Draymond Green’s Punch Is The Source Of Many Hilarious Memes On Twitter

draymond green memes

The Golden State Warriors have made shooting from beyond the arc as routine as attempting a layup inside the lane for the better part of ten years. The Warriors learned on Monday night that even the trustiest weapon can malfunction when Draymond Green attempted one of the season’s worst three-pointers.

Green received the ball at half-court as Golden State was down 103-100 against the San Antonio Spurs with 8.7 seconds remaining. Green fired a three-pointer from the logo expecting Spurs guard Derrick White to foul him, but no foul was called.

DeMar DeRozan grabbed the rebound after the shot, which was never in any danger of making it in, thudded off the backboard. The Spurs guard made both of his free throws to seal the game 105-100 for San Antonio after the Warriors were forced to foul DeRozan to stop the clock.

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Draymond Green Memes: The Beginning

Leaked video shows Draymond Green punch Jordan Poole

TMZ released an article on the morning of October 7th, 2022, that included a video showing Draymond Green “violently” striking Jordan Poole in the face during a practice that was being held in an Oakland facility.

The incident with the punch happened two days earlier, on October 5th, 2022, when TMZ claimed that the two had engaged in a “shoving match,” for which Green had to later apologise in the locker room. The date of the punch was October 5th, 2022.

Even before the 7th of October, general manager Bob Myers of the Golden State Warriors chimed in on the controversy, saying, “These occurrences are not uncommon. Nobody likes it. The fact that it occurs despite our disapproval is unfortunate.”

Phil Lewis, a user on Twitter who is also a senior editor at the Huffington Post, tweeted the video at approximately 9:40 in the morning on October 7th, 2022, and linked to TMZ in the content of his tweet. Lewis’ video was viewed approximately 16.4 million times in less than a day, and it garnered 88,900 likes.

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Draymond Green Memes: Details

Draymond Green is getting the meme treatment.

The other day, Draymond Green punched Jordan Poole in the face while the Warriors were practising, and now the team is trying to figure out what they should do about it.

At first, it was thought that Green would be handed a suspension, and the Warriors were going to try to put the incident behind them. On the other hand, considering the public nature of what just occurred, it seems as though additional punishment might be on the way.

Because TMZ was the source of the leak, the video of Green’s punch was able to make its way onto the internet, and now everyone is aware of how powerful Green’s fists are. It was actually quite the strike from the big guy for the Warriors, and you can’t help but feel sorry for Poole after seeing how badly he got hit by it.

Because of the apparent rift in the relationship between Poole and Green, this should ultimately be a very significant development for the Warriors. Following the events that were caused by Green’s conduct, there has been an influx of amusing memes posted on Twitter.

As you can see in the image on the right, some of the admirers have been sharing pictures that are really harsh and unforgiving against the subject of the photos. One supporter went as far as to propose that Poole could follow in Gilbert Arenas’ footsteps by using a strap to haul himself up to the Warriors’ training facility.

Within the period of only two days, the Warriors have gone from functioning like a well-oiled machine to something of a shambles at this moment in time. Taking all of this into consideration, it is likely that they will breeze to victory and claim the championship for this season.

Draymond Green Memes: Spread

After the video landed on Twitter, basketball and sports circles began posting memes about it

Twitter users took either Poole’s side or Green’s side in their amusing responses to the video as it continued to rack up activity well into the following day. For example, on October 7th, 2022, a user named MettaWorld Mack proposed what Poole had said to Green to make him so angry.

MettaWorld Mack imagined that Poole had said, “if you can make 10 jumpers in a row nigga, I’ll donate 120k to whatever charitable organization,” in reference to Green’s notoriously low field-goal percentage. In fewer than 24 hours, the tweet garnered approximately 49,500 likes.

A TikTok screenshot showing Green with a graph saying “Fuck around / Find out” collecting approximately 58,900 likes in less than a day was tweeted by user JWepp of Twitter around the same time.

Others on the internet made jokes about the NBA intern or Warriors staff member who leaked the tape to TMZ, and they speculated about the identity of the person who did it and why they did it.

For example, on October 7th, Twitter user NBA University posted the shot of Huell Rolling In Money with, “The intern that sold the Draymond video to TMZ,” which gained around 49,500 likes in less than a day.

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