Earlier This Month Irving Police Arrested Person Accused Of Sexual Assault Attempt


It has been determined who the individual is who was wanted by the police department in Irving, Texas, for an attempted sexual assault that occurred earlier this month.

Bakail Wonodi, 24, is suspected of making an attempt to enter a woman’s apartment on December 11 at the Alesio Apartments, which are located on Las Colinas Boulevard close to Highway 114. The crime is believed to have taken place at the Alesio Apartments. The Alesio Apartments are where the occurrence is said to have taken place.

The police have not disclosed how she was able to evade capture, nor how they were able to determine that Wonodi was the person responsible for the crime. Neither of these details have been disclosed by the police. Neither of these pieces of information has been made public.

Wonodi was taken into custody in the past due to his possession of marijuana, which was the reason for his arrest.

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