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Droidkit: What Is It? How Does It Work? And Many More


Your phone contains a lot of your personal information, including documents, images, passwords, and more. Even while these files are often secure, it does happen that data can be lost or corrupted. By using a service like DroidKit, file recovery and repair solution that works with both rooted and non-rooted Android smartphones.

The DroidKit Android Phone Toolkit is the all-inclusive Android solution tool to recover lost data, bring a dead phone back to life, and enhance your mobile experience in a straightforward, clever, and safe manner. In order to give you the most straightforward, clever, and safe solution possible, DroidKit is built on eight cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, you are assured a completely worry-free user experience and support service.

Utilize DroidKit To Recover Lost Or Deleted Data.

All Android devices, regardless of brand, model, or level of root access, can use DroidKit’s data recovery tools. Depending on your demands, two recovery modes are available: Quick Recovery, as its name suggests, swiftly searches your phone’s storage, including any formatted SD cards, for 13 a variety of important files, including pictures, messages, contacts, APK files, WhatsApp data, and more. When discovered, these items can be selectively deleted, restored to your Android smartphone, or previewed. Quick Recovery can be used without your phone being rooted.

Deep Recovery grants root access to search the furthest, darkest reaches of your Android device for more thorough data restoration tasks. If the deleted file hasn’t been replaced, it can locate it with accuracy. DroidKit’s Deep Recovery “guarantees the highest success rate in recovering lost data among the industry,” according to iMobie. Please be aware that the app will root your smartphone automatically if you want to use Deep Recovery.

DroidKit Lets You Bypass Your Lock Screen.

If the screen of your phone DroidKit can also be used to get past the lock screen on your phone if it is cracked, unresponsive, or if you’ve locked yourself out and forgotten the passcode. DroidKit can easily circumvent any security measure, including a 4- or 6-digit PIN, password, pattern, fingerprint verification, face recognition, or any other kind. Even better, the Lock Screen bypass function of DroidKit doesn’t require root access.

Attention: Using this DroidKit program will instantly wipe out all data on the smartphone for security reasons. Also take note that OnePlus phones are not yet able to use this feature, but support is on the way.

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DroidKit Can Fix System-Level Issues On Your Samsung Handset.

Other than concerns with data loss and locked devices, maybe you just need some assistance in fixing system issues. Only compatible with Samsung smartphones, DroidKit’s system repair tool can be used to fix a variety of system-level issues, including frozen or unresponsive touch displays, frozen screens, dark screens, and more. Start your free trial of DroidKit by downloading it today.

On both Windows and macOS, DroidKit is available for free download and testing. You can try out some of DroidKit’s features with this free edition to see if they are useful to you. The pricing options are relatively open when you’re ready to access the full of DroidKit’s features. As of right now through August 6, users of Android Police may use the promo code FORAP0727 to save $15 on a 3-month or 1-year subscription to DroidKit.

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After that, you may pay $1.99 for a year’s worth of access to the entire DroidKit toolkit, which includes updates for the entire year, support for five devices, and a 60-day money-back guarantee (1.94 off). If you don’t require every feature that DroidKit offers, you can buy them individually as needed. Annual subscriptions start at $25.99, while lifetime plans start at $35.99 per feature.

Visit the official website here to find out more about DroidKit’s extensive features, which include those that weren’t discussed in this post including Android OS reinstalls, system cleanups, and Factory Reset Protection (FRP) bypass for Samsung devices.

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