Freaky Girl Nicki Minaj New Song Release Date: This Is Her ‘Freaky’ New Song, And You’re Gonna Love It

Freaky Girl Nicki Minaj Release Date

Only Nicki Minaj has the ability to halt Twitter operations without even attempting to. The internet is already crazed about the rapper’s new single “Freaky Girl,” which she debuted in a brief trailer.

The video of Minaj dancing to her unheard song has received over 1.5 million views and hundreds of comments from fans who can’t wait to hear the whole track. Some fans believe that “Freaky Girl,” the rapper’s much-anticipated return to pop music, is the beginning because the song has an 80s feel to it.

As far as we can tell, “Freaky Girl” borrows a phrase from Rick James’ 1981 top-charting single “Super Freak,” which was used in the song.

Although sexier and more self-assured, Minaj’s rendition is just as entertaining. As a rapper known for his sensuous rhymes, “Anaconda,” he is well-versed in doing so.

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Freaky Girl Nicki Minaj Release Date

Her verse begins when James begins to sing, “She’s alright / That girls alright with me.” Over a remixed beat, she performs the song “I can lick it/I can ride it while you slip and slide it.” She continues by praising her abilities. She adds, “Every time he leaves me alone, he always tells me he misses me / He want to F, R, E A K,” adding, “I can do all the tiny tricks / You can smack it, you can grab it, you can go down and kiss it.”

On Twitter, the song is trending and Minaj is receiving praise for her inventiveness. According to one report, Nicki is unique from everyone else because of how much she understands about hip-hop and music. As expected, Rick James had a significant influence on hip hop. ONLY HE COULD complete it. #NickiFreakyGirl.”

Minaj has also been retweeting positive feedback from her followers. She recently shared a positive tweet from a different user who declared that “Freaky Girl is already #1 in my house and my car.” The sample won’t stop playing for me! Help!!! @NickiFreakyGirl.”

Minaj is also pleased with the song’s performance on Instagram. She posted a brief video clip from Twitter this afternoon, when the hashtag #NickiFreakyGirl was trending first and then second.

Although the song’s brief preview was a huge success, the rapper has not yet disclosed when the song will be released. We’ll keep playing the preview up until then.


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