Dream Home Makeover Season 3 Release Date: It Has Been Confirmed That The Utah-Based ‘Dream Home Makeover’ Will Be Coming To Netflix Soon

Dream Home Makeover Season 3 Release Date

The television show, which had its debut broadcast in October 2020, chronicles the life of a married couple named Syd and Shea McGee as they manage a home design company called Studio McGee and raise their children.

On the show Dream Home Makeover, Syd and Shea are in charge of a wide array of design projects, which might include anything from the design of a single room to the construction and remodelling of entire homes.

The scale of the work that has to be done might vary dramatically from project to project, so can the budget.

Fans get to observe Syd and Shea adjust to the demands and wishes of their customers in each episode so that they may provide those customers, as the show’s title suggests, with their “dream home.”

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Dream Home Makeover Season 3 Release Date

On Wednesday, July 27, the third season of Dream Home Makeover will become available to stream on Netflix.

“After almost two years of filming, we are so delighted to announce that Season 3 of our Netflix show ‘Dream Home Makeover’ will be available to watch on July 27,” Syd and Shea stated in a statement that was published on the website of their production company, Studio McGee.

Cast of Dream Home Makeover Season 3

The careers of Syd and Shea are the primary emphasis of the show; yet, the lovely daughters of Syd and Shea will still make an appearance in some of the episodes.

Dream Home Makeover Season 3 Plot

Dream Home Makeover Season 3 Plot
DREAM HOME MAKEOVER S2 – Shea and Syd McGee of Studio McGee from episode 4 of DREAM HOME MAKEOVER. CR. Courtesy of NETFLIX/NETFLIX © 2020

In season 3, viewers may probably anticipate seeing a diversity of homes since the first two seasons showed a wide range of home designs.

The previous residences spanned in location from Lehi, Utah to Los Angeles, California, and featured a historic mansion built in 1908, a mountain house, and a manor.

Houses can vary in size, with some having big rooms and others having little ones that needed to be utilised to the fullest. It’s certain that the couple will be upgrading homes that would make onlookers envious given their skills and versatility.

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Dream Home Makeover Season 3 Storyline

Dream Home Makeover Season 3 Storyline

As the couple’s two young children, Wren, who is 8 years old, and Ivy, who is 5 years old, are well-known to the couple’s following.

The McGee family has expanded since the previous season, as Syd and Shea revealed in July 2021 that they had adopted a third daughter by the name of Margot and brought her into their household.

On the show Dream Home Makeover, it is up to Syd and Shea to take on a broad variety of construction and restoration projects, ranging from a single room to the entirety of a house.

On the other hand, budgets could be very different from one another depending on how much effort is involved.

The name of the show suggests that Syd and Shea respond creatively to the requirements and preferences of their customers in order to build the houses of their dreams for those customers, which is precisely what happens in each episode.

Dream Home Makeover Previous Season Recap

Syd queries his wife about how many dream home makeovers they’ve completed in the second season promo for the Netflix series Dream Home Makeover. The woman replies, “Last I looked, it was 250.”

Given that Shea designed the couple’s first house in 2013, she achieved an incredible amount considering she posted pictures of her home on Instagram and gained close to 1 million followers.

After that, the pair started Studio McGee, an interior design company that now beautifies houses for clients around the nation.

FAQs- People Also Ask

The McGees moved to Utah for what reason?

They relocated to Utah after selling their house in order to pursue their goals. The company has 18 workers, clients from all over the nation, has been featured in Domino Magazine, and has a sizable social media following that might even cause Kim K to blink. Things are going well.

What is the value of Studio McGee?

The duo has authored their own book, which is slated for release later this month, and Studio McGee currently employs more than 100 people. Together, this has resulted in Shea and Syd McGee having a net worth of about $5 million, which is expected to expand as a result of the projects they are working on.

What history does Shea McGee have?

Shea McGee, a Texas native, says in the first episode of the show that she started working as an interior designer in 2013. According to her official bio, Shea McGee is one of the first design influencers on Instagram (@studiomcgee), and she amassed 1.4 million followers as a result of the work she posted to her social media page.

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