Filian Face Reveal: An Accidental Reveal Or A Stunt?

filian face reveal 2022

Filian is known as a virtual Twitch broadcaster, YouTuber, and social media influencer. She gained notoriety for her VRChat streams on Twitch. Already, she has amassed a substantial fan base of over 100,000 people who regularly tune in to her content on the streaming service.

Personal Life

Filian’s parents are ethnic Asians. Her birth date and place are unknown at this time. Furthermore, she has not even revealed her true identity.

She graduated from a school in her hometown, although its name and location are unknown. Beyond that, though, her academic pursuits remain largely unknown.

Filian comes from a variety of different cultures. We do not, however, have any information regarding her relatives at this moment. Because she hasn’t given out her real identity, it’s quite improbable that she’ll talk about her relatives.

She has never been married and does not have a partner at this time. The VTuber is more comfortable in a business setting and avoids sharing details about her personal life. She has over 213k followers and 2.8m total likes on her videos on TikTok.

filian twitch vtuber

Filian encourages viewers to subscribe to her stream by posting funny clips from her broadcasts. True, it’s a great spot to catch glimpses of highlights without committing to a whole episode or season.

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Ongoing Career

In May of 2021, Filian started her streaming career by creating a Twitch channel. Her go-to pastime on VTube is VRChat, even though other VTubers prefer to play other popular video games.

She became well-known for streaming that single game. She has also broadcasted other games, such as Beat Saber, Elden Ring, Surgery Simulator, etc.

She was officially recognized as a Twitch Partner in October 2021, after having streamed regularly for almost five months. She had about 8,000 people following her on Twitch at the time.

Her number of followers increased rapidly after that. The time it took her to gain 100,000 Twitch viewers was roughly nine months. In appreciation, she streamed for more than 24 hours straight. She currently has over 152k Twitch viewers.

As an added bonus, she also has a massive YouTube following. She broadcasts the best moments from her Twitch streams, along with some humorous outtakes. Her YouTube videos quickly racked up millions of views. Right now, she has 185k subscribers and 27m video views.

Estimated Wealth

Filian has a $250,000 wealth (estimated). Twitch is a significant part of her revenue. She makes money as a Twitch Partner through viewers’ donations and advertising.

filian face reveal furry

Next, she supplements her income with membership fees and individual patronage. Currently, she has a sizable following, though exact numbers are unavailable.

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Even though she has millions of views on YouTube, the vast majority of them come through YouTube Shorts. It’s common knowledge that Shorts creators are paid significantly less than their TV counterparts. Therefore, we don’t see it as a significant part of her income.

Face Reveal

Even diehard Filian fans don’t know who she really is. She is a Twitch streamer in name only, thus she never shows her face to viewers.

Many of the readers of this blog are probably dying to get a glimpse of her before she changed her appearance. Nonetheless, she has not shown her face online just yet.

There is a Filian video that could be the cause of the rumored face reveal. Check it out and decide for yourself.

filian accidental face reveal

She uses an animated persona to represent herself while streaming. Her desire to conceal her identity online is shared by every other VTuber. Many online articles and blogs incorrectly identify a different person’s photo as Filian.

However, she has never confirmed or denied any of the pictures being real.

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