Everything You Need To Know About Canada’s Dystopian Death Culture

Canada's Dystopian Death Culture

An excellent place to live and raise a family, Canada used to be a serious nation. My own ancestors were among the many refugees from war-torn countries who were warmly accepted by Canadians, who bravely fought in both World Wars, served on peacekeeping missions, and maintained international peace.

A generous social assistance system, a universal socialised healthcare system, comparatively good public schools, and public universities are just a few of the social programmes that have been made possible thanks to the country’s high taxation. It has kept a seat at the table of the most powerful nations in the world as a G7 member for a very long time.

That nation has disappeared. Undisputed moral and economic degradation are occurring in Canada. Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, has a sour disposition, a despotic nature, and a policy that is anti-liberty. He has set the tone and accelerated the fall with his anti-freedom positions and unrepentant adoration of deadly dictatorships like China and its “fundamental dictatorship.”

His truly idiotic, juvenile highlight reel includes his ludicrous and embarrassing embrace of esoteric pet causes, dressing up on the global stage, his history of donning black face, and channeling a buzzed lounge lizard while on an official state visit to England to mourn the passing of Queen Elizabeth.

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Signs of shamelessness, decadence, and severe moral degradation include his demonization and smashing of the Canadian truckers’ convoy, as well as his use of the Emergency Measures Act against Canadians for daring to protest his Corona dictatorship and his absurd behavior on the international arena.

What Euthanasia Has Done to Canada

And right now, that decay, that anti-human aimlessness, has seamlessly transitioned into a new, all-encompassing, and evil stage. Canada’s mode of operation is promoting and glorifying the Culture of Death.

Canada has joyfully embraced democide in the guise of “MAiD”-Medical Assistance in Dying, a practice that is euphemistically referred to as such under Prime Minister Trudeau’s leadership.

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The most defenceless individuals of a once-great nation are the literal and figurative targets of this widely lauded and applauded federal murder campaign. This is stated plainly by the duplicitous Canadian “Dying With Dignity Organization”

A person no longer needs to have a reasonably foreseeable natural death in order to get medical assistance in dying (MAID) as of March 17, 2021, the date Bill C-7 got Royal Assent.

According to them, it is a “enormous change, driven by compassion, an end to suffering and discrimination, and a desire for human liberty.” Some individuals are beginning to realise that it’s genuinely wicked, dangerous, and evil.

Journalists like Rupa Subramanya and others have found, to their surprise and our collective dismay, that far than being uncommon and merciful, it is becoming increasingly prevalent and carried out with little consideration or pause.

As a “solution” to poverty, it is promoted. It is being promoted as a (last) option for Canadian troops who have been released from service but are dealing with depression, money problems, and PTSD.

In Canada, MAiD is “Normalizing death as ‘treatment,'” according to disability activists and academics. They want to murder infants with disabilities. In their eyes, dying is a form of “therapy” for illness.

Instead of continuing to misrepresent the financial strength and viability of Canada’s federal pension plan, it’s likely that doing so would be a cheaper method for the government to try to balance the budget (CPP).

Death in Canada

What could be wrong with murdering the populace and charging it right back to them? To demonstrate its evil policy of democide, the Canadian government has even created swanky infographics. How did Canada change from the country known for its bravery and decency to one that promotes death?

Not just in Canada, but everywhere we look there are signs. Everywhere in America and in practically every Western civilization throughout the world, there are hints of moral and cultural degradation. In our society, parents with disabled children often have to wait in their cars all day long to make sure their children can use the restroom.

A continent where, strangely, society does not prioritise caring for sick people and nourishing infants. In this environment, where “Medical Assistance in Dying,” or government-sponsored murder, is actually glorified and paedophilia is becoming accepted by some corporate brands, human life is literally being put an end to.

Canada is currently in the terrible situation of being among the world leaders in both economic decline and total moral rot as a result of the Trudeau Liberals’ rule.

Any and all surviving civilized nations should be warned by the Canadian MAiD programme that they are next. The possibility of reversing Canada’s death culture is still up in the air. Canada cannot and will not be saved if this is the case.

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