Who Is The Powerful And Beautiful Pop Singer Firerose? What Is Her Real Name?


It would appear that Tish Cyrus is responsible for Billy Ray Cyrus’ broken heart, and as a result, the legendary country music performer has moved on.

Just a few weeks ago, Billy Ray, 61, gave the impression that he was engaged to a relatively unknown Australian singer named Firerose. This comes just six months after Tish filed for divorce following a marriage that lasted for 30 years.

Firerose is a beautiful young lady who is quickly rising to prominence in today’s society. People are looking for information about her all over the internet because of her wonderful personality and the fact that she has a lot of fans.

The musician and songwriter has always had a strong passion for music, since before she learned how to speak and write lyrics. Her distinct excellence in the industry has been increasing in prominence as a direct result of the success of her hit single “New Day.”

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Who Is Firerose?

Who Is FireRose?

Her legal name is Johanna Rosie Hodges. Her birthday is September 30th, 1999, and she is currently 23 years old. Firerose was born on that date. Firerose is a well-known Australian-American singer, songwriter, musician, model, vocalist, performer, and social media celebrity.

She was born in Sydney, Australia, but her parents later relocated the family to Los Angeles, California, in the United States of America. Firerose has a dual citizenship of both Australia and the United States. Her beginnings in the music industry may be traced back to a tender age for Firerose.

After finishing her education in Australia and the United States, Firerose enrolled in a private university in Los Angeles, where she majored in music and received her bachelor’s degree. Firerose is a musician. Firerose had spent her childhood in a house where there were a lot of musicians who were doing pretty well.

This was an environment that had influenced her musical development. When she mentioned that she was thinking of making a living as a musician, nobody was shocked by her decision. She is so immersed in the music that she even talks and breathes it.

She claims that the music she creates comes directly from her soul, and many people believe that she has a bright future ahead of her in terms of her profession as a singer. She is grateful that she was born with a singing talent, which is something that she finds to be extremely interesting.

Pop music fans recognise Firerose for her hit tracks such as “All Figured Out,” “123444”, “New Day,” “Fragile Handling,” “Way Out,” and “No Holding Fire.” Firerose is also well-known as a musician. The year 2018 marked the beginning of Firerose’s professional music career.

To date, she has released more than 32 songs and more than 7 albums. After collaborating with Billy Ray on a song titled “New Day” in 2021, Firerose gained widespread attention as a result of their joint release of the track.

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Firerose Career

FireRose Career Details

That Firerose, who grew up in a musically diverse environment, ultimately made the decision to pursue a career as a vocalist shouldn’t come as a surprise. According to what is said on her website, she had always desired to be a singer ever since she was able to “really speak and breathe.”

She stated in an interview that was published on her website, “I have always believed that my function on this planet is fulfilled through music. She added that it’s important to her to “help others” through her music. “I write from a place in my spirit that is beyond words, and I am truly grateful for this skill that allows me to influence others so profoundly.”

Her most well-known songs in recent times are, to name just a few, “New Day,” “Way Out,” “Fragile Handling,” and “No Holding Fire.” On her Instagram page, where she has 22,500 followers, she frequently posts videos of herself singing her own compositions.

In order to promote her most recent song, “All Figured Out,” which she dropped in May 2022, Firerose even tweeted a variety of videos and pictures of herself playing the piano. She frequently expresses her gratitude for their unwavering support to her devoted followers.

The most rewarding thing for me right now is to hear from my fans directly, whether they write to me or post comments on my videos, and to find out how my music has helped them or perhaps saved their lives.

The most fulfilling thing at the moment is getting personal feedback from individuals, whether it comes in the form of letters or comments on the videos. In a statement published on her website, she said, “I can’t even begin to articulate it, but hearing something like this breaks me in a great way.

Who Is Firerose Dating?

FireRose Personal Life: Are Firerose and Billy Ray Cyrus Engaged?

Billy parted from Miley Cyrus’ mother Tish in the year 2021, but they actually met much earlier. In an interview that was broadcast on Live with Kelly and Ryan in August 2021, Firerose disclosed that she had interacted with the “Achy Breaky Heart” singer while working on the Hannah Montana set.

The singer admitted, “We really met on the set of Hannah Montana ten years ago. Billy Ray has been a fantastic supporter of what I do ever since I started doing music. Simply put, he has always told me to go after my dreams no matter what and to never give up because he has a lot of faith in me.

Considering how difficult it is to break into the music industry, he has been nothing short of an enormous help. And as the majority of people are aware, Billy’s daughter Miley portrayed the show’s title character from 2006 to 2011.

The two of them look to be infatuated with one another and are frequently seen together on Firerose’s Instagram following his breakup from Tish. Billy and Firerose are completely in love and they inspire each other. They routinely collaborate on musical projects, which is just one of the many things they have in common.

During their appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan in 2021, Billy and Firerose both debuted their collaborative song “New Day” and gave a joint performance of it. Together, they prepared a live performance for July 2022, which Firerose captured on camera and posted to Instagram.

She captioned the wonderful photo, “So Amazing to be back singing at @OPRY last night. It was a privilege to re-join @billyraycyrus in the holy circle. To play in front of such an energized audience was such a rush.

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