mindy Kaling


Mindy Kaling, an American actress, was born in 1975. She is known for her appearances as Kelly Kapoor on NBC’s The Office and Dr. Mindy Lahiri on Fox/Hulu’s Mindy Project. Vera Mindy Chokalingam was born on June 24, 1979, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

The news that Mindy Kaling is expecting her first child was met with elation by her legion of fans. We love that she’s Rachel Greening this; however, close sources verified shortly after the news surfaced that the actress, whose character on The Mindy Project also recently gave birth, has decided not to disclose the identity of the father of her child.

Mindy recently gave an interview to Yahoo Style in which she discussed her unconventional approach to creating a family.

“I’ve decided to take a more relaxed approach to parenting, in contrast to my approach to almost every other aspect of my life.””I don’t take the decision to have a child with a random person lightly.”

Two Significant Loves In Mindy’s Life

Not everyone in the entertainment industry can or would say that they only have two significant others. Hollywood has also been notorious for its hedonism, love affairs, and hook-ups, so it’s safe to assume that most successful performers have dated at least five or six different people. This Emmy nominee has only two publicly known relationships since she is so focused on her job.

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BJ Novak

In 2005, what began as a fictitious romance on “The Office” between Mindy and BJ Novak became a real-life office romance. A year ago, they worked together on an adaptation of “The Office,” a popular BBC series, for an American audience under the direction of producer-writer-director Greg Daniels.

Not only did they collaborate on the development and production of the show, but they also starred in it as the on-again, off-again couple Kelly Kapoor and Ryan Howard. Both of them received writing and producing credits for the show.

It was not surprising that Benjamin Joseph Novak and Mindy fell in love with each other because their resumes are nearly identical. They share more than just a birthday and a home state; in 2001, BJ from Harvard University and Mindy from Dartmouth College earned their bachelor’s degrees in English and Spanish literature and playwriting, respectively.

Also, early on, the comedy industry took note of him, and in 2013, Variety named him one of their “Ten Comedians to Watch.” The two people had another thing in common as well: throughout the early stages of their careers, both had performed stand-up comedy, travelling to various different cities before settling in Hollywood.

The only real distinction is that he found fame on television before Ashton Kutcher did, through shows like MTV’s “Punk’d.” They began dating in 2005, and much like their TV characters, they went through periods of being together and apart. BJ, though, insisted that they were so in tune with one another that they remained together long after they had broken up.

They were so in love with each other that they gravitated toward one another even when they were meant to be at each other’s throats, leaving everyone around them bewildered about their relationship status. For two years, they maintained an intimate friendship bordering on a romantic connection; as Mindy put it, it was like having your best friend as your boyfriend.

Eventually, however, they came to the conclusion that they were better off as friends than lovers and ended their romantic relationship. Even though Kelly and Ryan’s fictional selves were able to reconcile in the series finale, this was not the case in real life. They separated in 2007 to pursue separate careers but remained close friends.

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Benjamin Nugent (2007–2012)

Mindy didn’t wait long to join the dating scene. She dated American writer Benjamin Nugent, who was an Arts Fellow at the University of Iowa and had a BA in English from Reed College. He published his first book, a biography titled “Elliot Smith and the Big Nothing,” in 2004 and his fifth, “American Nerd: The Story of My People,” a cultural history of nerds, in 2007.

Subsequently, he penned the nonfiction books Good Kids, God, and Fraternity, the latter of which is a compilation of short stories that first appeared in online periodicals like Tin House, The Paris Review, and The Vice. Even “The Best American Short Stories 2014” featured one of his stories. The public knew very little about Mindy and Benjamin’s relationship, in stark contrast to her previous connection with BJ.

It was said to have lasted somewhere around five years, and it was supposed that she had accommodated Benjamin’s demand for solitude in the entertainment industry at that time. In a similar vein, images that showed the two of them together were incredibly hard to come by; in fact, there were just a handful that made their way around the Internet.

Mindy is someone who has a history of being someone who talks too much, so the decision that she made to keep it to herself was regarded as one of the more responsible things that she did. However, by the year 2012, she had returned to her previous status as a single woman, and the reason why the failed relationship had occurred was never discussed.

Many fans of the show were relieved, seeing it as a second chance for their favourite on-screen couple to actually get together in real life. According to people in their social circles, it would be difficult for other men to work around Mindy and BJ’s close bond. Unfortunately, the same thing occurred to BJ, and he is still technically single.


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