Will There Be A Remake Of Final Fantasy VII Coming To The Nintendo Switch?

Final Fantasy by Square Enix One of the best Sony-only titles to release on the PlayStation 4 near the conclusion of the system’s existence is still VII Remake. While the acclaimed JRPG remake will continue to be available only on Sony platforms for the foreseeable future, there are reasons to think that won’t always be the case.

The famous Japanese role-playing game Final Fantasy 7 has been given a new lease on life in the form of the remake known as Final Fantasy 7 Remake. However, rather than releasing the remake as a single game, the developer Square Enix has decided to sell it as a trilogy of three separate games. The first instalment was published in 2020, and the second and third instalments are still in the planning stages at the moment.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Switch Release Date

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Switch Release Date

There has been no word from Square Enix regarding whether or not they intend to port the game over to Nintendo Switch. On the other hand, an improved port of the game that was first released for the PS1 is already accessible for all of your Final Fantasy needs, whether you want to play it on the move or before you go to bed. If you aren’t interested in the random encounters grind, this older version of the game allows you to skip through combat, despite the fact that it isn’t quite as snazzy as the newer one.

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a very massive game, clocking in at close to 100 gigabytes, which is far more than the amount of storage space that is built into the Nintendo Switch. In addition to the lack of storage, the Switch just does not have the necessary hardware to operate a game of this nature. On the other hand, they were able to get The Witcher 3 and Skyrim to work on Switch, so it is feasible that this will also be possible.

There is also the possibility that Nintendo will make additional investments in cloud technology in order to deliver a game similar to this one on the platform. Before, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was introduced on Switch as part of a partnership with Ubitus Game Cloud. This is comparable to what took place with Control in late 2020. So the answer is yes, it’s possible, but the likelihood of it happening is low.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Changes

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Changes

There will be a significant departure from the original in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. In the battle, that is instantly obvious: Remake is a real-time action game with turn-based components while Final Fantasy 7 was entirely turn-based. Cloud may swing his Buster Sword by pressing the square button, and blocking and dodging are controlled similarly in real time. The Action Time Bar (ATB) increases as you fight foes. In Tactical Mode, which is effectively bullet time, you can slow down the action once it reaches its maximum capacity. In this mode, you can use items, perform spells, and unleash Limit Breaks.

It was also mentioned that players may attach shortcuts to these acts on a menu in the bottom-left corner of the screen to forgo this if they preferred fighting that moved more quickly, which would make the action more like to that of Kingdom Hearts. The director of the remake is Tetsuya Nomura, who also created Kingdom Hearts.

Producer Kitase told CNET in a February interview that one of the first topics they considered when planning the project was how far they wanted to go it. “That topic generated a great deal of discussion. We created a spectrum, with Kingdom Hearts at one end and the original Final Fantasy 7 at the other, both of which are pure menu-based systems. In the space between the two games, we felt we had to fill, somehow.”

Aside from Cloud, you’ll have access to other things as well. Switching to controlling other party members only requires the push of a button. The use of tactics will be necessary in this situation because, as highlighted by Square Enix, some characters are easier to handle when facing particular threats, such as Barrett while facing far-off adversaries.

When Cloud and Barrett try to take down a Mako reactor in the game’s opening scene, the action takes place there. Character designs have been changed, but the battle still appears to be comparable to how it appeared in the unveiling trailer all those years ago. The summons in the game have undergone another minor adjustment.

While the summons themselves are comparable, they have been presented earlier in the tale since the Midgar-based portion of the game is being expanded into a full-fledged game. Shiva and Ifrit, who respectively stand for the ice and fire elements, as well as the Leviathan and Chocobo summons, are some of the ones we’ve already seen.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Storyline

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Storyline

Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be divided into at least two halves, which is another big structural shift from the original. Kitase claimed in 2015 that the game will be released in “many” instalments, each of which would be the same size as Final Fantasy 13. It indicates that those components might potentially be larger than that: On two Blu-ray discs, Part 1 will be released on April 10, 2020.

There is no information available on the release date of the second instalment, and Square Enix says they are currently debating how many instalments the plot will span. Based on statements made by Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda, some people believe that later instalments may be released on both the PlayStation 4 and the 5.

Given both Kitase and director Tetsuya Nomura have mentioned the game’s enormous scale in the few interviews they have given, it appears that the team is meticulously replicating it. The duo’s opposition to a straightforward remake is another obvious element. Not simply the battle or the size of the globe are being changed; the tale is also being changed.

“I don’t want the remake to end up being just a sentimental experience. I want to excite the devotees of the original version, “As translated by Gematsu, Kitase remarked to Dengaki. We’ll be changing the plot to reflect this idea, she said. To this, Nomura remarked in a mysterious manner, “I hope that [fans of the original] can be startled once more.”

Several of these modifications can be seen in the most recent trailer, which debuted on February 1. In the remake, Cloud and his friends only engaged Jenova in battle after the group had already fled Midgar. Either this interaction is brand-new or it was transferred here from a later chapter.

The trailer also introduces Roche, a new adversary. There aren’t many facts available about him, but a new foe does make sense. The last battle needs to be filled by someone else if part one can’t conclude with a Sephiroth encounter. The notorious scene from Final Fantasy 7 where Cloud disguises himself as a lady to break into the hedonistic Don Corneo’s mansion is also shown in the trailer. Although some fans questioned whether it would or should be incorporated here, this was a noteworthy aspect of the original. How skillfully Square Enix navigated this precarious situation will be revealed in April.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Talking maps

Naoki Hamaguchi, a co-director of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 video game, discussed what players would be able to anticipate from the game’s world-building and map in an interview with The Gamer(opens in new tab) in July 2021. The next game in the overall project will challenge us to use the breadth of the planet, so you can expect great things to come, Hamaguchi said. “I understand that there are many fans out there who want to see a world map,” he added.

Hamaguchi refuted the idea that the Fort Condor mini-games are indicative of anything “The inclusion of Fort Condor and the absence of a world map in Final Fantasy 7 Remake are unrelated. Since the beginning of the Yuffie episode’s creation, we have wanted to add a mini-game of some kind. However, we decided against including a brand-new mini-game since we thought it would be better to have one that was a tribute to the original and nostalgic for those who had played it.”

FAQs- People Also Ask

How should I begin playing Final Fantasy?

Not only is Final Fantasy VI a great place for newcomers to start, but it’s also arguably the best game in the whole series.

Exactly which Final Fantasy is the simplest?

Without a doubt, Final Fantasy IV is the series’ most simplistic game with only a little practise and memorization. Although it was also the simplest, this entry was incredibly strong. The original game matters more than the GBA port and, in particular, the Nintendo DS remake, which offer more options and a more challenging learning curve.

Combat in the FF7 remake will it be turn-based?

You must choose the Classic difficulty in Final Fantasy 7 Remake in order to activate turn-based combat. This will cause battles to go at a turn-based speed, giving you more time to deliberate about your move choices.

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