Efforts Are Being Made By Denver To Provide Refuge For Incoming Migrants From Southern Border


A further indication that the city’s ability to assist is dwindling, Denver officials said on Monday that they are informing the busloads of migrants coming from the southern border of the United States that their stay in an emergency shelter cannot go longer than 14 days.

The state-funded programme that used charter buses to transport migrants who arrived in Denver from Central and South America to other cities was shut down by governor Jared Polis in the meantime. Four days after it started, the initiative came to a stop.

Polis claimed to have had a “constructive meeting” with the mayors of Chicago and New York, two fellow Democrats who were irate that Colorado was bringing migrants to their cities.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and New York City Mayor Eric Adams wrote a joint letter to Colorado’s governor in which they respectfully demanded that you stop bringing migrants to their communities. The mayors reported that since December, they have taken in hundreds of immigrants from Colorado.

In addition, the letter stated that since the spring of 2022, thousands of migrants from Texas have been “inhumanely bused” to those two locations. We told a Colorado official directly that neither of our cities had any further space to welcome any more migrants before the first bus arrived in any of our cities, they wrote.

“We have seen your words in the media, according to which you are only granting migrant workers’ requests to travel to locations like New York City and Chicago. However, you are sending migrants and families to New York City and Chicago who have no relatives or friends or other connections to welcome them, at a time when both cities are at capacity for available resources and shelter space.

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Last week, Polis told The Sun that his busing policy, which was put in place after severe winter storms and the Southwest Airlines disaster, which left passengers stranded across the nation, caused a backlog of migratory travellers seeking to reach friends and family in other cities, was humanitarian.

About 70% of migrants, many of them were from politically dangerous Venezuela, were attempting to travel to final destinations other than Colorado, according to the governor’s assessment.

People were stuck in Denver even though it was only the first leg on a three- or four-month journey because there were no bus tickets left, according to Polis. When immigrants first started arriving in the city in December at a rate of more than 100 per day, the city first paid for each person’s bus ticket to their final destination.

After Colorado agreed to pay for charter buses to other locations, the state intervened on January 3. The program’s termination was announced by Polis on Saturday. The governor claimed that he had informed the mayor of Chicago that there would be no more buses scheduled to travel there and that the final bus would depart for New York on Sunday.

Denver and organisations will once more assist migrants in purchasing individual bus tickets, the mayor said. “Colorado has been in the process of reducing back this transportation,” the governor stated in an email news release. “Now that countrywide travel has returned to the status quo because the holidays and the impact of weather have normalised transportation paths.”

“People who are escaping injustice and violence in pursuit of a better life for themselves and their families deserve our respect, not political games, and we are happy that we have been able to help migrants get to their destination.

If they want to go somewhere else, we won’t hold them against their will. Polis renewed his call for federal immigration reform, along with heightened border security. The governor was still “monitoring this evolving scenario,” according to Conor Cahill, the governor’s spokesman, who talked to The Sun on Monday.

We won’t stop people from going to their desired destinations if they choose to depart, he said. Since Dec. 9, more than 4,000 migrants have crossed the southern border into Denver, leading the city to set up three emergency shelters by furnishing community buildings with mats and beds and sending in catered meals.

On Sunday night, 560 migrants spent the night in public shelters, and 582 others slept in shelters set up by churches and charitable organisations. The city’s daily update states that 73 more migrants landed in Denver from Sunday to Monday.

More than $1.44 million has already been spent by the city, including for hotel rooms, cots, cot coverings, blankets, meals, staffing, cleaning supplies, and toiletries. Polis declared that localities and charitable organizations could use $5 million in state funding to assist in providing for the migrants.

Denver Is Still Supporting the Migrants

According to city officials, they started telling migrants that the 14-day shelter limit will start taking effect on January 9 at the end of December. They claimed that two weeks is the recommended amount of time to recover from travel, continue on their adventures, or connect with alternative, non-emergency shelters or lodging.

Living in an emergency shelter should be a very temporary means for those who have travelled a long distance to get here to stay warm in the winter, connect with resources, and build a plan to either stay here permanently or travel to their next U.S. destination, according to the city.

Non-profits and religious institutions have the chance to stand up and help these really disadvantaged neighbours as well. Politicians have charged governors with dumping unwelcome immigrants in other cities since last spring, but Republicans have been the focus of the debate.

In the spring and summer, Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott dispatched tens of thousands of migrants to New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. Additionally, on Christmas Eve, two buses dropped down over 100 migrants outside of Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence in Washington.

The Texas governor, who claimed to be fed up with federal immigration policies, was accused by the White House. As part of a “relocation scheme,” Republican governor of Florida Ron DeSantis spent state money in September to collect up roughly 50 migrants in Texas and fly them to the Massachusetts island of Martha’s Vineyard.

People Presenting Claims In Immigration Courts Frequently Lack Adequate Assistance

Know The Courts Opinion On The Migrants

In a typical criminal court, defendants have a right to counsel and are given assistance if they cannot pay it on their own. However, there is no public defender system in immigration court, which means that many people who have been in Denver’s shelters and intend to request asylum will stand before a judge alone.

One of the country’s immigration courts is located in downtown Denver. In November, we spent the entire day in one space and observed as dozens of people entered and exited a little collection of pews in front of Judge Donald O’Hare.

O’Hare recited well-worn words to clarify the procedure while speaking slowly yet clearly. As their kids fumbled with toys and colouring books, others listened to his words as it was interpreted.

You have a number of significant rights in this court. However, the government is not required to pay for your representation by the lawyer of your choice. This means that I am unable to appoint an attorney for you,” he remarked several times throughout the day. There is a free legal service that might be able to help you if you don’t think you’ll be able to afford to hire an attorney.

One member of the Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network, or RMIAN, is providing that free legal assistance in a nearby office. Emily Brock worked with as many people as she could on this particular day and is an expert in aiding children. Everyone raised their hand each time O’Hare asked defendants in groups if they needed Brock’s assistance.

Brock explained that there are simply not enough legal aid attorneys to go around. She occasionally can assist an asylum seeker in obtaining legal counsel, but she spends much of her time just educating people on their rights and options. Because most people don’t have an attorney with them when they come before a judge, their chances of winning are higher.

The “dedicated docket,” a Biden Administration strategy that gives families from specific nations, rather than just individuals, expedited access to verdicts, complicates matters. Since the implementation of the regulation, just 7% of the families on the special docket have received asylum.

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According to Brock, this aspect of the system, which some Venezuelans must endure, sets people up for failure. She informed us that asylum situations are complex. “They require you to describe your worst life experiences after you’ve endured this harrowing journey to come here, and the government want someone to do that fast and without legal counsel?”

Many visitors to Denver may wind up before a court like this as they attempt to stay in the country permanently. To get this far, some people, like Kevin, had to cross the border illegally.

A person must be in the nation to claim asylum, but because of regulations that have made it illegal to enter and make that claim, people frequently cross the border to show themselves to border police. Brock remarked that Americans who would be offended by this idea do not comprehend the reality of the situation.

There are legitimate options for certain folks. The individuals who are approaching our borders, however, do not have any other options besides requesting refuge. They cannot enter a line since there is none, she informed us. “It can take up to 20 years for that last petition to be filed.

You won’t say, “OK, I’ll just wait the 20 years,” when your children are being threatened by some criminal or government element in your nation and you’re attempting to save them. It’s okay. You won’t actually say that. Additionally, approaching our borders to request refuge is quite legitimate.

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