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Delphi Murders: The Hiking Horror Mystery Is Still Unsolved

Delphi Murders mystery

The killings that took place in Delphi continue to be a puzzle that has captivated people for many decades. This case is extremely unsettling because both of the victims were only sixteen years old when they were murdered.

Both Liberty German and Abigail Williams were found dead on the Monon High Bridge Trail in Delphi. They had been strangled. Because the murders were so heinous, the authorities decided to investigate the case in a more comprehensive manner.

The victims’ bodies were located in the surrounding area. They had been observed most recently in the woods close to the bridge. There was a sketch of the murderer’s face that went viral on the internet, which sparked several theories and speculations. A frenzy of press coverage and speculation is the result of the families of the victims taking the matter to the national media.

In the meanwhile, it’s important for people living in Delphi to keep an eye on their surroundings. And now, more than three years after the murders, the Delphi team is going back to the location of the crime.

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What Are The Delphi Murders?

Libby German and Abby Williams’ murders remain unsolved. German, 14, and Williams, 13, went hiking in Delphi Historic Trails in Indiana on Feb. 13, 2017, but didn’t return. The next day, a volunteer found their remains a half-mile off the trail. The culprit is still at large three years after their killings.

Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter said in April 2019 that the investigation currently focuses on someone in Delphi, Ind., some 60 miles northwest of Indianapolis. Police have released audio and video from German’s phone of a suspect in the killings. During the girls’ disappearance, he was seen atop the abandoned Monon High Bridge.

First, investigators revealed a pixelated image. Then they published a video of him walking across the bridge, hoping someone could recognise him. In an audio tape, the suspected killer says, “Guys… down the hill.” Two separate suspect sketches exist.

A composite made after the 2017 murders depicts a man with reddish-brown hair and indeterminate eyes. He’s 5-6 feet tall and 180-220 pounds. The second sketch shows someone between 18 and 40 who may look younger.

Master Trooper Taylor Bryant, who drew the second face, told the Indianapolis Star he drew it on Feb. 17, 2017, three days after the bodies were found. Bryant told the Star the image was based on a witness’s account. The sketch is a “rough likeness”

Investigators said the latest sketch was made following “continuous review” Authorities said the photograph “more accurately” described the suspect from German’s cell phone footage on the High Bridge.

Despite autopsies, neither girl’s cause of death has been determined. Thousands of tips have been received. Carrie Timmons, German’s mother, claimed in a 2020 HLN podcast that she thinks the investigation was bungled but hopes the case will be solved “before I die.”

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How Did They Die?

The girls’ demise was never given a cause, and their murderer was never apprehended. The two girls’ autopsies, according to Indiana State Police, were performed, but neither the cause of death nor the exact time of the kids’ deaths were disclosed. Officials also declined to clarify whether DNA evidence was found at the scene.

During ongoing investigations, especially those that are regarded as high-profile, it is customary for his investigators to keep quiet about such crucial data, according to Sgt. Jerry Holeman, who stated this to A&E True Crime back in February. Speaking for the state police, Holeman stated, “We never disclose information on active investigations.”

“In this case, we released audio and visual evidence from (German’s) video to aid in the hunt for (the offender) so that when we obtain important evidence, only the killer or killers will be aware of the manner of death.”

“Since it is typical for mentally unstable individuals to make false confessions, we don’t make it public since then everybody and their brother would know. We therefore strive to keep all information under wraps.” Due to the investigation’s relative radio quiet from law enforcement, Holeman stated that there has been an increase in online rumours.

He acknowledged that “there’s a lot of misleading stuff out there.” Even while social networking is nothing new, it does hinder our research. For example, when people post side-by-side images of innocent people, or at least, of people who have no connection to the state of Indiana or Delphi, this results in the spread of false.

However, because it is online, people tend to accept it. Some amateur sleuths have even gone so far as to create complex YouTube movies in an effort to piece together the crimes. The films, according to Holeman, “let us know that people don’t know because the facts haven’t been disseminated.”

“People watch the news and believe they are catching stuff, but this is untrue. There are a lot of misleading tips out there because nothing is reliable.”

Delphi Murders: Is The Case Solved In 2022?

For decades, the Delphi murders have enthralled the public. This story is frightening because the victims were barely 16. Freedom German and Abigail Williams were found strangled on the Monon High Bridge Trail in Delphi. The murders were so horrific that police expanded their investigation. The dead were located nearby. They were last spotted near the bridge.

Internet sketch of killer’s face sparked conspiracy theories and discussion. Families of the victims take the matter to the national media, sparking news coverage and speculation. Residents of Delphi must keep an eye out. Now, three years after the murders, the Delphi team is back.

The FBI probes the Delphi murders. FBI agent believes evidence may have been found at Ron Logan’s home. The agent looked for weaponry, forensic evidence, and body fluids. he looked for electrical equipment and storage media As more details emerge, the probe will continue. It’s unclear if Logan and Kline were buddies.

Kegan Kline, a 27-year-old Peruvian, was also questioned. Kline said police he chatted to Libby German using a phoney Instagram account of a young, muscular man. They planned to meet on the Monon High Bridge the day Libby died. Kline revealed his Instagram login to friends. Kline’s friends knew his Instagram password.

The Delphi murders are being investigated by hundreds of officers and volunteers. This case has received thousands of tips since February 2017. Although it’s no longer a cold case, the sheriff’s office claims it’s still active. The state police chief has remained cool and stated the Delphi murders are important.

After the Delphi murders, authorities have a fresh suspect. Ronald Logan has a long criminal past. He hasn’t been charged, but his arrest is tied to the Delphi murders. Previously arrested for a similar case, he was cleared of murder. It’s unclear what prompted his crime. Call police if you have suspicions or want to speak with the suspect.

Anthony Shots is a new suspect in the investigation. The individual known as “Shots” has dodged police for five years. He was found by FOX59. Libby German was interviewed by police. Police said she was having sex with a suspect. 27-year-old Kegan Kline was identified as “Anthony Shots.”

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