El Cid Season 3 Release Date: The Huge Crime Tale In This Television Show Produced Excellent Suspense

El Cid Season 3 Release Date

The central character of “El Cid,” a historical Spanish television programme created by Luis Arranz and José Velasco, is the Castilian warlord and knight Rodrigo Daz de Vivar, also known as Ruy or El Cid.

In the 11th century, Ruy, the son of a low-ranking nobleman, comes in the Kingdom of León’s administrative centre. He has no idea, though, that once he starts participating actively in politics, his life will never be the same.

On December 18, 2020, Amazon Prime Video first made the action drama available. The first season of the television series is among the top 10 most popular titles on Netflix in Mexico.

El Dragon is based on a crime drama series, and it has the feel of a Spanish version of “Breaking Bad.” Whether it be an addiction, a murder, narcotics, or other quickly-moving actions, by daily issues in the show.

The writing and outstanding acting in the Spanish series have received high accolades. Both critics and spectators have praised it for its historical accuracy, lavish clothes, and intricate production design.

There are too many characters, and it might be challenging to keep track of their dynamics, according to several reviewers, who also pointed out that the plot can occasionally be confusing. Despite everything, it has amassed a devoted fan base who are eagerly awaiting the announcement of a third season.

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El Cid Season 3 Release Date

El Cid Season 3 Release Date

The official decision on whether or not the third season of the show will air has not yet been made public by Amazon. The series features a few of the most recognisable names in Spanish entertainment.

Furthermore, the high-budget series is the first Spanish-language Amazon Original screenplay. Additionally, the show’s co-creator Luis Arranz stated, “I think we can do five or six more seasons,” in an interview with Escribir en Serie from December 2020.

The ellipsis you use and the way you deliver the tale will rely on you. The author and producer even said that the third season’s prospective plot was being developed in anticipation of getting Amazon’s approval.

We therefore know that the creators want to continue the show after the first two seasons. Seven months or so had passed since the premiere of season 1 when season 2 debuted.

Therefore, we can anticipate “El Cid” season 3 to debut sometime in early 2022 if a new cycle is ordered by the fall of 2021.

El Cid Season 3 Cast

  • Miguel Garza is played by Sebastián Rulli
  • Adela Cruz, played by Renata Notni
  • In the role of Epigmenio Moncada, Roberto Mateos
  • Irina Baeva portrays Jimena Ortiz in the film adaptation of the novel
  • Chisca Garza is played by Cassandra Sánchez Navarro
  • Hector Bernal was played by Manuel Balbi
  • Carlos Duarte is played by Javier Gómez
  • In the role of Inspector Toledo, Alejandro vila
  • Sofa Castro as Kenia
  • Juan Pablo Gil takes on the role of Jorge Garza in this adaptation
  • Ishiro Tanaka is played by Alex Durán
  • There is Mauricio Pimentel as Peligros, and Edison Ruiz as Tacho
  • Claudia is played by Natasha Dominguez
  • Carrillo portrays Edna Gonzalez in the film. Rodrigo Massa in the role of Piero Scarinci
  • Sergio Recio Montes as Canelo in the ring
  • Carmen Muga portrays Isabel in this film
  • Christian Uribe portraying Raul
  • In the role of Victor, Daniel Elbittar

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El Cid Season 3 Plot

What is the plot of El Cid Season 3?

Since King Fernando has left the scene, the power dynamic has undergone considerable changes in the second season. In due course, his sons Sancho, Alfonso, and Garca succeed him as kings of Castilla, León, and Galicia, respectively.

Urraca, the Lady of Zamora, meanwhile, is still able to have an impact on politics due to her unquenchable quest for power. Each of Fernando’s children aspires to rule the Iberian Peninsula, and a huge conflict is unavoidable because of this.

However, Queen Sancha is powerless to stop them. Ruy is forced to make morally challenging judgments in the midst of all of this, which puts his allegiances to a new test.

In particular, given that he appeared to have turned on his King in the season 2 finale, we will see what Ruy faces in the third season if there is one.

