Dishonored 2 Safe Codes: Are You Curious To Know About It?

dishonored 2 safe codes

There are a total of 10 safes in Dishonored 2 that can be unlocked. Each time you play, the safe codes are different, but the locations of the solutions never change. Dishonored First player perspective with a battle on the right, Corvo on the left, Emily in the middle

Players of Dishonored 2 can find a tonne of hidden collectibles in the cities of Dunwall and Karnaca. Many of these items are sealed inside safes that are dispersed around the game; in order to open them, players must know their combinations. While many games would enable players to quickly bypass these safes by Googling the combinations, Arkane Studios has taken precautions to ensure that players are able to appropriately retrieve the codes.

The Imperial Safe Room In Dishonored 2

The Imperial Safe Room In Dishonored 2

A Long Day In Dunwall, the opening level, has one safe. Players will descend to the streets and then climb a substantial stone stairway after exiting Dunwall Tower. Head down and inside the leftmost open door after turning the street to the left. Take the first left after entering to enter a small laboratory with a sizable painting high on the wall to the right. The three-digit code can be seen by removing the painting from the wall. In the same room, to the left of the chalkboard, is the safe that this code opens.

the Vice Overseer’s office on the third floor of the Overseer Outpost. The code is in the adjacent room with the projector, while the safe is in the tiny room across from the desk. The “Strictures to Keep You Safe” annotations on the table, which mention three strictures, must be interacted with in order to obtain the code. Then enter the chamber containing the safe after remembering the first word of each restriction.

A little later in the level is where you’ll find the second safe. Make your way into the Winslow Safe Company Shop, which is located across from the station, just before entering the building to go to the Carriage waypoint. Once inside, hug the left wall and hold on to it until you are to the center of the store.

Desk From Dishonored 2’s Hypatia

The Good Doctor also has two safes that need to be opened. The first can be located straight at the start of the level, upon entering the main lobby of the Addermire Institute of Infectious Disease. Once inside, turn right away and look up to the balcony that is directly in front of you. The code is on the desk beside the window in the room, so turn right and enter. This room contains the safe that this code uses to open. The safe is conveniently located against the wall at the opposite end of the room.

Continue on through the level until the goal is to chat with Alexandra Hypatia to find the second safe. I spoke to her and enter the operation room, then enter the lab through the open green double doors. Vasco is lying on a stretcher in the room after you exit through the back door.

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System Of Karnaca Coach Rails In Dishonored 2

System Of Karnaca Coach Rails In Dishonored 2

After leaving the sewers, the single safe on Clockwork Mansion may be found. As soon as you are at street level, turn left and cross the street to go to the steps that have “Station” written at the top. Keep an eye on the upper left wall as you proceed down the hallway to the left.

Enter a small office through the door directly across from the chalkboard to find the safe in the back corner. Enter the first two digits since these are the only ones that are known. Enter the proper digit into the safe’s third dial, scroll it until it is reached, and the safe will automatically open.

The Exterior Of The Royal Conservatory In Dishonored 2

The single safe inside The Royal Conservatory has a code that must be obtained from a black market source. When you arrive on shore, climb the stairs to the top, where there is a signboard. After turning left behind this sign, proceed a short distance before stepping down some stairs to a door that is open.

The bloodfly-infested structure, which is across from the tavern, houses the safe. Head up to the roofs so you can leap from the pub’s rooftop over to the balcony where you can see bloodflies swarming around.

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Pool Underground In Dishonored 2

Crack In The Slab contains a safe for players to find in the manor, following The Dust District, the first level in the game without one. Find a couple red lounge chairs to your left of the Great Hall’s entrance (the area with the tree centrepiece) to get there. A back room with a partially open door is located to the left of these chairs.

To travel to the present, players must squat beneath the desk and use the transitional gadget. Deal with the blood flies by stepping out from underneath the desk. Return to the past once more, place the corpse of the wolfhound in the big incinerator, and then push the red button. then return to thereafter the infested area has been completely burned, go back there in the present.

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