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Dominaria United Release Date: It’s Possible That Reprints Will Alter The Way Competitive Play Is Structured

dominaria united release date

On Thursday, Wizards of the Coast released a variety of brand-new and recurring cards for Magic: The Gathering in its upcoming Dominaria United set. These cards include six returning “pain lands,” so named because they inflict one damage point every colour of mana they are tapped for on their controller each time.

Three of these six lands are entering Magic’s Pioneer format for the first time, suggesting a new level of balance to the power level of three well-liked color combinations that have had to deal with an imbalance in resources since the format’s launch in 2019. This year’s third Standard Magic: The Gathering set is called Dominaria United. It will bring more high-fantasy Magic to the tabletop and promises multiverse-shattering stakes. Dominaria, the plane of the same name, will once again serve as the setting for some of the most significant storylines in MTG annals.

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Dominaria United Cards Magic The Gathering Release Date

The Dominaria United cards for Magic: The Gathering will go on sale on September 9. The source of this information is the official MTG website. On Amazon, you can already pre-order several boosters and packages. Prices for simple packs start at £10 and go up to £260 for a Collector Booster Box with 12 packs. For further pre-order choices, see the game’s website.

Dominaria United Important Dates

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Dominaria United Card List

  1. Vineshaper Prodigy – ELF Diluc
  2. Tattered Apparition – Shade
  3. Toxic Abomination – Phyrexian Zombie
  4. Take Up The Shield – Insant
  5. Stall For Time – Instant
  6. Tolarian Terror – Serpant
  7. Karn, Living legacy
  8. Tolarian Geyser – Sorcery
  9. Najal, Storm Runner – Efreet Wizard (Legendary Creature)
  10. Deflur of Vigor – Phyrexian Wurm
  11. Raspution the Oneiromancer – Human Wizard (Legendary Creature)
  12. The Ever-Changing Dane – Shapeshifter (Legendary Creature)
  13. Astor, Bearer of Blades – Human Warrior (Legendary Creature)
  14. Micromancer – Human Wizard
  15. Resolute Reinforcements – Human Soldier
  16. Lightning Strike – Instant
  17. Fuerza Unidas
  18. Rohgahh, Kher Keep Overlord – Kobold Warrior (Legendary Creature)
  19. Sphinx of Clear Skies – Sphinx
  20. Hazezon, Shaper of Sand – Human Warrior (Legendary Creature)
  21. Nemata, Guardiana Primigenia
  22. Herd Migration – Sorcery
  23. Ramses, Assassin Lord – Human Assasin (Legendary Creature)
  24. Jedit Ojanen, Mercenary – Cat Mercenary (Legendary Creature)
  25. Territorial Maro – Elemental
  26. Braids, Arisen Nightmare – Nightmare (Legendary Creature)
  27. The World Spell
  28. Radha’s Firebrand – Human Warrior
  29. Shalai’s Acolyte – Angel
  30. Impede Momentum – Sorcery
  31. General Marhault Elsdragon
  32. Ajani, Sleeper Agent – Ajani (Legendary Planewalker)
  33. Guardian of New Belania – Human Soldier
  34. Charismatic Vanguard – Dwarf Soldier
  35. Benalish Sleeper – Phyrexian Human Soldier
  36. The Phasing of Zhalfir
  37. Archangel of Wrath – Angel
  38. Nishoba Brawler – Cat Warrior
  39. Defiler of Dreams – Phyrexian Sphinx
  40. Sheoldred, the Apocalypse – Pheroxian Praetor
  41. Strangg, Echo Warrior – Human Warrior (Legendary Creature)
  42. Sivitri, Dragon Master – Sivitiri (Legendary Planeswalker)
  43. Dihader, Binder of Wills – Dihada (Legendary Planeswalker)
  44. Jared Carthalion – Jared (Legendary Planeswalker)
  45. Jhoira, Ageless Innovator – Human Artificer (Legendary Creature)
  46. Raff, Weatherlight Stalwart – Human Wizard (Legendary Creature)
  47. Sol’Kanar the Tainted – Elemental Demon (Legendary Creature)
  48. Soul of Windgrace – Cat Avatar (Legendary Creature)
  49. Squee, Dubious Monarch – Goblin Noble (Legendary Creature)
  50. Zur, Eternal Schemer – Human Wizard (Legendary Creature)
  51. The Raven Man – Human Wizard (Legendary Creature)
  52. Yavimaya Coast – Land
  53. Shivan Reef – Land
  54. Adarkar Wastes – Land
  55. Liliana of the Veil – Liliana (Legendary Planeswalker)
  56. Shivan Devastator – Dragon Hydra
  57. Jaya, Fiery Negotiator – Jaya (Legendary Planeswalker)
  58. Temporal Firestorm – Sorcery
  59. Evolved Sleeper – Human
  60. Llanowar Loamspeaker – Elf Druid
  61. Jasmine Boreal of the Seven – Human Druid (Legendary Creature)
  62. Tor Wauki the Younger – Human Archer (Legendary Creature)
  63. Ramirez DePietro, Pillager – Human Pirate (Legendary Creature)
  64. Forest – Basic Land
  65. Mountain – Basic Land
  66. Swamp – Basic Land
  67. Island – Basic Land
  68. Plains – Basic Land

Dominaria United Story

The narrative and lore of Dominaria United will transport us back to Dominaria, a pillar of the Magic the Gathering cosmos, and into a high-stakes narrative that will determine not just the fate of Dominaria but also that of the whole Multiverse. Nicol Bolas’ departure has left Dominaria vulnerable to a new danger. Dominaria is being invaded by the Phyrexian army under the direction of Sheoldred, the Whispering One, Praetor of the Phyrexians.

Looking back into Dominaria’s past in order to plan for its future, Karn returns to the realm to get ready for the Phyrexian invasion. Numerous well-known characters, such as Jhoira and Jaya, as well as the infamous Gatewatch, will make a comeback in Dominaria United. This epic storyline will be told over the course of four sets, beginning with Dominaria United and ending with Brother’s War, the upcoming Standard Set, which is scheduled to release in November.

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