The fighting siblings do not appear ready to bury the hatchet, therefore peace for the people of Zamora, Castilla, Galicia, and León may be long from attainment.

El Cid Season 3 Storyline

The story of the television show centres on Miguel Garza (Sebastian Rulli), a man who fascinates people due to his unconventional way of acting and physical appeal. He comes to the conclusion that no one can compete with his elegance and that everything revolves around him.

In addition to being successful in business, he is also beautiful and intelligent. Although he is unaware of it, Miguel thinks that everything will help him succeed. His biggest adversary is ambition.

However, it is certain that Miguel will experience challenges in the upcoming season. It’s easy to witness a lot of Russians and Italians providing him with unauthorised employment options. Miguel will battle to keep his job, and he will carry it out whatever.

El Dragon Season 1 and Season 2 Recap

El Dragon’s first season had 38 episodes, while its second season had 44. El Dragon is a long Netflix show compared to other ones.

Mexico’s Ciudad Jimenez is the setting for El Dragon Season 1. Miguel’s parents, Roberto and Lucia Garza, perish in the assault. Miguel, his brother, and his sister, on the other hand, all survive.

After that, in order to protect his grandchildren and assist him in becoming a wealthy businessman, capo Lamberto, Gaza, sends Miguel to study overseas. In addition, he keeps Chisca, who is portrayed by Cassandra Sánchez Navarro, with him at the ranch where he resides and controls the largest drug distribution system in the region.

What happened in season 1 and season 2 of the series?

The show fast-forwards 20 years, and Miguel and his lifelong partner Asya are now living in Japan. Additionally, Miguel has developed into a highly successful businessman.

The plot drastically changes when his grandmother Lamberto’s wife Dora phones him and demands that he leave immediately for Mexico due to an emergency.

When Miguel returns to the Mexican city of Ciudad Jimenez, he learns that his grandfather had Alzheimer’s disease, which had left him both intellectually and physically frail.

Soon after, Lamberto gives Miguel 24 hours to determine whether he wants to run the cartel business or not before telling him he needs to take care of his family’s business.

Being in charge of the drug gang run by his family doesn’t bother Miguel much. As a result, he grants his ill grandfather’s wish. Miguel, though, doesn’t want to come across as a drug dealer. Miguel struggles with his contentious and hazardous role in the cartel.

Miguel believes he can transform the notorious and illegal drug cartel company of his ancestors into a nonviolent enterprise. Miguel is incredibly ambitious and seeks to gain wealth by making investments that are both profitable and lawful.

When Asya, Miguel’s wife, learns she has a fatal illness, she commits suicide. This is a tragic turn for the narrative. Miguel is devastated by this and shuts the doors to his heart as a result. After that, Renata Notni’s Adela, who is played by Miguel, appears.

At this point, he is icy and depressed. She is a nice, charming individual who works as a cab driver. Adela is the only other female after Asya who seeks to get to know Miguel without being influenced by his wealth and influence.

He is prodded by Adela to examine himself. Although Adela persuades Miguel to embrace and flaunt his positive traits despite the fact that we all know he is a narcissistic megalomaniac.

It is neither romantic nor depressing; Miguel must survive in the gritty Mafia world. Miguel employs the abilities he acquired while training to be a samurai warrior and yakuza in Japan in El Dragon’s first and second action-packed seasons. He defeats the other Mafia lords with the use of these abilities.

FAQs- People Also Ask

Is El Dragon available in English?

On September 30, English-speaking viewers can see the world premiere of El Dragon in CC3.

Where was the movie El Dragon shot?

A Colombian location was used for the filming of the Spanish-language criminal drama television series El Dragon. Colombia served as the setting for the popular Spanish-language criminal drama television series El Dragon.

Where in El Dragon is the island?

This is the finest place to find delicious Chinese take-out food because it is situated in the Caotal market, a nearby area, in the middle of the island. You can order for delivery, takeout, or in-person dining.

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