How To Fix Err Network Access Denied (100% Working Method)

Err Network Access Denied

If you’re getting the “Your Internet Access Is Blocked” or “Err Network Access Denied” error message on your Windows PC, keep reading this post to learn some tried-and-true solutions. 

The “Err Network Access Denied” error means that access to the internet has been denied to you. The “Err Network Access Denied” error message can appear on any website you visit. That’s when your browser becomes useless and you can’t go anywhere online. The bright side is that this mistake is easy to work around.

“Err Network Access Denied Error And Causes

  • Broken Chrome browser’s cache. It’s possible that you can’t access a certain website because your browser’s cache has become corrupted over time.
  • Unofficial add-on for the Chrome browser. In some cases, you may not be able to access a website because of a third-party extension you have installed on your browser.
  • It’s a server that acts as a proxy. You may encounter this problem if you are using a proxy server and another user is also trying to access the same website at the same time.
Err Network Access Denied on Chrome
  • There were issues with the internet connection. This error may occur if a website takes too long to load due to a poor Internet connection and the user attempts to continue using the website after the allotted time has passed. Power cycling your router may help improve your connection speed.
  • Protect your network with a firewall, antivirus, and virtual private network (VPN) program. This error may have been caused by a third-party antivirus, firewall, or virtual private network (VPN) program that you have installed. If you are experiencing issues, you can try disabling any security-related software, such as a VPN or anti-virus program.

Note: If you get the ERR NETWORK ACCESS DENIED error in Google Chrome but not in, say, Microsoft Edge, you can rule out Chrome as the cause.

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How To Fix The Error?

An “Unable to access the network” error message will appear in Chrome with the error code ERR NETWORK ACCESS DENIED.

In fact, your firewall or antivirus software may even recommend that you enable Chrome’s access.

Therefore, the issue could be a browser extension that is not compatible with the current browser version or other Network related problems if the error message does not mention Antivirus or Firewall.

Try The Troubleshooter

Windows includes a built-in Network Troubleshooter that can be used to diagnose and repair issues with your computer’s network connection.

1. Activate Update & Security by navigating to Settings > Update & Security.

2. Select the Troubleshoot tab on the left side of the subsequent screen. Click Internet Connections > Troubleshoot in the right pane.

troubleshooter Err Network Access Denied

Make Chrome Accessible On Windows’s Built-In Firewall

The first thing you should check is that Chrome is not being blocked by the Windows Firewall.

1. Go to your device’s settings and then select the Update & Security icon.

2. Select Windows Security from the menu on the left of the Update & Security screen. To enable a firewall and other network security features, go to the bottom of the right panel and select the appropriate option.

3. And then, on the subsequent screen, scroll down and click the Allow an app via the firewall link.

4. Google Chrome must be chosen on the Allowed Apps screen.

Turn Off Proxy Servers

In many cases, disabling Proxy Servers on a Windows machine will help restore network connectivity.

To access your network and the Internet, go to your device’s Settings > Network and Internet.

Select Proxy in the menu bar on the left side of the subsequent screen. To turn off automatic detection of settings, go to the “Automatic Proxy Setup” section of the right pane and uncheck the box.

Additionally, under the manual proxy section, on the same screen, turn off the Use a Proxy server option.

disable proxy server on windows

Turn Off Antivirus Software

You can then check to see if your PC’s Antivirus software is blocking the Chrome browser.

1. You can disable auto-protection by right-clicking the program tray icon and selecting the option.

2. Select the time you’d like the Antivirus software turned off, then tap OK.

Once you’ve disabled your antivirus software,  try again to access the page.

It’s crucial to note that the process for disabling the antivirus software on your PC may vary depending on the particular antivirus software you’re using.

Chrome cannot be used if an antivirus program is installed on the computer, and if an antivirus program blocks Chrome, you will need to uninstall the antivirus program and reinstall it.

turn off windows defender

Delete All Browsing History

1. Start up Chrome, click the menu button (it looks like three dots), move the mouse pointer to More tools, and finally click Clear browsing data.

2. Next, tap the Clear Data button after selecting Browsing History, Cookies, and Cache from the following screen.

3. You can try clearing your browser’s cache and history to see if that helps.

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clear browsing history

Chrome Browser Reset

A browser’s add-ons or altered settings can also disrupt network connectivity. Simply resetting Chrome will solve the problem.

1. Chrome’s settings can be accessed by opening the browser, tapping the menu button (three dots), and selecting Settings from the list that appears.

2. If you want to get really specific, after you’ve done everything else on the Settings screen, select the Advanced button at the very bottom.

3. If you need to reset your settings, scroll down further and click the corresponding button.

4, To confirm, tap the Reset button on the confirmation pop-up.

Try accessing the same page again after resetting Chrome to see if you continue to receive the Err Network Access Denied error message.

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