eBay Gift Cards: Do Walmart Still Sell These Cards? Lets Figure Out

do walmart sell ebay gift cards

If you’re having trouble coming up with gift ideas, Walmart has a great selection of products to help. For anyone who enjoys a little retail therapy, eBay Gift Cards are a great choice. You might be wondering if Walmart sells eBay Gift Cards given that eBay is an entirely online marketplace. Here is what I discovered!

Sadly, Walmart does not offer any kind of eBay gift cards. This applies to Walmart Neighborhood Markets, Walmart Supercenters, and Walmart.com.Walmart does, however, provide Visa and MasterCard gift cards. So, in theory, you could buy one of these and use it to make an eBay purchase.

In 2022, Will Walmart Still Provide eBay Gift Cards?

In 2022, Will Walmart Still Provide EBay Gift Card

As of 2022, neither Walmart’s physical stores nor its website will sell eBay gift cards. Walgreens, Target, Dollar General, GameStop, Family Dollar, CVS, and Kroger instead sell eBay Gift Cards. MasterCard and Visa Gift Cards that can be used on eBay.com are also available for purchase by customers at Walmart.

To learn more about alternative retail, go here. Read on to learn about Walmart’s gift cards or to find out which retailers carry eBay gift cards!

Alternatives To Walmart Gift Cards

eBay Gift Cards may not be sold by Walmart, but there are lots of substitutes you may buy for a savvy shopper. Gift cards from Ulta Beauty are fantastic for people who enjoy shopping in a variety of stores. Treat a loved one to a Gift Card loaded with $25 to $100 so they may choose from a wide selection of health and cosmetic products.

The Walmart Gift Card, on the other hand, may be more advantageous for the user since they will have the choice of going to the store or shopping online.

Similar to other retailers, Walmart provides a wide selection of branded goods across a variety of departments. Aside from that, Walmart sells eBay.com-usable Visa and MasterCard gift cards.

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Why Is Walmart Not Selling eBay Gift Cards?

If you are familiar with Walmart’s eCommerce sites, you’ll see that they allow third-party sellers to sell attractive goods and offer things that are somewhat comparable to those found on eBay. Because they do not want their customers to shop elsewhere, Walmart does not sell eBay gift cards. Walmart does not offer gift cards for Lowe’s or TJ Maxx for the same reason.

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Where Can I Buy Gift Cards For eBay?

Where Can I Buy Gift Cards For eBay

Visit Target, Walgreens, Dollar General, GameStop, Family Dollar, CVS/Pharmacy, and Lowe’s if you’re still eager to get an eBay gift card. Where To Buy Gift Cards For eBay Instead

The following merchants also offer eBay gift cards:

  • Target
  • The Best
  • 7-Eleven Staples
  • Alberston’s\sCVS
  • Walgreens

However, the list goes on. More than 100 stores offer eBay gift cards for purchase. Click here for a comprehensive list of stores that sell eBay gift cards. There are several different denominations of eBay gift cards available, including $25, $50, and $100.

Which Walmart Gift Cards Are Offered?

Gift cards from the following merchants and companies are available at Walmart:

  • Walmart
  • Visa\sMasterCard
  • Apple
  • Xbox
  • Starbucks\sAMC
  • Samuel’s Club
  • Donald’s Donuts
  • Domino’s Chick Fil A video game
  • Chipotle
  • Gmail Play
  • DoorDash\sDisney\sLyft
  • Netflix
  • Uber Eats.
  • Hulu
  • This list is not all-inclusive. Click to purchase gift cards from Walmart.com.

FAQs: People Also Ask

Can a Walmart gift card be used to purchase an eBay gift card?

No. Walmart does not sell gift cards on eBay, and gift cards from Walmart can only be redeemed at Walmart or Walmart.com. However, Walmart does sell gift cards for Visa or MasterCard, which you could use to buy an eBay gift card somewhere else. It’s crucial to keep in mind that a lot of stores do not let the use of multiple gift cards when making a transaction.

Why do Walmart gift cards not activate right away?

Gift cards from Walmart that are more than $250 must first be activated. All other Walmart gift cards purchased for less than $250, however, don’t need to be activated and should start working right away. If you are experiencing issues with phone the customer care number given on the back of your gift card.

How may an issue with a Walmart gift card be reported?

Try calling the customer support number on the back of your Walmart gift card if you are having issues with it. You can also contact Walmart directly by phone at 1-800-WALMART.

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