Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day 2023: A Day To Break Your Commitments


On January 17, celebrate Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day by eating ice cream, putting off exercising, and spending more time than usual on your phone. If you’ve reached the point where your New Year’s resolutions seem more like a burden than a genuine commitment, today is the perfect day to abandon them without feeling any remorse.

It’s not always easy to keep the New Year’s resolutions you make for yourself on December 31st.The resolutions that are established at the beginning of the year do not necessarily have to be the ones that are maintained throughout the year. There will be times when you have to admit your mistake and then retract it.

Have fun on this day by letting your true self shine through without any inhibitions. Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day is an opportunity to stop thinking about your goals for the next year and just let them go.

Origin Of “Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day”

The origins of this unofficial holiday are murky at best, but there are compelling arguments in favour of it. Do you know how many people give up on their New Year’s resolutions within the first month? Still, only 10% of people actually manage to keep their resolutions for the entire year. The University of Scranton found that around 80% of people fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions.

The tradition of not keeping one’s New Year’s resolutions has been around for nearly as long as the resolutions themselves. Over four thousand years ago, at the Babylonian celebration of Akitu, people began the practise of making resolutions for the upcoming year. Today, as Earth completes one cycle around the sun, it symbolises a fresh start and the possibility of a “New Year, New Me.” New Year’s resolutions are usually about as effective as pouring water through a strainer.

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But the truth is, only when you have the willpower to accomplish it can you genuinely commit to making a change in your life and stay with it. The passing of a new year or a cycle of the Earth’s orbit won’t magically inspire you to make major life changes. This is probably why most people fail at their New Year’s resolutions.

If you’re wondering why January 17th is the designated date, the answer is simple: because that’s when most people have given up on their New Year’s resolutions and don’t want to be tied down to them any longer.

How To Observe “Ditch Your New Year’s Resolutions” Day

This should go without saying as a prerequisite, right? Put your failed New Year’s resolutions behind you like an old vice. To tell you the truth, you won’t even get a year’s use out of these! Instead of waiting until January 1st in the hopes that you’ll suddenly be filled with a newfound sense of purpose and drive, a better way to celebrate is to take stock of your entire life and begin looking for genuine motivation to make positive changes.

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This is a better approach than hoping that you’ll be suddenly filled with a newfound sense of purpose and drive. In addition, you need to admit that some of your resolutions for the New Year are unnecessary, restrictive, or negative. Who would knowingly choose the agony that comes with the promise to never again experience the ecstasy of falling in love?

Some people appear to make this choice. Who would want to do that? Get out there and start living your life; if you aren’t pleased with who you are, change for the right reasons, not simply because the page on the calendar has changed to a new month.

5 Reasons Why People Fail At Keeping Resolutions

Insufficient Level Of Commitment

When a person’s resolution is more of a thought than an actual commitment, they are less likely to be successful in keeping their resolutions.

Lack Of Sufficient Time

One of the most common reasons for breaking a New Year’s resolution is an inability to give it a high enough priority in order to make room in one’s schedule for it.

Having To Overcome An Obstacle

The ability of a person to keep the resolutions they made at the start of the New Year is frequently jeopardised by the smallest of obstacles.

A More Sluggish Rate Of Advancement Than Anticipated

When people don’t perceive immediate rewards from their resolutions, it makes them less likely to follow through with them or to retain their consistency. This decreases the likelihood of people seeing their resolutions through to completion.

Insufficient Amount Of Assistance

People typically do not fulfil their new year’s resolutions because they do not have a support structure in place that may keep them motivated to remain dedicated to their goals. This is one of the most


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