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FragranceNet: Is This Great Perfume Site Legitimate?

is fragrancenet legit

FragranceNet, which was established in 1997, is a reliable source for name-brand candles, skincare, cosmetics, hair care, and fragrances. They stand out since they offer all of this at a discount. More than 30 million shipments have been sent worldwide by FragranceNet, which has over $1 billion in sales.

On their website, you may locate practically any fragrance thanks to an inventory of over 17,000 brands.One of the biggest perfume websites in the world is FragranceNet. Deer Park, New York, serves as the location of their corporate offices and warehouse.You can access FragranceNet’s primary retail website by typing “” into your browser. On all of their platforms, and are used interchangeably.

FragranceNet: Is It Legit?

Yes, but first, let’s discuss why. FragranceNet states they provide only authentic brand brand-name goods. That assertion is also supported by their A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

The Product Guarantee from FragranceNet is also convincing: The products shown on are all 100% authentic brand names. We only stock authentic brand-name colognes, fragrances, and cosmetics. NO knockoffs or imitations allowed.


Only a retailer, FragranceNet. Since they are not manufacturers, none of the goods they sell are ones they make. FragranceNet purchases its perfumes either directly from fragrance producers or on the black market (more on that later). We acquired two similar Chanel scents to test these claims. one through and one directly from FragranceNet. For the unboxing and conclusion, keep reading!

What Makes FragranceNet So Affordable?

If FragranceNet offers authentic, legal perfumes, then Why are they priced so low? It can seem too good to be true, in your opinion. Let’s use the scent Aventus by Creed as an example. Website for Creed’s boutique selling Aventus scent.

One of the most well-known niche perfume companies is Creed. Aventus, a perfume by Creed, is well-known throughout the world for its excellent performance and positive ratings. Aventus is, nonetheless, criticized for being expensive. With an MSRP of $435 for a 100ml bottle, many people think it’s too expensive.

However, Aventus is only $335.99 on FragranceNet. Over $100 has been saved! We haven’t even used the 37% off coupon yet. (You can get that coupon at the conclusion of this article!)

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Review Of The Aventus Fragrance On

There are several factors that contribute to FragranceNet‘s low cost. Let’s deconstruct it: Fragrances Gray Market What Makes FragranceNet So Affordable? Fragrances Gray Market As sleazy as it may sound, the grey market for perfume is not really that bad. Simply put, the legal purchasing and selling of fragrances takes place on this grey market outside of recognized distribution channels.

As a result, the grey market includes distribution channels used by unofficial vendors. The scents are still quite legal, though. Simply said, the business model is different. The grey market, for instance, will provide far greater discounts to sell and move more volumes more quickly. These significant pricing discrepancies arise from various geographic locations, particularly when they combine parties from other nations.

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What Makes FragranceNet So Affordable? Black Market

One factor that allows FragranceNet to provide its perfumes at such low prices is the grey market. They purchase designer fragrances at steep discounts, allowing them to offer them below MSRP. In this blog post, we go into detail on the perfume grey market if you’d like to learn more. Reference for Business is another excellent source of information on the subject.

FragranceNet’s lack of a physical retail location is another factor in the low prices at which it can sell fragrances. FragranceNet saves money here compared to brick-and-mortar retailers like a department shops or a boutique. FragranceNet only has a warehouse because it only conducts business online. They save on additional costs including rent, maintenance charges, window decorations and displays, cleaning charges, and more. Because these expenses are paid by other retailers each month, they have to sell more expensive goods in order to break even.

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