Extreme Rules 2022: Return Of The Former Universal Champion Stuns Fans

extreme rules results 2022

The PLE/PPV Extreme Rules aired on Peacock that evening, October 8, when things took a turn for the extreme. The most significant event of the evening was Bray Wyatt’s much-anticipated comeback; yes, he now sports a completely different appearance. Below are the details surrounding Wyatt’s return to WWE and the outcomes of each match at Extreme Rules.

There were just six events on the schedule, and the event took place at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Some of your favourite WWE wrestlers made an appearance.

Bianca Belair’s ladder match encounter versus Bayley was one of the most eagerly anticipated matches on the card. Belair was defending her Raw Women’s Championship. Unsurprisingly, we witnessed Damage CTRL members Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai cause issues for Belair.

The other four matchups on the bill are a strap contest between Drew McIntyre and Karrion Kross, a Fight Pit match between Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins, a “I Quit” match between Edge and Finn Balor, and a Good Old Donnybrook match between Imperium and the Brawling Brutes.

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WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Live Results

WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Live Results

Imperium dominated the first match at Extreme Rules, and while pounding Sheamus and Holland down at ringside, they sent Butch through the LED board barricades outside. Back in the ring, Butch and Holland were being beaten by Kaiser and Vinci, but Ridge was able to lift both heels and hit a powerful double slam.

Before Butch was cornered in the ring and Gunther held in a hold, Ridge delivered the Imperium Bomb from outside, setting up a triple-team manoeuvre with Kaiser and Vinci. After getting better at ringside, Sheamus dispatched Gunther’s lackeys into the barricades outside before going up against the Ring General inside the ring.

Before the Celtic Warrior hit the white noise, Butch and Holland assisted Sheamus, who had already received the chops on the apron, by landing their own blows on the champion. When Sheamus attempted to follow up with a Brogue kick at Extreme Rules, Vinci broke the pin.

The Irish Curse backbreaker was applied by Sheamus before locking in a hold, however it was broken by a Shilaelah from Kaiser after the Brutes had cleared the ring. The Imperium attempted to drive Sheamus through the announcers’ table but failed before Butch wiped them out with a dive from the top, and at this moment, the Brutes were in control.

Back in the ring, Sheamus was hit in the head by a massive Shilaelah blow from Gunther, giving him a near fall, but Sheamus was able to counter with a shot of his own thanks to help from his crew. With a powerful Crucifix Bomb, Sheamus hoisted Gunther and sent him through the announcers’ desk. Sheamus then successfully executed the Brogue kick in the ring to defeat Gunther and Imperium.

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Bianca Belair vs Bayley (RAW Women’s Championship)

Since Bailey’s return to WWE, they have been involved in a rather long-running rivalry. The RAW Women’s Title of Belair is on the line when the two eventually square off in a ladder battle. The match is won by the first lady to ascend the ladder and grab the hanging championship belt.

Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai, Bayley’s henchmen, interfered during the match. Bianca Belair, however, overcame all challenges in a gruelling contest that came to an end when the champion punched Bayley into the steel stairwell with a vicious KOD, her finishing move. Belair kept the crown, but it appears that the rivalry is far from finished.

Edge vs Finn Balor

Edge and Finn Balor engaged in the most intimate match of the evening in an I Quit contest, in which the victor is determined by the first wrestler to pronounce the words “I Quit.”

The match was so severe that chairs, ladders, and even the match spilling outside the ring were employed. Rey Mysterio was also involved, which tipped the scales in Edge’s favour. Beth Pheonix, the veteran’s wife, likewise assisted her husband. But Edge’s failure came as a result of this.

Balor and Rhea Ripley held Beth Phoenix’s head along a steel chair with another one poised to strike her through it as Edge refused to announce I resign while being restrained by every member of The Judgement Day. Edge was ultimately able to announce his resignation as a result of this. The fact that the team nevertheless carried out the horrific act suggests that the rivalry is still ongoing.

The Brawling Brutes vs. Imperium

The Brawling Brutes vs. Imperium

When Ridge Holland delivered a back body drop while supporting Ludwig Kaiser and Vinci on one shoulder each, he displayed his insane strength. As Kaiser and Vinci dropped the Imperial Bomb ringside, Holland’s triumph was short-lived.

By sparing Butch from a prolonged beating, Sheamus gave his team some momentum. Prior to facing GUNTHER, Sheamus defeated Kaiser and Vinci at ringside. As all three of them beat GUNTHER like a drum, The Brutes added a humorous twist to Sheamus’ well-known clubbing attacks.

A Brogue Kick on GUNTHER by Sheamus nearly gave him the victory, but Vinci’s perfectly timed springboard splash prevented it. By whipping a shillelagh across Sheamus’ back, Kaiser prevented Sheamus from submitting GUNTHER with a second Cloverleaf submission. The crowd chanted, “This is wonderful!” in response to the efforts of the six celebrities.

At ringside, Butch stunned Kaiser and Vinci with a moonsault off a series of barrels. GUNTHER scored a near fall by using the shillelagh that Sheamus is known for, which he also used to defeat Sheamus on SmackDown. The moment Sheamus finally struck GUNTHER in the neck with the shillelagh to exact his vengeance was emotional.

With the same weapons, Butch and Holland attacked Kaiser and Vinci with inspiration. Sheamus used a Celtic Cross in the final seconds of the contest to smash GUNTHER through the announcer’s table. The Brutes secured a crucial victory thanks to a Brogue Kick to Vinci.

wonderful first game. The action was intense, excellent, and took a variety of approaches. It was wonderful to see Sheamus secure a crucial victory to sustain a programme with a lot of potential.

The absence of significant stakes is the only element keeping the match from being rated “A” or “A+.” No titles were at stake, it wasn’t exactly a “Match of the Year” contender, and the only significant narrative development was the continuation of the animosity.

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