Drew Barrymore Abruptly Cancels The Season 3 Premiere Of Her Troubled Daytime Talk Show

drew barrymore show cancelled

Due to “production changes,” The Drew Barrymore Show has unexpectedly decided to cancel the show’s recording for the Season 3 premiere. The specific nature of these modifications has not been disclosed. Netflix has decided not to continue producing the zombie comedy series starring Drew Barrymore titled Santa Clarita Diet. The show will come to an end following the airing of its third season, which began airing in March, since it will not be renewed for a fourth season.

According to Justjared.com, in a heartfelt apology to its subscribers, Netflix stated as follows: “The world had never experienced a ‘zom-com’ until Santa Clarita Diet, and we’re appreciative to creator Victor Fresco for introducing this notion to Netflix. Sheila and Joel Hammond came to lively life thanks to the amazing Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, who, despite the fact that one of the characters was undead, were entirely game and had an exceptional flair for comedy.

The Drew Barrymore Show has unexpectedly decided to cancel the show

To their endless credit, both of these actors were completely game. Drew, who was spotted acting out the role, had a few feelings that she wanted to share with her fans. She made the following statement: “Of all of the characters I’ve ever been, Sheila Hammond is one of my favourites. ” She and Joel made an incredible marriage, and they both worked toward the same objectives.

In addition, I count myself quite fortunate to have collaborated with Tim Olyphant. It was a privilege to be able to participate in something that was so enjoyable. Sheila will always be a part of me. And for that, I am thankful to Victor Fresco, who crafted such a one-of-a-kind environment. According to The Sun, the guests who attended the morning taping of the show on September 8 were allegedly informed that filming would be “cancelled” owing to “production adjustments.”

Those who were interested in being a part of the audience were given the opportunity to submit their applications for two of the tapings that will take place on September 15, or for another day if they are unable to attend on that particular day. The following sentence appeared in the body of the email: “We apologise for the short notice and any inconvenience that this may bring to you and your party.”

A spokesman for the show, when contacted for comment by Decider, downplayed any production difficulties by noting that “the show is still taping in the studio that day, the production schedules times only altered as is normal in daily daytime productions.” The chat show, which attracts an average of 500,000 viewers per day (about one-third of its ABC time slot competitor, Live with Kelly and Ryan), will have a distinctively different production for its third season.

Instead, Drew will consist of two episodes of thirty minutes each, which may either be broadcast simultaneously or at different times. Barrymore told The Hollywood Reporter in April, shortly after the program’s renewal for a third season, that while she was honoured and appreciative for the opportunity, she also wanted to “take this show higher” and “continue to innovate and be a game-changer in the daytime sector.

” She went on to say, “What I want to push myself with is rising to the occasion of discovering individuals in the varied ways that they watch.” We want our programme to be a shining example rather than a glaring example, and our ultimate goal is to make people happy. And I want to express my gratitude to everyone who was instrumental in bringing us here.

It appears that there is still a chance for Barrymore to pull those ratings up, especially considering the star-studded guest list for Season 3 of her show, which includes Charli D’Amelio, Danny DeVito, Tyler Perry, Lena Dunham, Regina Hall, and many more. In the event that the premiere is ever filmed, of course. The third season of The Drew Barrymore Show will make its debut on CBS on September 12 at nine in the morning.

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CBS Media Ventures president Steve LoCascio spoke about the format change for The Drew Barrymore Show:

“Stations have always had a finite amount of shelf space, so we’re evolving the syndication model to meet the needs of our partners. We could not be happier to continue our relationship with CBS Stations and our other station partners to deliver more of The Drew Barrymore Show through this innovative new idea. From Drew’s unique take on everyday news to headline-generating celebrity interviews to lifestyle how-to, Drew is a force of nature who has brought a fresh optimistic viewpoint to daytime television. We love having her as part of the CBS family.”

Barrymore said the following about the renewal of the series in a statement, per THR:

“I am honoured and grateful but I also want to take this show higher and continue to innovate and be a game-changer in the daytime space. Rising to the occasion of finding people in the diverse way they watch is what I want to challenge myself with. Our show wants to be a bright spot not a blind spot and we just want to make people feel good. And I thank all the people who helped us get here.”

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FAQs- People Also Ask

Does Drew Barrymore’s show have a 2022 renewal?

Through the 2022–2023 season, “The Drew Barrymore Show” has been renewed in a new format. The syndicated daytime discussion show will be produced and distributed by CBS Media Ventures in two half-hour episodes that can either air together or separately.

The Drew Barrymore Show tapes for how long?

The show’s filming takes place in the studio for roughly 75 to 120 minutes after you’ve signed in and taken a seat there. This schedule could, however, fluctuate depending on the demands of the manufacturing. Visitors are expected to remain once they have entered the CBS Broadcast Center.

What do Drew Barrymore and her cast members wear?

Although Drew has always had a bit of a bohemian aesthetic, this look has been intensified for the talk show with vivid hues, menswear-inspired clothing (think blazers, wide-leg pants, and tweed), a blend of high and low fashion, and 1970s looks with a disco influence (DVF jumpsuits, vests and necktie blouses, and prints).

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