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The Malls Have Won, and Main Street Has Failed. I’ve gone and said it. Poor old thing has been looking a little sick for a while now, but no one wants to say anything about it. Even though brick-and-mortar stores on Main Street are still thriving in 2016, it’s undeniable that the internet and other forms of modern technology have necessitated some changes.

The San Francisco, California-based company Uber, which provides a car-sharing service via the internet, began operations in 2009. Its impact on cities around the globe has been widely publicized as evidence of the changes taking place in the world today, as a technologically savvy generation seeks out novel ways to make money through the influence of mass-communications, often coming into conflict with the status quo.

Fortunately, the upheaval brought on by the Uber controversy is an anomaly; in general, we can all take great pleasure from our time spent online. As a technical director at Pixar, where he worked on films like Wall-E and Toy Story 3, Zander Adell exemplified the technological generation. He also happened to be a native of San Francisco, where Uber was founded.

Zander was an avid user of Uber, and his inspiration came to him when he accidentally left behind a package. Why can’t this be as successful as Uber? he asked himself. and at that moment, the idea for Doorman popped into his head. Unlike Uber, this was a concept that would be universally applauded—at least by those of us who are chronically late for deliveries. In 2011, he started Doorman, a service that would manage subscribers’ packages and have them delivered at a time that was most convenient for the recipient. In March of 2014, a beta version of an app that had been in development since 2012 finally went live.

Zander’s business began on a small scale, but he realized early on that in order to grow, he would need significant investment. So, in the beginning of 2014, he applied to be a guest on the hit ABC show Shark Tank. At the end of the year, he made his pitch to the sharks after being accepted to appear on the show.

Doorman On Shark Tank

The young businessman had come to the Shark Tank in the hopes of receiving a $250,000 investment from one of the sharks in return for 10% ownership of his Doorman business.

Zander had impeccable poise and delivery. He spoke calmly and confidently as he pitched his Doorman service to the investors. He detailed how subscribers could sign up for an on-demand service on their phones and arrange for packages to be delivered to the Doorman distribution center. The doorman would then deliver the package whenever the customer wanted, seven days a week, until midnight. He explained that without the assistance of the sharks, he would not be able to expand the company on a national scale and provide the $250 billion US e-commerce market with a truly convenient online shopping experience.

In addition to using the “T word,” “Trillion,” in front of the sharks, I was able to gain their respect. The investor Robert Herjavec seemed especially intrigued, as he inquired about the service’s subscription options. Zander told him that the service was offered for $3.99 per package or $19 per month on a subscription basis, with the main selling point of the doorman service being the ease with which customers could have their packages delivered by simply pressing a button on their phones.

Kevin O’Leary was curious as to what locations the business serviced. Just San Francisco, Zander retorted. After Lori Greiner inquired as to the company’s subscriber count, Zander revealed that in just 8 months since its launch, the business had amassed over 300 customers and delivered over 4,000 packages.

Inquiring minds want to know how much money was spent on the business’s initial setup, and Robert Herjavec is no exception. Zander disclosed he had invested $50,000 of his own money and the company had taken on $220,000 in convertible notes, a type of bond that can be used to raise capital and then be converted to either cash or equity by the investor.

Doorman On Shark Tank

Kevin O’Leary stated his conviction that large carriers like UPS and FedEx could easily provide the service on their own. In contrast to FedEx and UPS, according to Zander, who each require their own app, he will accept any package. Zander’s entire presentation—both of himself and the Doorman company—had been excellent, and his response was no exception.

Xander went into greater detail, explaining that customers could choose from a variety of subscription plans, each with its own price tag; the premium plans, which cost more, would guarantee a more precise delivery window, all the way down to an hour. The doormen’s drivers used their own cars, and the only cost to the company was the rent on a warehouse. His ultimate goal, he told the investors, was to have online retailers offer the Doorman service as an optional extra. Lori Greiner, looking ahead with optimism, said, “Like Amazon,” and the sharks immediately went for the idea.

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Barbara made it clear that Zander was no longer interested in an equity deal of 20%, and he confirmed this. She quit, and Zander expressed his appreciation. After a brief pause, Lori and Robert resumed their fight, but Robert ultimately prevailed due to his superior offer. In spite of the mutual pressure, Zander was unable to convince Lori to join the deal because she insisted that 12% equity was insufficient for a joint venture.

Robert’s offer of $250,000 for 12% equity was accepted by Zander, and the two men shook hands on the deal while grinning widely and Lori shook her head silently at Robert with a hint of admiration in her eyes.

Doorman Now In 2018 – The After Shark Tank Update

Zander revealed after the show that he had wanted more sharks involved in the deal but was afraid his luck in the Tank would suddenly change, leaving him without a deal. He had a fantastic time on Shark Tank and was “super psyched” to have Robert Herjavec on board.

Doorman Now In 2018 – The After Shark Tank Update

Since this segment first aired in January 2015, Zander and his equally dynamic business have made tremendous strides forward. The company raised $1.5 million in seed funding in August of that year, and another $1.5 million the following month.

Before the show, Zander said that after the success of the Chicago run, he wanted to take his show on the road. This goal was accomplished in October 2015, and business in Chicago officially began. Zander was able to accomplish even more remarkable results in just one month thanks to the new $3 million investment that boosted company growth significantly. Doorman expanded to the Big Apple, where its 8.4 million residents now join the 3.5 million in San Francisco and Chicago who have been enjoying its services.

Doorman, like its infamous neighbor Uber, has rapidly expanded into new cities, just as Kevin O’Leary predicted it would. If nothing unexpected happens, Doorman will soon be offering its services in a city near you. Doorman may one day become as ubiquitous as Uber, but even if it does, it will never incite violence on the streets like Uber did.

FAQs – People Also Ask

What happened to Zander doorman from Shark Tank?

The Doorman After Shark Tank: An Update for 2018 Zander explained after the show that he had wanted additional sharks engaged in the agreement but was afraid his luck in the Tank might suddenly shift, leaving him without a bargain.

Doorman drivers drive their own cars?

Each oorman driver used his or her own vehicle for work, and the sole cost to the company was the lease of a storage facility. His ultimate goal, he told the investors, was to have internet stores provide the Doorman service as an optional extra.

Could the Doorman app disrupt Amazon’s one-hour delivery service?

Although I doubt many up-and-coming apps will be able to compete with Amazon’s one-hour package delivery service in the future, the Doorman could be the exception. In particular, after making its debut on Shark Tank as a legitimate product on Friday, January 9, 2014.

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