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El Paso religion, community leaders petition senators about border issue.

Volunteers working for humanitarian organisations at the border are afraid of being arrested and prosecuted for providing shelter and food to homeless illegal immigrants who have been camping out in front of a church in downtown El Paso for several weeks in an effort to avoid deportation. The migrants have been there for several weeks.

During their trip to West Texas to learn about the refugee issue, eight senators were met by leaders of Annunciation House and the Catholic Diocese of El Paso who were frustrated and pleading for mercy.

Community members who have taken in and cared for the thousands of people who have been camping out on the street across town fear that Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, may target them for criminal charges for assisting in the process of human smuggling by protecting people who they are aware do not have the proper documentation to be in the country. These people have been sleeping on the street across town.

Are they cleaning up EL PASO?

Following reports that state and local authorities have increased detentions and cleaned up a significant portion of the migrant encampments in the area in advance of President Biden’s visit to El Paso, Texas, on Sunday, the Border Patrol union is criticising the trip. The visit is scheduled to take place.

According to a tweet published by the National Border Patrol Council on Friday, “El Paso is being cleaned up as if nothing strange ever happened there.” Just in time for Vice President Biden’s so-called “visit to the border”

“We recommend that you simply touch down in Des Moines, Iowa, and lie to him about where you are. It won’t make a difference to him in the least, “the union sent out a letter.

A story published on Thursday by El Paso Matters stated that Border Patrol agents had captured “huge gatherings” of migrants in downtown El Paso during the nighttime hours of Wednesday. The tweet from the union followed this report. Afterwards, El Paso Matters and the New York Post both published articles stating that the Border Patrol and municipal police in El Paso had increased their patrols and detentions in preparation for Vice President Biden’s visit on Sunday.

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On Sunday, the White House referred an inquiry from Fox News Digital to the Department of Homeland Security. In response, the DHS stated that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) employs a “layered approach” that includes patrolling the border itself, nearby areas, and neighbourhoods, as well as conducting checkpoints – both stationary and temporary.

In response to reports that migrants in the El Paso area are dodging apprehension, the United States Border Patrol has doubled the number of agents that patrol the area, according to a spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Since the middle of December, there has been a 70 percent decrease in the number of migrants who have been found in El Paso, which may be a contributing factor.

According to a representative for the Customs and Border Protection, claims that link the detentions in El Paso to the president’s visit are inaccurate, and the Border Patrol “was conducting additional patrols before the President announced his visit to El Paso,” the source told Fox News Digital.
NBC News published a video that showed agents of the Border Patrol conducting patrols outside of the migrant shelter located at Sacred Heart Church. The footage showed that hundreds of migrants had been sleeping outside of the shelter.

According to a report by The Post, six buses filled with migrants, the majority of them were from Venezuela, left El Paso on Saturday with the intention of travelling to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. According to a Border Patrol agent who spoke to the site, there were 200 migrants who were deported back to Mexico alone on Saturday.

Mayra Flores, a Republican representative for Texas, tweeted that “El Paso clears downtown of vast migrant camps in advance of Biden visit.” “Why not show him what our border community and law enforcement officials are dealing with on a daily basis?” “Why not show him what our border community is dealing with?”

Final Words:

Because of a pandemic public health policy, practically all Central Americans have been forced to return to Mexico or their home country for the past two and a half years.

This includes asylum seekers who have been denied the opportunity to make a claim for protection under the law. Immigration is one of the topics that will be discussed today. Many Central Americans, including more than 50 immigrants who hid in a tractor-trailer and died when the driver abandoned them on a hot summer day in San Antonio, Texas, last year, have gone to extreme measures in order to avoid being apprehended as a result of the pandemic policy, Title 42. This policy has caused many Central Americans to do so.

During their brief visit to El Paso on Sunday, Garcia said he asked President Joe Biden and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to help the thousands of unauthorised immigrants so that the city’s streets can return to normal and nonprofit groups can heave a sigh of relief knowing that they will not have to worry about being arrested. Garcia said this so that the groups would not have to worry about being targeted for arrest. S. Sens. John Cornyn (R-Texas) and Kyrsten Sinema (I-Arizona) were among the eight senators that participated in the trip. Other senators who went on the excursion included Sens. It has a stranglehold on the hemisphere.

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