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Is David Bromstad Dating Someone? Let’s Find More About Ths Persons Personal Life

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The 46-year-old television personality, David Bromstad, made his debut on HGTV’s Design Star. Since then, the former Disney illustrator has appeared as a guest star in numerous other series. David is well known for having multiple tattoos all over his body. He once had a love relationship with Jeffrey Glasco. However, things came to a violent conclusion, and the two are no longer together. Therefore, does David Bromstad have a second partner? Is he currently married? Learn more as we examine David’s love life in great depth.

David Bromstad Relationship Status

David Bromstad has not yet tied the knot with someone, hence he is not married. However, he has been a part of a few long-term relationships. David’s longest relationship lasted for over ten years. He is currently dating another lover.

The openly homosexual reality star rarely speaks about his personal life, although he appears to be single right now.

He previously had a lengthy relationship with Jeffrey Glasko. In an interview with South Florida Gay News in 2012, he said that he “met” at a singles event at Firestone in Orlando on Valentine’s Day. For years and years, I had a crush on him, but we were never formally acquainted. “

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He went on, “When we both found ourselves single after spending our entire lives in relationships, we fell in love at once. Really cool, that.” According to reports, the two ended their relationship in 2015 and engaged in litigation after Jeff filed a lawsuit alleging David “abandoned him financially and emotionally.”

David Bromstad is not presently married. But he had been married to Jeffery Glasko for a while. In 2015, they had a terrible breakup. When Glasko sued Bromstad in 2015, their breakup turned turbulent. According to court records acquired by InTouch, Glasko claimed the Rock the Block star was violating an “oral cohabitation and support agreement.” In the documents, Glasko requests that he set aside his own interests in order to help Bromstad’s flourishing career. In 2010, Bromstad “paid for illicit substances and prostitutes, resulting in a loss of trust and confidence” by using Glasko’s funds. The lawsuit claims that the former host of Color Splash “undermined the basis of trust and confidence he had” with Glasko because of his promiscuous sex and widespread drug use.

Is David Bromstad Gay?

America’s most renowned interior designer and one of the most well-known television personalities. He was first suspected of being gay, then in 2013, he came out to the public. To learn more about David Bromstad’s sexual orientation, keep reading this article.

His television programs, Color Splash, which has over 100 episodes, and My Lottery Dream Home, are also well-known. Presently, Design Star, Beach Flip, and Challenges 7-Island Dreams all have David Bromstad as an anchor. For his contagious energy and original ideas, which regularly surface in the shows, Bromstad is adored by the audience.

He started his career in interior design while a student at Ringing School of Art & Design in Sarasota, Florida. David was able to produce distinctive paintings, furniture, and magnificent interior designs because of his extraordinary skills and knowledge in the field of interior design. His love of color is also evident, and he uses it to combine realistic and fantastical approaches.

On the network’s podcast, HGTV Obsessed, LGBT stars, confessed that they were first anxious to come out. However, the first-place finisher on HGTV’s Design Star claimed that he was never asked to do anything other than hide his face tattoo.

Despite not being in a known relationship right now, Bromstad said he had been in one for a while in an interview with South Florida Gay News. When recently contacted, Bromstad was rumored to be dating Jeffrey Glasko. In a 2012 interview with South Florida Gay News, Bromstad admitted to being in a relationship that had lasted close to eight years. He said, “As all gay men used to, at a pub,” when asked how they first met.

His Relationship In The Past And The Reason For Split

On Valentine’s Day years ago, David Bromstad first met Jeffrey Glasko, his future partner. This occurred in 2004 at an all-singles mixer/partner in Orlando, where many showed up looking for future boyfriends.

Surprisingly, David had been smitten with his future spouse for years but had stayed silent about it. But they didn’t actually meet until that crucial party on February 14th. David and his prospective boyfriend clicked nearly right away.

Alleged drinking issues started to strain the marriage.

Partner Jeffrey Glasko and David Bromstad have split.

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David and his partner made the decision to end their relationship in writing after almost ten years of dating. Many were surprised by this because they believed they were close to being married.

But there was a lot going on behind the scenes that the general public was unaware of. Even so, Jeffrey would represent his friend in a civil court. He claimed that David had violated their oral cohabitation agreement, which was similar to a nuptial, and divided the home they shared.

Jeffrey Glasko said in court that his ex-boyfriend had hurt him not just emotionally but also financially. According to him, David, a partner, had immersed himself in a world of drugs, sex, and drinking. David, according to Jeffrey’s counsel, spent their life savings to support this risky way of life.

Jeffrey continued by claiming that David Bromstad would even use family savings to pay prostitutes. He claimed that this utterly destroyed their trust and resulted in the breakdown of their relationship.

The charges and actions, however, were fully dismissed by a judge in Miami. He claimed in his report that there was insufficient proof to support it.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is David Bromstad’s line of work?

TV personality, presenter, and furniture designer David Bromstad.

2. How much is HGTV’s David worth?

Successful TV broadcaster and interior designer David Bromstad. Thanks to all of his hard work on HGTV, David today has a net worth of $4 million, and Wealthy Persons estimates that he makes $500,000 per year.

3. Does David Bromstad have a tattoo on his face?

David Bromstad, star of “Rock the Block,” has tattoos all over his body, including some on his face.

4. Does HGTV’s David have a romantic partner?

David is also not married. He seems to be single right now. However, he did share a photo of himself with an unidentified male in 2016 as his “BF.”

5. Is the house I won the lotto a fake?

On My Lottery Dream, host David Bromstad may be seen guiding clients around multi-million dollar properties.

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