G4TV, The Channel That Focused On Video Games, Gets Cancelled!

g4tv cancelled

G4 was the go-to channel in the 2000s for any adolescent looking for material linked to video games. The channel, which is also known as G4TV, was considerably ahead of its time by broadcasting video games on television even before the likes of YouTube and esports networks were even dreamt of.

NBCUniversal and Dish Network co-founded the network in 2002, and it quickly became known for producing hit television shows such as Xplay and Attack of the Show. Morgan Webb and Blair Herter served as the show’s hosts.

Kristin Adams and Jessica Chobot served as the show’s reporters. Xplay featured video game reviews and the latest gaming news. Attack of the Show was a show that discussed topics related to pop culture, including movies and video games.

The show, which featured segments such as “The Feed” and “Gadget Pr0n,” was presented by Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn. In the film X-Men: Apocalypse, Munn portrayed the mutant Psylocke in an appearance.

G4 TV, a Comcast-owned American network with a video game-centric theme, was recently reported to have been discontinued due to low viewership and financial difficulties. A prominent New Day Member is one of those who will be impacted by the significant changes.

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G4 TV Cancelled

According to three individuals acquainted with the company, G4TV today let go of at least 20 to 30 employees. The 2000s-era network for video game chat shows was revived last October on cable TV and streaming services like Twitch, but less than a year later it is in serious upheaval.

One colleague added, “I sincerely cannot picture the organization continuing to generate our slate of programming without the employees we lost today. Staff members were shocked by the timing and scope of the layoffs; talent was on location today prepared to shoot, but when HR representatives met with employees one-on-one, programming was cancelled.

Although it’s unclear how many people will be laid off, one source claimed those who were informed they would receive between 16 weeks and six months of severance depending on how long they had worked for Comcast, the parent company of G4.

G4’s finances have reportedly been in poor position for a while, according to three sources, and managers have been instructed to find cost cuts wherever they can. Things reportedly came to a head at an all-hands meeting a few months ago when then-G4 President Russell Arons highlighted the issues the company was having and proposed irrational revenue targets for the coming year.

One source claimed that the lack of specific objectives to compare achievement against at the time left the staff feeling caught off guard. Shortly after, Arons quit, and Comcast Spectator executive Joe Marsh took his position. According to insiders, Marsh was mainly concerned with finding methods to reduce spending. But the abruptness and severity of today’s layoffs were unanticipated, raising concerns about the new G4’s prospects.

The network just recently unveiled its schedule of fresh programming, which includes the satirical Xplay series God of Work, a parody of Sony’s popular God of War franchise. G4 was the sole television channel for gaming news, reviews, and conversations when it was first introduced in 2002 by Comcast.

The two primary programmes on it were Xplay, hosted by Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb, and Attack of the Show!, hosted by Olivia Munn and Kevin Pereira. These programmes were ultimately cancelled in 2012, and the network went out of business a few years later as gaming video content moved online.

The network subsequently had a relaunch in November 2021 with a mix of old and new talent and aims to stream daily content on Twitch and other platforms in addition to being hosted on cable. Along with the recurring hosts Sessler and Pereira, new hosts included the professional wrestler Austin “Xavier Woods” Watson, Indiana “Froskurinn” Black, Jirard “The Completionist” Khaliland, Fiona Nova, and many others.

Tucker Roberts, the son of Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, is credited with coming up with the idea for the relaunch. As president of Philadelphia Fusion, a professional Overwatch team, Tucker oversaw the cable and internet company’s entry into esports. However, one source claims that Tucker left G4 operations in March.

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Xavier Reaction To G4 TV’s Cancelation

Even though the shocking announcement obviously shocked the SmackDown Superstar, he nonetheless thanked the network. Woods shared on Twitter that he learned about the cancellation of G4 TV while on a flight after it had been announced.

Even so, he said he was still delighted to meet and pick up tips from new acquaintances, and he appreciated the supporters: “Although @G4TV is no longer, I am incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to meet and learn from so many incredible and bright people. We appreciate the support of everyone. And I want to thank you for enabling me to achieve a major goal “Tweeted by Xavier Woods.

Xavier Woods has undoubtedly loved his time with G4 TV, even though their abrupt cancellation came as a surprise.

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